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(1/4) Self Balancing Scooter unboxing, review and tryout IO Hawk Phunkee Duck Monorover

(1/4) Self Balancing Scooter unboxing, review and tryout IO Hawk Phunkee Duck Monorover

Ok, cam on me? A bit up, maybe? Yes! Finally, it has arrived… My Self Balancing Scooterrrrr! Nice! Now I’m going to unpack it. Ok, product sticker. I ordered a red one And if it’s good, a red one came. The only thing I fear a bit It says American plug, but of course I need a European plug. But we’ll see when we open it up. And that’s what we’re going to do. Ok, we’re going to unpack it! I really feel like this! That’s heavy, man! Really heavy! It’s running, that camera, is it? Look Anyway, Use’s manual has changed That now became Userrrrr’s manual. So they improved the user’s manual Look, this is what I was afraid of. American plug. But, there’s an adapter included. To European, let’s see if it fits That would be nice The charger… The charger… Between 100… Between 100 and 240 Volt Between 100 and 240 Volt So that’s the charger, ok Whoo, that’s really heavy This is it Completely the same as on YouTube! Here are lights… Bleep-bleep-bleep Battery is full So, let’s see what it is Try it out Here is Daan Daan wants to be our Guinee Pig He’s going to try it out first Blow away that piece of styrofoam Ok Daan The purpose is… Yes, very good Put your feet well to the sides Scary! Scary! Relax, relax Careful, careful, boy I’m scared… Just stand straight, and balance first First just stand Now lean a bit backwards first Lean a bit backwards? Are you going backwards then? -No… You should… They say that you’ll learn this within three minutes Turn around, Daan? One foot forward, one foot backwards? Turn around again? Turn around, and ride into the kitchen Lean forward a bit Try to do it without support Come back here How is it, scary? Fun. -Yes? Fun? Not scary at all! Ride into the kitchen Look at that, you’re learning already The thing wants already This is fun Little bumps it just takes Turning around is easy. -Yes Funny hey Cool I drive the couch off its place It’s quite strong Now I have to get off this thing… …without falling Without what happened to me You’re going to try again? -Yes You should get on it, without support Yeah but And feet well on the sides Calm down! Let go of the sides, or you won’t find balance Go into the living room? You must just think… which way you want to go, and it will happen I thought so I want to turn around Still full battery You can drive 20 kilometers with it Hop on it, without hands Feet to the sides Other foot, too Dad, I will fall… -No… Don’t use the bannister. -That doesn’t matter Quite soft sound The more you lean forward, the faster you’ll go Come here, with a little speed? It’s already quite easy Look, it comes with an American plug But there’s an adapter included So click the adapter on Then we’re going to charge it, and then take it outside Let’s have a look This cannot go wrong It can only be done one way There’s a little ring to secure it It looks like it And we plug it in Light is working So, we’ll charge it for an hour, and then we’re sure it’s full And then we go outside Now it’s charged enough And we’ll take it outside My feet aren’t comfortable A bit scary, still Funny! (Neighbor) What’s that? Going well? (Neighbor) That looks like a good thing! It’s an electric scooter That’s exciting It’s really strange, how you just… …think what you want to do… …and it just does it You don’t think, you just move Watch out Just hop on, hopla Easy does it! Whoops And again! Whaa! It goes well! Now over that bump That bump is not a problem That light blinks a bit That light blinks a bit? It was a bit bumpy You get tired feet from this Cool huh? I’m going back to the yard (drunken gibberish) Ok, Leevi Take your feet away, Daan And then the other one My balance is bad That doesn’t matter The device takes care of it. Your balance Just go. Your other foot, hopla No… I don’t want to. -Go go go! I can show you, look Daan… don’t wreck it Leevi is scared Leevi, go Do what you just did Do what I just did Move to the side a bit First foot Right And now the other one Take my hand, and balance I don’t want to try Support him, so he can stand on it Leevi, try Put your foot here Support him then He doesn’t want? Why not? Because he’s scared… First your balance It moves already Completely straight, not forward nor backward But it moves already Your feet completely to the sides It moves, it’s difficult To the side, right O, s**t Right, right… now relax Now go a little bit forward Ten minutes, and it goes all by itself Completely automatic It takes about ten minutes practice I saw this on YouTube, and the searched the net Your feet to the sides Your other foot It’s a fun device. Thanks for letting us try Just put it on the ground, it’s easier It’s quite heavy Can I try one more time

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