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採訪威爾史密斯幕後花絮!! 我把所有的家當都帶上了!【劉沛 VLOG】

採訪威爾史密斯幕後花絮!! 我把所有的家當都帶上了!【劉沛 VLOG】

I remember that he is just an ordinary person. Then he wants to see you too. Hey, he wants to know me. No wonder, OK Pei Pals Yo What’s up Pei Pals I am the Liu Pei PIERRE Yesterday we uploaded Videos with Will Smith Then quite a message says Want to see our behind the scenes So today’s video is dedicated to sharing Behind the scenes to you We just had a little Vlog on that day. So today’s film won’t be that long. But before the scenes start We will upload a video tomorrow. Very important! OK The movie of tomorrow is very important! Announce what will happen on November 10th OK behind the scenes OK, we just got a little set up But I am a little nervous now. I will share it with you a little. They let us use this whole space But because there are too many mirrors here So the best space to find now Is this place to visit So when is it? I should sit here Then Will should sit there. Share it with you a little How did we get it? Here is our main camera Is you Lean and Shantou (Yuanyuan), they have helped me today. So they will help me put The other two cameras are on the side One such thing is to shoot my face. The other one is the face of Will. I think the microphone is very special. Microphone, we are using wireless So by the time wireless will be placed here So I can’t see the microphone. But will hear us speak 1 o’clock now Then we will have some food when we visit. That food will arrive in about 20 minutes. Then Lean has a hoe (芋圆) They will help us to light So now it doesn’t look so good But after the light is on, it should be OK. Will will come at about 2:35. So we still have 1 hour and 35 minutes Ok, I am very, very nervous. I feel very special Because we are going to have two cameras on the other side Is the camera we used before. I have used this A6500 for two years. Then this is the A6400 This is the first half of 2019 Then now this one is A73 I only started using it this month. So all my camera lenses are starting to use Just for Will Smith I hope to have a good visit. Now Will has a press conference In fact, we can go in and maybe take some things. Let you see his press conference But I am too nervous So I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to sit here. Then take a break and calm down. I think I will be very nervous when I get closer to 2:30. It’s only 1 o’clock now. I think I will sweat. Still stutter This is our problem I have to practice it. But the food is here. So we will give him a try We have “仙草” Then “twin” Then this is the “wheel” or something ” pineapple cake” And this is “bean flower” I remember that he is just an ordinary person. Then he wants to see you too. What did he tell you? Right! He called and told me. Really? He wants to see me? Hey, he wants to know me. No wonder, OK Pei Pals OK, let’s continue to practice. OK OK Lean is back with the round We rent a lot of things. Super International superstar Specifications are different Hey, you said that I am right. I thank you thank you Because I am an international superstar So prepare more No kidding, kidding Not me, of course not me. We are ready for the microphone here I am very nervous Then he will come in later. Already have my notes Heartbeat is oversized! Like… collapse Hello! Hello there! Nice to meet you!
Hello there! I am Liu Pei, hello! Hello everyone! So now this moment is the peak! So now is Peifeng! Right? Pee Pee! Hahaha Kidding! Grass…jelly…(仙草) Very good for the body! You imagine it is… Wrong answer! You imagine it is… Very healthy word As long as everything is very disgusting to eat You will know that he is very good at your digestive system! this is? This is called twins. twin Is a twin killer donut I didn’t think of it! This is also great But pineapple cake is still the best. I agree! thank you! thank you all! How do you think I am doing? You are doing very well! Is it? You feel good? Ok? Wait a minute, let me ask, I think you did a great job because… OK? OK? I think you did a great job because… He has been talking about topics He is superb He will make you very relaxed you are already awesome! I am still very nervous Because I don’t know what to say. I think I have visited for a long time. How many are there in total? Wow, everyone watching Super star So you will visit him later, right? Waiting is not a visit Waiting to play with him Filming OK OK Ok, that’s good. Just a director’s action a director Good Ask because you look at us from there. what do you think? I think it’s very good and interesting, is it? Is it? Is that right? Is it? Then that 蟑螂 is funny You are too nervous today! Yes! I think he is too nervous. He said: “Will Smith! My God! Can’t move!” But the one who didn’t move me felt like… Branding game Sorry!
sure! Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing your movie. Linked to the following⬇ Liu Pei’s link… You have already watched Liu Pei’s film. Right, right Hard work Thank you, thank you. Thank you very much Thank you, Lean. Ok! We are over! Yay! how do you feel? I think it’s great! Super good for others Very easy to access I think the most important thing is that I am very prepared. I think we are ready a lot So thank you very much, thank you Megan. I am Will Thank you Will if you have watched this video thank you very much! you are fantastic! If you like today’s film, Remember to press “👍 like” to prefer “➡分享” Want to receive a “News” video notification And “✅ join” the team Then “✅ subscribe” You are the best
Nee Zway Bong Remember to press “🔔铃铛” Oh, then everyone remembers to see “Gemini Killer” Go and see and see! you are fantastic! that’s it! Hey… you are great! Yu Pei team editing / post-production group: Cedric
Yu Pei team CC subtitle group: Johnny
I thought you haven’t finished yet.


吐出來那一下有嚇到 囧哈哈哈哈哈哈


再看一次,又再羨慕一次 ❤
5:00 Indeed, 如果被訪問的人很健談又很會帶動氣氛,訪問的人就不會有那麼大的壓力擔心帶不起來,可以"專心跟他聊天" ☺️👍





很棒的訪問 很棒的問題
謝謝你 辛苦你了

小時候看MIB因為有他的幽默風趣. 打開了我對英文的興趣 一路學到長大在海外工作

Will Smith跟Tom Hanks的電影每一部我從沒缺席 .

Love Will Smith ! ! Love Pierre ! !

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