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πŸ›΄ Scooter Deal β—„ AMAZING Kids and adult tricks scooter deals

πŸ›΄ Scooter Deal β—„ AMAZING Kids and adult tricks scooter deals

– Today, – Insane scooter deals. – Yeah! (both laughing) We should leave that on. – [Woman] Yeah we should.
– Okay, leave it on. (ambient music) Well, that wasn’t embarrassing. Hi, I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granat. – And I’m Dominique. – Most awesome job shadow. Dominique, what happens to
job shadows on this channel? – You start to work for them. – Yes, I start to work for job shadows. We also, in some cases, get
the most incredible interns out of people like you,
which happened to KZ. The last time you did a video with us, I couldn’t even get over
the amount of comments. That’s why we brought
this beautiful face back, and I’m referring to hers, not mine, I’m sure many of you are
tired of looking at me. The deal that I found today
on one of the best scooters we’ve tested ships free, which is huge. It has a 220 pound weight capacity, which means you, me, and probably a friend could be on it together,
but don’t worry, I’m working to buff up, that’s ’cause I
have no upper arm strength. Dominique, what do you think of this? – I love it, it’s great to have an amazing scooter deal right before the holidays. – The deal which is located right under this video screen is not a paid product. Dominique, we are also doing something very important tied to this scooter. – [Dominique] Yes, we are
giving the scooter away at the end of the video to a subscriber. – I know someone who would love the scooter other than myself. – Yeah, I want the scooter, and I know my brother would want it. – How about as a job shadow, maybe we give you one
to take home as well? – Think that would be good. – Possibly. Right now we don’t really
make any money doing YouTube, but when that changes, oh,
you are gonna get hooked up. Let’s move onto the deal, which again is located right under this video screen. Assembly took all of five minutes. It comes basically ready
to go out of the box. It ships free, great brakes. I’m gonna give you a full demo of this with both myself and Dominique riding it, hopefully together and separately. The one thing that I want to point out if you are gonna grab this deal, which is a limited time
drop, is there’s one area on the scooter that
needed to be tightened. It comes with the tools that
you need to get it done. There wasn’t really anything
in the instruction manual about tightening this
bolt, once you do that, you’re good to go, and again, it includes all of the tools you
need, making this a safe, ready to go, top-performing product. And now for the brake test. Picking up a lot of speed, coming right at you, and stop. Instant. I love this thing. And now for the weight test. I weigh 140 pounds,
Dominique does not weigh anywhere near that, but we’re
gonna ride this together to try and show you what this can hold. Just a regular day at
work, and we’re going. Totally fine, weight-wise. Even the kickstand, very durable. There you go, see, holding
that up, ready to rock. – The steering on this
scooter is incredible, and the brake, which will be needed, can be used with one back-step. Just like intern Amy, why
am I in a dress and flats when we’re testing out scooters? – One, ’cause it’s funny, two, ’cause I forgot to tell you, and three, well, this brings back some
wonderful memories of the time intern Amy and I went
camping in 100 degree weather and she was wearing
high heels and a dress. Same thing, but with a scooter. – This deal is located right
under the video screen. – Just expand the
description box if you’re on a mobile device, it’s easy to do. Oh, let me just check my watch. Very smooth today. Dominique, what time is it? – It’s giveaway time! – [Matt] Using our random selection tool to find a subscriber who
commented in the last six months, congratulations VH VH, just email [email protected]
to claim your freebie. Now for the giveaway dance. I think we’re gonna incorporate
the scooter, are you ready? – I am. – Yeah, you won! Dance-a-thon, yeah, you’ve won! – You won! – [Matt] Yeah, you won! – You won! Wow, you’re very determined. After that fall, I didn’t
know you would get back up. – You just gotta keep going, Dominique. That’s what I want you to
take away from this video. By the way, you did awesome. If you guys like watching Dominique, just leave her a comment,
she’s gonna respond back. Will you come back? – I will. – Okay, there will be less
falls that time, or not. – Hopefully. – I sure hope so. – Thank you so much for
watching, I’ll see you soon. – [Matt] Want to win an
awesome item I test for free? It’s simple, subscribe. Turn your notifications on, on
a desktop it looks like this. Once your notifications are
turned on for your desktop, or on a mobile platform
where it looks like this, if you hear me call your name, you get that item
delivered to you for free. And for those of you that want
to buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window, all the links you need are right there. (upbeat music)


you have the sharpest intern's ,from my great perception powers I see that I will not be asked to join team Matt,being I'm a 53yr old chunky hunk

I'm to old to have one of those, but so glad you make these videos. This one was really enjoyable to watch. Keep up the awesome work Dominique:)!!!!!!

I am SO glad I didn't win that scooter! For real, I would've wrecked what's left of my wrecked-during-adventuring frame. Musculoskeletal frame that is.

And Matt? You would make a mad fun big/little brother. Or one that would drive a sister NUTS! XO

Matt, Safety first – Where was your helmet? Great deal though.
Dominique, you are Very Smart to remind us this a good deal with the holidays as close as they are!! Come back soon. Matt needs good help. Thats why Amy, Casey, Kody, and now YOU are with him.

Great job and great videos as always Matt and Dominique. Scooter looks awesome. Will buy for a gift although I want one for myself. Way to keep up after falling. Wears the helmet ? Lol

Maestro, although I'm beyond the years to ride a scooter, that looked REALLY FUN that I would even be willing to get one for myself! It looks like it was made very well and a pretty deep price drop from the MSRP.
GREAT JOB Dominique in helping to demonstrate the product and extra kudos for bravery. Matt certainly needs a little more practice. (I wonder if there are any scooter classes in the area…scooter permit perhaps?)
Hey, gotta scoot to your next shoot…see ya!

Oh no! I couldn't believe that I hadn't gotten a deal from you on days! I went to you tube and somehow I had become unsubscribed. Now I'm not sure exactly how this happened but I was not happy about it! Anyways back to the deals! The scooter looks like so much fun! Unfortunately my nephews are either too old or just too accident prone to use! But it is still a great deal! good to see your shadow again! Keep the great deals coming!

Unfortunately, where I live these scooters are actually used as vicious weapons by kids!

I was struck by one in the lower abdomen and it caused internal bleeding…. little fucker got me a good one as I didn't expect it and it is quite hard to judge on which spin they intend to strike…… if it had been my head … I would be dead or in a coma!

Just be aware if you live in a shitty area… apparently this is quite a regular thing…..

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