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hi there I’m Marina from your
best friend when it comes to make money with your phone and today in this video
we’re gonna be talking about the cities that you can make money by charging scooters
yes so by the end of this video you will know CDs around the world that you could
work with the most trendy app job out there right now and make that easy money
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video up ok so right now scooters are dominating the world everywhere you go
you can see scooters passing around town going here and there but this scooter is
they need to be charged did you know and did you know that companies that have
those scooters are looking for people to make money being chargers yes companies
like lime bird and boy are among the ones that will pay you to get those
scooters out charge them at home and put them back where you found them in the
next morning easy like that this companies are in many cities around the
world go we peaked five very cool CDs where you could work with charging
scooters so we start right now and the first city in our list is a
capital friends the City of Lights Perry’s right next to the Eiffel Tower
you can see scooters or lime going around there from corner to corner and
they’re just waiting to be charged all you have to do is sign up enter your
basic information and download the app to confirm your account when
everything’s confirmed through the app you can find the scooters that are
having the battery low you need to pick them up and charge them during the night
in the next day just make sure to put them back and get paid who would have
known that has such a fun transportation like an electric scooters can give you
money hmm another city you can also make money as a charger is the capital of
Scandinavia Stockholm in Sweden yes when you go around town you can see so many
scooters passing by just using all of their batteries waiting for you to be
the one saving the day and charging them while in Stockholm you can find
companies like boy and lime and being charters for them you can pick up the
scooters with a car with a van or even buy food bring your computer at home or
anywhere you have space put them in a normal plug where you plug
a computer for example and let them charge for a couple of hours or more
depending on the battery levels when they’re ready just make sure to put them
back in the designated location and that’s it you will get paid on the same
day you put the scooters back now on the other side of the world you can make
money as a charger in Miami – they have lime there which we recently made a job
offer video here so somewhere here on the top you can click and see that video
– where we talk about the requirements how to sign up there are websites and so
many more information that you really want to know in Miami you can also pick
up the scooters and charge them and put them back and the best thing about these
app jobs especially this one when it comes to charging scooters is that you
don’t need any requirements to start working besides you will be helping with
a very important cause because electric scooters are very environmentally
friendly so besides making money you would also help save the planet
omi brazilian amigas yes you can also make money as a charger in Sao Paulo if
that’s where you are one of the biggest cities in Brazil would probably the
busiest you can see scooters passing around – trying to avoid the crazy
traffic in Sao Paulo and the same goes for all the cities we talked about you
just pick up the scooter charge them home put them back in the next day
you’ll get paid you can get the scooters whenever you want you’re free to the
side of what is gonna be your schedule so you can pick it up in the weekends
you can pick it up every night or once a week you decide you make your own
schedule that’s one of the many benefits that are not job offers you and another
city just took over almost every corner in the world is Sydney you can also work
as a scooter charger in Sydney if you want if you’re travelling if you’re
visiting if you live there and need to do something different to get the extra
money you need you can do it working with an app shop means that the most
important thing you need is your phone that’s your money maker right there
and of course it’s super easy to sign up to any of the companies we mentioned
here so you just need to go to app shops Kong or click in the first link in the
description box to go there and once you a website you can sign in or join now
select your working CD and then click on the category delivery jobs to see if any
of the SCOOTER charging companies is available in your city you already know
that it’s available in other five so you already have somewhere to start and
that’s it for today don’t forget to hit the subscribe button again activate the
notifications and also if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up
and also please answer in the comments where are you from I’m so curious to
know where you guys ad which city you live at so maybe I can help you finding
the perfect app job for you that’s it for the video thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you next time bye

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