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トミー・ゲレロ – Skateboards & Guitars: Tommy Guerrero

トミー・ゲレロ – Skateboards & Guitars: Tommy Guerrero

Hi everyone. We’ve come to San Francisco for episode 2 of Skatality. We’re here to meet Tommy Guerrero,
famous skater and founder of the Zip Zinger. He’s also a well-known musician. We’ll be asking him
about the relationship between skating and music. We’ve got a Zip Zinger, so let’s head out! Deluxe is the biggest distributor in the skateboarding world. I’m going to ask Tommy to build a new board for me. By pioneering street-style in the ’80s, Tommy overturned the concept of
skating as a performance and turned it into something that people can
enjoy anywhere on the streets. I’d always seen him in skateboarding magazines
and looked up to him. I got a chance to meet him in Hawaii in ’89. He was wearing a leather cap with the
Independent logo, and a Chanel t-shirt. I got the impression that skaters
must be really stylish overseas. My dad lost his main source of income. As a result, they lost their house,
and mom found out about dad’s other financial problems. So my mom decided to leave my dad. When I told Tommy about it, he called the next morning
saying his girlfriend’s friend had a gallery. He said he’d play music, so I should sell my photos
and give the proceeds to my mom. That event is today. See you! Thanks for today! – I think you sold a few hundred pictures! I’m speechless. Thanks, Tommy! America is a great place. If you do good work,
people really show appreciation. In Japan, I’d just get a pat on the back. But in America, I can get this! This is all going to you, mom! Thanks, everyone! See you later!


Tommy fuggin G , constant inspiration , for anyone wondering what the last tune is it's called So Blue Its Black off his album loose grooves and bastard blues

素晴らしい作品!少しだけどTommy Guerreroのスケートが観れてとてもうれしいです!

tommy seems to be like the pioneer of bringing out the beauty in simplicity. And you know, the pioneer of being a totally rad dude

@5:55 "how often do you skate now"….Tommy: "when my back says it's ok…" LMAO! That's how I feel….sucks getting old.

I wanna say first off that I love Tommy G as much as the rest of yous, but we all know Tommy G didnt come up with the Zip Zinger. this Japaneese guys got his shit wrong. Krooked was founded by Mark Gonzales and Im guessing the Zip Zinger by Krooked, came from Mark's mind.

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