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인라인을 잘 타는 건 분석했지만 타면서 축구공 리프팅 하는 건 예상하지 못했군(찡긋ㅎ)┃Man Juggles Soccer Ball While Rollerblading

인라인을 잘 타는 건 분석했지만 타면서 축구공 리프팅 하는 건 예상하지 못했군(찡긋ㅎ)┃Man Juggles Soccer Ball While Rollerblading

He does things that ordinary people can’t do, it’s fascinating He does it like this What’s going on? You see that person inline skating? He looks like he’s figure skating Why’s he rollerblading like that…? Figure skater Yuna Kim used to skate like this So I tried imitating her He can do the snow angel pose And a figure skating pose! Is that all?? This is not everything He takes out something from his bag A soccer ball?!?! What do you plan to do? Just watch! Hard to imagine what’ll happen Serious look in his eyes Shoelaces are tightened A nervous moment What is that…? He’s juggling the soccer ball while rollerblading?! He’s also really stable This time: One Leg Juggling! The ball won’t come down from his instep!!! With inline skates and a soccer ball, He performs various tricks A perfect finale! Can other people do it? 1st Contender: Inline Skating Club Member!! Will he succeed? Failed Rollerblading Club Member/ It felt like I was gonna fall backwards when I lifted my foot 2nd Contender: Youth Soccer Coach His rollerblading seems unstable… Will he succeed? Failed Youth Soccer Coach/ It’s not easy to maintain balance Next Day Rollerblades & soccer balls are stacked in one side of his house Check out these shoes I taped everything, and rode it He repaired shoes with tape No one will take them if he threw it away. And he wears them! How did he start inline skating & soccer? When he was young, he loved to exercise He liked soccer the most However, he bumped his opponent during a soccer game And ruptured his left knee ligament After, he also ruptured his right knee ligament And couldn’t even bend his knees well He must’ve been unhappy, since he loved to exercise… I was beyond sad I used to exercise daily, but I had to sit there doing nothing… Before that, I never knew what depression was I didn’t want to meet people, or talk to them He accidently saw people rollerblading And decided to try exercising again He taught himself how to rollerblade Sometimes, it was boring because I kept spinning repeatedly I loved kicking the ball, so I wondered if juggling the ball & inline skating could be done simultaneously I tried experimenting it. It started from a simple curiosity [Footage of Him Practicing] For him, who’s into inline skating soccer, His wife decided to enjoy the same hobby I learned little by little Now, I do it voluntarily cause it’s fun She rides various skates and skateboards :O The couple goes on an inline skating date Soccer ball never touches the ground 😛 He joyfully plays with his wife What does inline skating mean to you guys? It’s something that brings us together Like a cupid We hope you keep loving each other, like you’re doing right now! 😀

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