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10 Crazy eBay Items!

10 Crazy eBay Items!

Crank. Don’t point it at me! Crank- No you have to. (Oh, heheh!) Crank away. WOAH! Ow! Oww! “Be careful, it’s a trap!” ((Slow motion ‘ow’s)) What’s going on du da guys? ((Laughing)) (Du guh-) What’s going you du guys… what’s going on guys? I am Matthias and today I’m looking at 10 strange items that eBay….Here we go. I’m gonna be letting you know weather the products that Sam picked out on eBay are and nailed it or a failed it. I are you ready for me to say most of them are failed it. Yes will this hurt Okay, good i dont like seafood. I’m just I don’t want to hurt you. Clutch Jack shout out to Clutch Jack for clicking that bell icon And get notified of our videos and commenting down below thank-you Clutch That’s a real clutch move right there you do you. First item. Fingerlings WowWee Bella Pink Interactive Baby Monkey Kid. It’s too early for this and it’s too late for this all the same time. What’s a monkey kid? What is the purpose of this? Oh? Did you check this out comes with a bonus stand (Laughs) Why… Why?? Damn answer me blow them kisses, and they will kiss you back Wait, so is it.. It’s like a robot. It’s like a robot. Robot pet them to sleep or make a loud noise and watch them get Excited hang him upside down by the tail and watch them monkey around. This is gonna. Creep me out. Isn’t it? I’m gonna make an offer $29 for this oh my goodness gracious, they are not joking around dude. I’m gonna make an offer of 29.92 creepy little feeling 40 ways to play I react to touch motion and sounds so do I Come here kid! monkey kid! It’s like attached in their by to the neck Why it’s not real Sam get out, bro. Give me you is there an on button there is on the back of the noggin? That’s all it does I can’t move its arms or legs supposed to do this Hey monkey quit monkeying around It just blew me a kiss. Dude kiss me back, bro, so I said all my friends Dude! Kiss me back! I hate it. This upset yeah you take it home, then you care for it $30 for that that’s a fail that toddler toys ride on a roller coaster 14 feet track wow This is so cool. Dude. Could you buy extra track look at her face right now? I? Want it that’s what I’m saying, dude 372 oh that’s expensive so guys you know what this means This is a like to buy that means we have to know if you want us to try this out because if you don’t want Us to try it out then we’re not gonna spend all that money if you don’t even care about watching the video Look you got little stairs up there. Dude. Can you buy multiple multiple of them, can you put tracks together? Can you start at a high point and just go and make your own rollercoaster, dude? All right, this one’s on layaway home kite Indoor kite flying hand crank toy. What’s a hand crank kite wait? How does this work? Is it like a drone that you kind of just hold in the air? From flying away, what’s a home? Chi? Do they sell any kites that you’re allowed to use outside of your home? No Wow $20 shipping buy me dinner first About us It’s a good gauge to see if I can make you guys laugh because if she doesn’t laugh Then it’s like I cut it out then no one will laugh yeah and I mean cause she last pretty easily Brian laughs pretty easily to Or. He’ll get physical no not in a weird way. She was like oh, thanks for telling me Why we keep mentioning Brian we got to get over Brian, okay, let’s get over Brian together guys screw him Whoa this is some Faded Oh check it out check out that that house tells me stuttering that wasn’t me being racist Home kite. I like that kind of like How you say fast and furious kind of like logo right there? You know man This looks like it was like set in like a window of a store and just no one ever bought it look at like like The coloring it’s like so much more vivid here, and then here it’s like Oh like like it’s been sitting in the Sun good thing. They have pictures cuz I can’t I cannot read Japanese or Chinese I don’t know, which ones which I’m sorry. Everyone’s like racist. Let’s check this out Dude, is there like an almond button or something? There’s a hair on it. I hate that. Oh you think it’s like a crank. Oh You hold this like that Oh The propeller just fall out of it became in contact with salmon It was like I give up so you generate the power that powers that little DC motor in there That’s a failed it good idea, but it’s a failed it Scooby-doo shaker maker make your own figures magic shaker powder. What does that even mean? Why is the the pictures just look creepy though? Oh you make your own figures? I see you can press some crap together and then bada-bing bada-boom you have your own figures that now you have to paint They’re basically getting you to do the work for them someone along the line was like hey Why don’t we sell like scooby Doo figurines and someone else was like Oh too much work? Why don’t we sell powder and say you can make your own Scooby Doo figurines because? And also you can paint them yourself because it’s too hard to paint. I don’t know let’s add. Let’s add by Those are all painted shake make and paint your favorite figurines They lost an opportunity to rhyme shake make and plant your favorite figurines It’s like an unresolved melody. It’s like like a sneeze that never came We have our figurine makers I mean I understand the appeal I Don’t know during that time. I was out in the shop making weapons Not kidding me my brother made like swords and axes yeah, and then my dad Go how many is like weird all my metal go Why all the chop marks on the trees good times right good dude get out of the box? That work you put the powder in here and then like put it all together, and I’m like you shake it I don’t think this is gonna amount to anything Just sounds like a lot of work What’s that all right? So here’s what we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna follow the instructions guys Phil Wow Really, you’re gonna Do that crazy build a clear shaker up to the fill