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🔥Тest 1200W DC-DC Boost Converter experiment ENG SUBS💥Эксперимент DC-DC преобразователя напряжения

🔥Тest 1200W DC-DC Boost Converter experiment ENG SUBS💥Эксперимент DC-DC преобразователя напряжения

you notice how much
every govnische has become in the trends, and this is still
one. but it’s at measure will be cognitive
shit. little girls and boys and their
parents cheerful vidosik about
then how did I fry converter can not be seen
do you want to I intend today
to fry. that’s for 1200 watt stated 1200
kilowatt but 1200 kilowatt it is such
good iron is obtained for him
need a good tap why in this way
I’ll do it because it is not
I want to become a fell into his
laboratory block so I’ll do it
testing preliminary I
prepare and before installing
it’s not a secret to anybody what is sold in China
many converters different types but not
all are suitable for that on their basis
post make laboratory block
your one laboratory could have
me for 600 watts is you you can follow the link
see this above watch later
now we will do means the second second
way and not in the plan here is shown by the assembly
everything else here will be purely
I’m making fun of this converter
I’m scanning how much
chinese this one the module is reliable in
plan as we will then
use waste of time
and there was no money that I there you are
recommended in previous video is the one
converter and then you they said he shit
now and check the shit or do not shit like me
I will check means the first thing I did was
drank these resistors with this
hand here is an amp and on voltage with this
the parties that is I for convenience
I solder here such here are multi-turn
resistors they enough
quality tried already by me
more than once and inexpensive in China if we have
buy in Russia is very expensive if in
China, then for nothing links all under video
Well, it’s not that. a business
let’s see what we have here here
us at 200 kOm for 200 kOm you in the resistor
cling means similar to here. not
Well, I was intrigued toast Maier said
Maier did it today will fried eggs in a steep
I do not feel sorry for anything and so I have a tester
little regret by the way good here
this tester he withstood me 20
load ampere only plastic started
everywhere it is melted see the workers themselves
there was this just my pride
which I can recommend you
buy this one tester for
the testimony is still it is necessary with him
well, sort of is precise in terms of
that he has you on the second the day will not burn
it will turn out good tester so
fixed it means, but small section
here 0,75 everywhere the wires do not
I use it right away so immediately here are some
I ordered my own stuff on these resistors
clown now we will dress them up if it works well
like it turned out so this so here in the plan
such a revision charged means 5 kOm I will replace by 1 kOm because
sensitivity I do not like
I’m going to try now put 1 kOm
and let’s see why that in the range from 1 to
kOm he regulates in full well, as if
a broad spectrum of a in range is already there for 1
kOm can simply idle
so this solution there GURU
radio amateurs there will start there a little bit you
then just go away from the video do not interfere
others look here these gurus go your way
we are the channels ourselves understand how
what to solder as to us soldering iron to hold and
everything else I do I will do all the same
in its own way so everything let’s go
including accelerated frames as the good says
tool with a stripper is not called
but this is an exception to I do not know why
he stripper stripper but cuts and protects the wires enough
qualitatively to me I do not like it here
it’s gnashing his teeth here to spoil their enamel
teeth are necessary here one by pressing
wire of any diameter Here is a box in
China sells any set can see
contacts are selected here is such a contact
3 cells that’s right
solder this the first leg is
the third is 2 for resistor first
the leg is on this here you see
bumps twisted here and the score is 1 2 3
here it turns out here in this way. your
the child went to school there is an exit
computer on based processor intel
pentium 4 sell all the fuck and
buy it, as a gift we will give you a strap
to whip little bastard
now he can fuck write essays
do homework task to wash dishes
and going to the store leave it to your child freedom of choice together
with intel. now it is necessary do not take any
computer block nutrition, namely
good here I have see fsp group this
good tested normal blocks
we try to eat take them. keep
note well, or for the ass. not
I know. because if take the cheap
Chinese but this is what meaning
Chinese cheap and expensive module in it
set therefore it is necessary somewhere in vytsyganit
here is a fsp group I bought an Avito for 200
rubles and he was completely
the worker is now with me two fsp group rub and another 3
lies so this connection is complete
so here we go here on the tester tester
but it means yes to the entrance, I probably
such a so it will be more visible then let’s plus
here it means on this also means here
turn on the lamp check 2.22 means
Ampere it in the course of 5.4 ampere connected the second
bulb add you remove the camera, I do not
looked what is disabled. generally
I burnt the tester two light bulbs turned on
and then he smoke and
wrote first the message was written
more than 20 amps and it burned down
successfully so therefore I included it all
directly wires they lukewarm all directly only
can see is mean at the output, how many
us amp at the input there will be more than 20
ampere so the buildings
large construction Is it all for trial
temperature burned down grow and as if once
promised because everything equally
people do not like this lag behind until I
I will demonstrate so but come up
means in final
we connect the stage o for load add amp
it is heated by heat warms well is played out yet
add watch for wires watch the wires let’s do it again
let’s see he came to his senses or did not come to his senses Yes
did not come to his senses voltage 0 to
experiment continue means everything
weaknesses and I excluded
ampermeter testers all forces directly
see at the entrance to the exit about i understand
how many currents go there only normal
so it’s easy we put on a tube guys and a little farther from
it happened here in my trials
burned the wire to multimeter burned the wire I thought
where is the contact lost or thought
burnt general tester is in this
connection means the god’s cable fell apart
with him then see one tester burned 2
then the wire is burnt out we include everything directly
because experiment can not
stop once started it all already
include means so did not turn on again once again launching let’s start giving
load, give the second load, output to
full power full capacity bath
it means we are waiting warming up. warm, warm,
we warm a frying pan I think that somewhere around 300
Watt goes well themselves you understand how
100-watt light bulb shines and like from her
the heat goes well and 300 watts also in principle
good heat patience is not present therefore
I start the process already testicle neatly
open I love without yolk, do not
I will yolk dump, and you already
there if you will you can repeat
for cleanliness experiment
add and protein packed his hands were dirty so the wires warmed up even good
heated up. I need stop
experiment it means this will be
converter small it will be a little bit
our see the protein we have
whitened as required is it possible to
converter fried eggs
Well, it seems and everything Thank you for watching
put a husky subscribe to a channel
invite to friends social network under
video in description it was Maier.
I would like to have a dog. You are crazy? the dog. Whom? approving
baby, but what about me? I’m better than a dog! A lot of humor, jokes. But clever understood!


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Какие в итоге переменные резисторы номиналом купить? по току 1кОм, а по напряжению?

если на входе 8 ампер может ли он повысить до 25 ампер

Где ссылка на 200 кОм резистор, искал на Али многооборотистые, не нашёл

Прикол! Все выдают себя за патриотов ヅ вы только посмотрите —➤
Я тут не причём эти кадры сами то поебанутому назовут каналы то метку страны поставят зимбабве )
Не ходите дети в Африку гулять ヅ

Может посоветуешь подойдет ли этот конвертер для уселителя, нужно 75v-300w и двух полярное питание.

можеш подсказать как 25 вольт и навыходе получить 6 апер
и шобы катковремено вклучать и выклучать

Здравствуйте, слышал что такую штуку можно поставить между акб и контроллером на электровелосипед? И накрутить?))) взлетит 😁а то я уже закал такую же

Добрый вечер, пришел такой же конвертер, почта или китайцы его пожевали) были раздавленны и согнуты электролиты. Их заменил, так же заметил что треснул мелкий керамический кондер перед клемами выхода. Подскажите пожалуйста номинал или посоветуйте на какой заменить) заранее благодарю;)

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