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10 Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners (No Ollie Required!)

10 Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners (No Ollie Required!)

My name is Justin Lauria, and today we’re
going to break down the 10 easiest tricks that you can learn when you first start skateboarding. Alright, so the first trick at the top of
the list is the bunny hop. While you’re riding, crouch down and grab
the nose and the tail of the board with your hands. Now, while holding on, jump as high as you
can and pull the board up with you so that it never leaves your feet. You probably won’t be able to get as high
as an ollie, but this version is sure to get you jumping off the ground in as little time
as possible. Ok, so now for the second trick, which is
called a revert. For this trick, you’re going to be doing a
180, or half rotation, but you’re going to leave the wheels on the ground the whole time. To accomplish this, first you’re going to
rotate your upper body, focusing on bringing your shoulders around to face forward. Then, using the momentum from your upper body,
engage your core and push your back wheels around until they’re riding in front. If you do this properly, the wheels should
skid along the concrete and make a really cool screeching noise. The third trick we’re going to learn is the
board pickup. Nothing tells the world that you haven’t been
skating for very long like bending down and picking up the board off of the ground like
this. Instead of doing it that way, pop the tail
of the board down with your foot so that it jumps off of the ground and then catch it
by the nose while it’s still in the air. I’ve personally found that the easiest way
to do this is to start with your hand positioned so that your palm is facing away from your
body, then catch your board so that your thumb is on the bottom part of the deck. A variation of this move would be to kick
the board up and then try to get the board to balance on the top of your foot for a moment
as you bring the board up into your hand. The fourth trick on the list is called the
caveman. To do the easiest version of a caveman, you’re
going to start with the board in your leading hand with your thumb on the grip tape. Swing the board away from you and then as
it starts to swing back toward you, jump as high as you can off of the ground and try
to land on the board with one foot over top of each set of wheels. Now there are a bunch of really fun variations
to this trick, so be sure to check out my trick tip on cavemans, which I will put a
link to right at the end of the video. The fifth trick is another stylish and very
useful way of etting back on your board, and I call it the throw down. You can use this maneuver as a way to get
up to speed on your board in a hurry or when you have a really short run up. Just like for the caveman, you’re going to
start by holding the board in your leading hand with your thumb on top of the grip tape. Facing the way you want to start riding, and
with the board at your side, start to take a few steps forward as you drag the tail on
the ground beside you. When you’re ready to hop on, let go of the
board with your leading hand and jump off of the foot you normally ride with in back,
and place your front foot on the board directly over the front set of wheels. Follow that up by placing your back foot on
the tail, and now you’re instantly up to full speed, and you didn’t even have to push one
time. If you want to get a little fancier with this
one, you can start with the board upside down like this, and when you drop it, tilt it a
little bit to one side as you jump on top of it, causing it to flip over perfectly for
you to land on top of the grip tape. Now the sixth trick on the list is what you
might think of as a wheelie if you have ever ridden a bicycle, but on a skateboard, this
trick is called a manual. To do a manual, you’re going to lift your
front wheels into the air by bending your front knee rather than just leaning your whole
body backwards. As you do this, try to find the balance point
and hold yourself in that position, with the front wheels off of the ground for as long
as possible. This one takes a bit of practice to hold for
more than a few seconds, but if you keep at it, you’ll eventually be able to hold a manual
for as long as you want. Trick number 7 is called the hippy jump, which
essentially just involves jumping off of the board while it stays on the ground. To perform this trick, you’re going to start
with your feet positioned a little more towards the center of the board, making sure that
neither of them is on the nose or the tail. When you first start trying, you can practice
just jumping off of the board without rolling, to help you get a feel for the maneuver. Once you progress to trying it while moving,
take care not to lean toward the nose or toward the tail too much as you jump off the board
and as you land back on it, because if you do the board can shoot out from underneath
you and you can end up taking a slam. After you master the rolling hippy jump, you
can try landing some of these variations. OK, so let’s move on to trick number 8,
which I call the standing rail flip. For this trick, you’re going to start with
the board resting on the ground on its side, while you’re standing on the ground next to
it, with your toes pointed at the grip tape. Using your usual back foot, kick the edge
of the tail of the board down while pulling your foot back slightly to cause the board
to start flipping. As you do this, simultaneously jump off of
your leading foot and try to land on top of the board after it has completed whatever
amount of flips feels most comfortable for you. I’ve found that allowing the board to flip
almost two times while rotating 180 degrees has been the most consistent motion for me. Alright, so the ninth trick on the list is
the nose stall. This trick is as easy as positioning your
front foot over top of the nose of your board, riding onto a curb or a short ledge, and then
lifting up your back foot so that the back wheels come off the ground. From this position, you can push off of the
curb and ride away in fakie stance, or pull the board up into your hand with your back
foot and do a fakie caveman. Ok, so now the 10th and final trick on our
list is called the Wraparound. For this trick, you’re going to start with
the board resting on the ground on its side again, but this time you’re going to stand
facing away from the board with the heel of your back foot positioned directly in front
of the back wheels. Simultaneously kick your foot back in a circular
motion to cause the board to wrap around your back foot and jump off of your front foot,
to try to land on the board as it lands on its wheels in front of you, with one foot
over each set of wheels. For a much more thorough breakdown of how
to perform this trick, again, you can click the link that I’ll put right at the end of
the video. Alright guys, so I hope this video gave you
some ideas for some tricks you can work on when you’re getting started, and also showed
you that there’s really no good reason to have to start with the ollie as your first
trick. Once you get some of these moves down, you’ll
have a lot more control over your board, and it’ll make learning the ollie that much
easier. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe
so you can stay up to date with weekly skateboarding tutorials, and as usual, never stop improving.


