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Перебежки или переступания на роликах – видео обучение

Перебежки или переступания на роликах – видео обучение

Crossover – a great way to increase your speed and improve your skating style. They are an ideal way to turn without lowering your speed. In order to successfully learn how to do a crossover, it is important to know how to do one foot. Like this, it will be easier for you to control your every next step. Let’s begin with an introductory exercise – let us stand still and then make crossovers over our leg. Do a few steps to one side, and then to the other. Then, find a wide road. Whilst skating in a circle, try stepping over your foot for turning. The faster your speed – the larger the diameter of the circle should be. After you have achieved sufficient control, try making circles in both directions. Getting the hang of it? Try making crossovers whilst skating forward. For this, gain medium speed and push away during the crossovers. Try to keep your body in low position. Like this your crossovers will look much more elegant, as well as will be more effective. You can do crossovers both face-forward or back-forward. Be careful whilst attempting crossover on a tiled surface. In order to avoid falling, the speed, at which the crossovers are done, should be increased slowly. And also. Don’t forget to rate our video and subscribe.


Вы бы не могли сказать название его роликов?(простите за тупость..)

Пипец а где техника то.ну я делаю так по кругу и что,хуйня получается

Плохо получается у меня , может есть ещё какие подводящие упражнения?

Так красиво! Пока что кроме синяков у меня мало что получается

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