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전동킥보드 electric scooter WEPED miniR

전동킥보드 electric scooter WEPED miniR


Weped is #1 in the E-scooter world. Please make scooters available for USA buyers. We need your products in the USA. The quality of your product is beyond its years.

미국에서 구입할려면 어떻게해야하나요?? 배송은 가능한지 어디에서 구입해야되는지 답변좀 부탁드려요 웝사이트도 그렇고 답변은 안달아주고 동영상 업로드는하고…. 어뜨게 된거죠?

Guys, if you want to sell these scooters get a website people can find!!! i have no clue where to buy one of these?

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