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もしも名探偵コナンがガンダムだったら【CGアニメ】Detective Conan Gundam

もしも名探偵コナンがガンダムだったら【CGアニメ】Detective Conan Gundam

I’m high school detective,Kudou Shinichi. While visiting an amusement park with my childhood friend and classmate,Mouri Ran… I witnessed a man in black in the midst of a suspicious transaction. While caught up in watching the deal… I failed to notice his partner sneaking up behind me. That man forced me to swallow poison… And when I came to… My body had shrunk. Even though I’ve become smaller,my mind remains the same. The unbeaten great detective… There is only one truth! One stab in the throat with a knife. Gruesome! The curse of the masks killed Suou-san? That’s stupid! But this is a locked room. How in the world did the culprit kill Suou-san? That’s it.. That how it was.. I was caught in the trap that the culprit set. But not anymore. The curse of the masks is solved! It’s up to you,uncle. You solved the locked room’s mystery? Yes,I’ve figured out everything. So who’s the culprit? The culprit who murdered Suou-san in the locked room, The Phantom of the Cursed Masks is… You! No one likes to admit to them. To the mistakes they’ve made because of their youth. But why? My father,Zeon Deikun… …for autonomy for all space emigrants,known as “Spacenoids”. But he was assassinated by the Zabi Family! The Zabis called themselves the Principality of Zeon… …and launched a war of independence against Earth! You know how it was to end,with the Zabis losing the war. Fine and well. But the Earth government had grown arrogant. The Federation Forces had become corrupt from within… …giving rise to rogue movements… …including Haman,who claimed succession to the Zabis! this history has made us refugees! I have come to believe… …that we must do everything to prevent war from happening again! This is the true purpose behind our operation to drop Axis onto Earth! As such,we will discipline those who continue to live on Earth… …and eliminate the source of any wars in the Earth’s sphere! Everyone! So that we may forge our own path… …and establish a government for the refugees… I ask you to lend me your great strength for just a little longer! When we’ve succeeded… …I will then be able to join my father Zeon! What do you mean? The timing of the battle is important.
This will be withdrawn. Wait! This feeling … Apparently the boy is like a new type.









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