I'm curious, how many of these tricks can you land already?! And which one do you think looks the coolest?

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this is really helpful and believe it or not, p uplifting! ive never been too confident in my skills but ive already pulled off a few of these maneuvers without even knowing, and that makes me feel like ive already got a basis for more. thank u!

It's only a manual if it's on an obstacle (eg, manny pad), you have to do something to get into it and out of it – on flat-ground and in freestyle it's a wheelie.

Iv watched to many Braille tutorials

I expected him to say…

My name is Aaron Kyro I’m a sponsored skater from the san Fransisco Bay Area

There are like no right handed people who ride regular : (
I always have to push mongo when I throwdown and now I can't do it the other way

Love this but it’s not totally beginner video,and what happened to your hair this is the first video I’ve seen of u? Overall tho love the vid

1) 0:16 Bunny Hop ✅
2) 0:36 Reevert
3) 1:07 Board Pick-up done ✅
4) 1:45 Caveman
5) 2:15 Throw-down ✅
6) 3:11 Manual
7) 3:42 Hippie Jump ✅
8) 4:27 Standing Rail Flip
9) 5:04 Nose Stall
10) 5:28 Wrap Around

Are these supposed to be easy?

I almost broke my hand

That's it

I quit skate boarding

After he said his name…
I thought he was gonna say that He's a sponsored skater from the San Francisco Bay area

Gosh, THE REVERT IS SO DIFFICULT!!! Any tips? I can do the regular turn, lifting the front wheels, about 90 degrees only! How to do 180 (normal turn, not the trick with ollie, cause I can't ollie yet) EDIT: so far I've only been practicing turning extremely low speed. What's the deal with speed? Does it help with practicing, or is it better to have the trick down before speeding up????

Dude when he said “my name is Justin Lauria” I really thought he was gonna follow with a “And I’m a professional skater from the San Francisco area”
I’ve seen other comments with the same experiences

I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure a caveman is where you dot that but off a drop or into a ramp and an acid drop is where you do that flat

The wraparound looks kind of like a strawberry milkshake but with the back of your foot

😁😁😁😁😁😁Look your brazilian brother Victor Sarro

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