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10 اختراعات العلم والتكنولوجيا الى أين؟ we are living in the Future

10 اختراعات العلم والتكنولوجيا الى أين؟   we are living in the Future

Jetman dovey jet engine powered carbon fiber wing that reaches an average of 200 kilometres per hour [Music] cheetah robot identifying an upcoming obstacle its size and the distance to it and determining the best position from which to jump on charger fitting with a multitude of different functions at the tip supporting up to six kilograms of equipment tech unites soccer robots that play full anonymously the only interaction with humans is with the referee who can start or stop the game on the fly paper using an infrared scissor and specially formatted pieces of paper to manipulate a projected computer display phonic food Jews that have Springs in the back which is designed to imitate the kilise tendons of an ostrich or kangaroo [Music] soli small gesture radar that uses radio frequency spectrum to track the micro motions of hand movements substr underwater vehicle that has no profit on each side which can be controlled using a lever coupled to a bar and each can be rotated independently tf-x for seat hydric electric aircraft that takes off and lands earth [Music] hoverboard traveling more than 270 meters at the height of 5 meters above epic sleep [Music] you


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