line with warm tap water not hot? All right hold bag upright until powder settles to the bottom more condoms into the water better. Oh That can’t be good pour contents into the water. Oh my gosh Definitely not says moving a circular motion to premix. Okay doing it shake the unit up and down vigorously approximately 50 times Should be good So now we wait 10 minutes 10 minutes later. Oh, so it’s like expanded and stuff. This is gonna make a mess isn’t it Oh? Weird oh oh I guess oh Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you. It was actually 40 minutes that we waited, but I’m pretty sure the more time the better Scuri, just fell apart his head just locked right off. I must say That’s a fail yes, haha, Arizona Grand Canyon Colorado River water collectible souvenir Stop its water from the Grand Canyon River water that has flowed through the Grand Canyon is completely sealed inside this five inch tall oh Come on professionals flat-file $15 man, they see us suckers coming from a mile away, dude There’s like so much work there selling water to people come on There’s no way that’s actual water from the Grand Canyon It’s probably actual water, but it’s probably them. Just filling up tap water and like their sink or something like that Well yeah, I mean you probably shouldn’t drink River water Get your Colorado River water before it’s gone. Okay. You got me dude Add to Cart buy it now give me that river water There you go this is it Grand Canyon River water, but why? Everything is pictured as shown right so here. We go guys down in the comments below Did I get suckered or what I mean would the river water be that clear? No no, they’d even try it There’s no way okay. I’m gonna drink it Smells like alcohol a little bit no way I mean cool vile, but I just paid $15 for water pretty sure guys Let me know in that poll is this nailed it or failed it before we get to the next product It’s now time for that Twitter shoutout Twitter shoutout goes to Karam, Sabbath. How come we don’t see Dave more often who’s Dave? Really, do you know who David Steve? I’ve only heard of day. Yeah, we don’t see Dave we hear David I can hear Dave you can almost hear no Guys if you want your own Twitter shout-out make sure you follow me at Mathias I am on Twitter use that hashtag Ask me a question by your ball launcher Package deal a package deal, so I’ve seen some of these online before yeah, I’ve yeah. I have well you not believe me I’ve seen some of these online and they look pretty legit You’re like you talking like some flammable stuff, and then you go, and you like shoot a fireball I don’t know. I’ve seen some like strapped to some wrists and stuff like that This doesn’t look like what that is, but it’s still interesting nonetheless It’s not a weapon because it takes like probably a year and a half to load. It’s still pretty cool. Do you think we should? You know shoot some fireballs Yes, my thoughts precisely this was a like to buy guys In that video right up there I asked you guys to click that like button and if you hit that goal We buy it and guess what you should past that goal, baby, so we’re buying it. Let’s shoot some fireballs and because Probably not good to look directly down the barrel of a fireball shooter But I had to know okay, so on off like a little igniter I think most likely you stuff some stuff down in there, but it doesn’t look like anything’s happening you see that literally nothing’s happening Oh, so this one $50 didn’t even work Yeah, but we found another one sold me a bad one 100% positive feedback electric porkchop I think not I think this other one is cool. Oh Heck yeah It is are we serious on this guy this looks incredibly intense you put these like your fingers like that Yeah, dude. That is so cool if I put this in here and press that it’s gonna do anything. Oh, there’s no fat Oh the battery goes right here That’s what’s happening this actually looks way higher quality and actually just looks like a more rugged that kind of steampunk esque Looking fake internet meme alright. Let’s test this out all right so the idea here. Is that we load this into here You got to push it all the way to the back so it makes contact with whatever is igniting it This is the part that got a worried about a little bit more I’m gonna come over here alright, so my go this way so they get a little bit of the angle I ready for the Sam. Yes, I made the connection and I press the button you ready yes The present why you know Like my garden was let down a little bit after the first time you yeah, I was like no I’m trying this again Yeah, yeah It smells like fire, and I like it calm down look like fire That’s big dude, this is one city hence. This don’t mess around with fire kids we were trained professionals All right, that was pretty insane. That was absolutely insane. I’m disarming ya right now, so a real question Rubick speedcube 7×7 magic twisty puzzle toy brainteaser jigsaw I think I get it now this looks like a Really really intense rubik’s cube Um one of the things I got wrong in a previous video that you guys let me know down the comments below And yes, I read them the triangular one I forget the the specific name of it But everyone’s like no actually that’s way more difficult because I guess there’s more combinations There’s more ways that you can change it, but this obviously is much more difficult than a regular rubik’s cube So let’s test this puppy out and add Bye-bye now oh it’s not any bigger really than a different one Just tiles are so much smaller as I said in that previous video I mean, I like the circle one cuz it’s super easy. It’s a little slimy. Yeah. Why is it slimy feel it? It’s just like a little slimy all right relax Thank you she liked it a lot even pizza And they are like trying to solve it and they did I have a lot of Apprehension about changing it from the state. Don’t yeah Yeah, because if you leave it in the state and put it on the wall over there Then people will be like why you solve that and you’re