Субботний КОЗЕЛ 23.11.2019 в тц Блокбастер на роликах // Game of BLADE on inlineskates! + ENGL SUBS!

Hello my dear friend! Today we are at Blockbaster mall
and we are going to play KOZEL
(GOAT – the game of BLADE) You may ask me: what is KOZEL (GOAT)?? GOAT is a person
who hadnt managed to repeat a trick And other participants are betting these tricks And now our young team
is going to bet some tricks to each other We believe in you, man! We’ve got two categories
Amators and pro Now we’re preparing AM list oh, that’s my student! “Mister bottom” is going to win, I guess What are rules? First person in the list
shows the trick (slide in our case) All persons below in the list
have to repeat it If ordered trick is ok
(it is ok if it’s longer that 1,5 metres long) everyone has to repeat it
also not shorter than 1,5m you’ve got two tries to repeat.
If you fail it you’ll get a letter
(one letter from word “kozel”)
5 letters=kozel (goat, loser) So this is it! Alright, Dima, I bless you.
Show the first trick! – Bogdan, how is it going? – Werry HOROSHO! – He lies! So, “mr bottom”, Owl and Anton are left Everyone failed the trick from my Instagram – I’ve managed it! – That’s because he is subscribed on my IG page All you need to start managing hard tricks
and taking a gold on competitions
is to subscribe on my IG page :|||||| Right now we are watching AM finals 3 participants left from 9 and now they are fighting hotly 😉 Stey tuned! So, only one person is left!
And one more with him.
One + one=… – Three!!! If he fails he’ll lose
Let’s see! Misha takes second place
and the winner today is Maxim Thanks for the game, it wasn’t easy
Thanks to Bogdan for organisation Alright!
Let’s check PRO list
and we’ll start in 10 minutes – Can you imagine? I’m in PRO!
They allowed me! – Who allowed? – ME! The strongest will win! *on pro out cam died,
so not every slide was recorded
SO SORRY!* – Did you manage?
– No!
– You are “KOZE” The hope of the humanity! Organizator of all this roller element! is out og the game… One trick ruined it.. 🙁 – Andrew is a winner! Cheers for the champ! – Big respect to all og you for coming – Check my blades! – Flying eagle! So that’s how rollers spend their weekends Smash like if like the video!
Subscribe to my chanel tell your friens, mother, daddy,
your doggo… and remember my name is Bogdan and I skate these things – I’m just skating
– That’s amazing. What am I paying you for?! – You don’t pay me!!! – Let me sign you in PRO list!
How do you want to be signed – Kirill – Just Kirill? – Yeah.. – So no cool letters like
“Kirill the great” or k1rEAL! – What??? – Well. k!r!l ? – Second lap is over!
Everybody knows the letters? – How many points do I have? – You’ve hot only one an*l
(play on words in russian) – NICE JOKE, BRO! LOL xD – And no letters, you’re good

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