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Трюки на роликах для начинающих – топ 5 стильных трюков

Трюки на роликах для начинающих – топ 5 стильных трюков

Almost Tricks should be stylish! That’s why we will start from easiest and most stylish trick – 540 Good thing about 540 – you don’t need to learn it. It’s enough to do it without skates. Pay attention to your bearings. They should spinning well to make it easier to land trick safely. Do not perform 540 with backpack. It’s extremely unstylish! To learn it it’s enough to see it. Let’s start. This trick as simple as possible and should be ideal in your arsenal of stylish tricks To make it more stylish, surely make it over trash cans, from stairs… We film in autumn and there is a lot of leaves around And to insensibly take leaves off skates I came up with a trick Feet clap And double feet clap It’s harder than 540. To do it, you’ll need going to the gym for some time and do exercises with rubber band to develop strength of inner thigh This trick called Shifty It’s obviously harder than 540 You’ll need powerful core muscles. Because of rotation of your hips You necessarily should have powerful muscles to avoid chest rotation. Most important to pull your knees up and to the side to make it looks more stylish. Besides 540 there is a trick called “Brian Aragon” or Andrey Telegin trick … I should describe it somehow Pay attention to your bearings. And also don’t do it with backpack. Wait, I’ll try it – Med spin! – Are you sure? 100%? – Yes I’ll say that you said it Record it! Next trick is most complicated. The only thing to do it is to be able to go backwards It’s called “Med Spin” Viacheslav said that “Shop Task” named it this way Just in case, to blame for everything Shop Task Easy. 360 Med Spin Oh! From Crab. – What I’ve spinned? 360 or 540? – 360 – It was only 360? – Yes – I don’t spin enough. It’s 540! – Yep I’m thinking, why it’s so hard to spin I don’t understand how to jump from this position No I can’t spin this frames (4x110mm) It would be easy with 4x80mm or 3x110mm As bonus, here you have crab 360 ​​ Stylish easy trick Good for stand out at traffic light.


Що, за запитання? Звісно знімати. У Вас все чудово виходе. Ставлю вподобайку!!!

Нормальное видео. Развивайте. Фрискейт на спотах. Градусы. Грэбы. Воллрайды.

Шифти сложнее чем 540? Я шифти с самого начала умел, а до сих пор 360 криво кручу

С простотой пятёры всё ясно, но концовку левой , правой рукой надо осваивать долго. Всё класс!

Красава на пятере!
Трюки для начинающих, к которым надо стремиться.
Домашка на зиму к след сезону)

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