like yeah, I’m intelligent Huh right? Okay, Oh Guys you just watched that took me 20 minutes to do it But you saw the last turn I was able to do it I do that I can’t not do it dude should I do it. You know it’ll never get solved again Okay, try but like try to retrace your steps Okay, so do I’ll do one yeah. I’ll do one here one here, and then last one one here The only way I can retrace is by going back. Yeah, but I mean obviously I can do that I mean because I know what I just did but well I Did it you’re proud of your mom? Yeah wait? I’m talking to my mom, but also high-fiving you yeah? That’s cool. What do you say besides the slobber on it? I think it’s great still level one two three four five six out of what? If you’re not that forget about it. I say this is a nail it Just needs a little finesse stuffed Mother-in-law doll fun. Novelty Very good condition. I love how they put it in quotation very good condition man. Doll is 17 1/2 inches It’s all butts it’s 12 inches high like why is that relevant information? Like I guess maybe if you’re in the market for one of these things That’s like good information to have you know like how tall is it how tall is it when it sits the mother-in-law? Overnight bag is attached to her left hand I told you so is the button she wears on her scarf arms legs and head are Attached with Velcro what it so you can tear it off when you get mad That’s got to be what this is for how strange by now Hello darkness my old friend oh is it face stained oh its gently used Look look at the dirt on its face. It is absolutely wearing a button that says I told you so So if you get pissed off at your mother-in-law you can lick her to shreds And she’s dead some people have some anger problems dude no normal person would buy this and then do that I Don’t like use it like Oh business for me. Dude. This is gonna help my stress What type of person Yeah, I know they don’t like their mother-in-law But also they have to be another type of person on top of that like just kind of weird like also having like voodoo dolls Or something like that like oh, I don’t know man. Do the finger looks like brown like a John somewhere, dude Failed at Bunny 3d fried chicken fish egg handmade handmade oh We’ve had one of those before we had the chicken one before we literally bought the chicken one before Bryan bought it I think and screw up chicken smell brain not gonna be super surprised if this one smells just as bad I mean hundred percent buyer satisfaction What are you right in a description for things like this get the fish attached to your iPhone, just like you’ve always wanted What is wrong with that person’s head, there’s so much information about returning and like tracking like it’s a fish case dude relax All right, I don’t think people are too worried about their fish cases. I don’t know though I don’t know the type of people that buy fish cases I guess that’s me Add to Cart oh no it’s came in the same packaging to Sam. It’s gonna smell horrible So what I need you to do is right when I open this up. Smell it okay? She was like oh, yeah Dude the chicken smells horrible I was really kind of hoping for something now doesn’t know like anything weird it must not be made in place Oh, that is so weird feeling feel that That weird what kind of phone you have This is your new iPhone case, what do you think you think this is gonna scare where your boyfriend? Oh poor guy. Don’t even see it coming here. There you go Is it awkward to use you think with a big ol fish on the back? I mean it looks like you’re just holding two things at once open down the camera. What kind of phone. Do you have? Oh a six, it’s for a seven it says iPhone six seven plug Yeah, so it’s for its for a seven, but it’ll work all you do is cut a little hole out there Yeah, and you you good There you go. Happy birthday once your break in July Joey when eleven consider an early birthday present cool. Thank you sweet now I don’t have to think about anything next July I guess sam says that’s a nail that whoa this kind of looks a little scary Also, really cool adjustable hand guard finger protector stainless steel knife slicing chopped sage Oh I bit my lip wrong with chops a where This would be really cool for cosplayers you see them saying yeah, you don’t see what I’m saying. You know what cosplay Yeah, I don’t know I don’t know the specific one But it looks cool enough to you know you I think we put boar in there. What about the pinky? Where’s the love? Where’s the love for the pinky come on you know the use is obviously that you keep your pinky out of the boy? Why couldn’t you do that told the finger season like I think I mean people do they do it like that oh no Let’s try it out Some nondescript packaging here, they’re all individual so which one goes on which doesn’t matter So the thumb is that it yeah, so I’m just gonna widen it up fit my phone there my hands big these are not men You see and that way when you’re cutting you’re not worried about hitting your your fingers the only thing I See as like a pain point on this is if like you get used to using these and then one day you just accidentally don’t Yeah And you just shave off like your fingernail or something like that that Would hurt other than that come on cause players you know what I’m talking about. That’s pretty go You know Sam or you just you know? I’m all someone’s face. You won’t like that backhanded slap, but with a little cut That’s right You never say that to me again see that Vinny right there those glasses Will a hundred percent give it almost any person a seizure. I’m telling you be wary of that that right There’s an old-school throwback to ten tech gadgets that may waste your money so click one of those guys and we’ll see you over there high-five


DUDE. That mini flame thrower was seriously intense! Sam’s reaction to it was the greatest though #amirite? Be sure to check out another one of my eBay unboxing videos here ➡

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