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10 Fastest Electric Scooters in the world

10 Fastest Electric Scooters in the world

Electric scooters are not just casual commuter
vehicles anymore, they can be quite fast and powerful and be an excellent time and money
saving transportation option. As they gained popularity, more powerful models have been
introduced, some of these high performance scooters can reach crazy speeds near 60MPH
and are equipped with highly ruggedized frames. Here are some of the fastest electric scooters. The Outstorm Maxx is a heavy-duty electric scooter
that has a 3200-watt dual motor, pneumatic off-road tires and an impressive top speed
of 56 miles per hour. It is the fastest e-scooter in our list and many riders swear by the reliability
and the swiftness of this sturdy gizmo that can go as far as 52 miles on a single charge.
This cool gadget can also be ridden as a seated electric scooter so you can be sure that the
Outstorm Max is not only super-fast but also extremely comfortable. Equally solid as the Outstorm, the LS7 from
Nanrobot has a load capacity of around 330 pounds and can reach a max speed of 52 miles
per hour, which is incredibly fast to be honest, and we must say that we’re really amazed
by this performance. With a range of 62 miles, the LS7 is extremely efficient and can take
you anywhere you want, but you have to know that you’ll need to pay quite a price if
you want to ride in style: just a bit over 3000 bucks. Definitely the most popular model from Nanrobot,
the D4+ is a beast that has a long range of 45 miles and two motors with 1000 watts each.
When it comes to the maximum speed, this electric scooter is able to “fly” with about 40
miles per hour, making it one of the fastest in the world; and with a price tag of only
$1400 we can safely say that the D4+ has the best value when it comes to quality over price,
making it the winning choice when shopping for sturdy and fast electric scooters. Turbowheel Lightning is presented as an ‘Economy’
high performance dual-motor electric scooter that can go as far as 46 miles on a single
charge and as fast as 40 miles per hour, these specs placing it amongst the fastest and most
dependable e-scooters that money can buy. The Turbowheel features regenerative braking
and rolls on a pair of sturdy 10-inch wheels on a sturdy torsion bar suspension that offers
extra stability and real off road capability. The Dualtron Ultra is fast, 40 miles per hour
fast to be most precise, but what it can do even better is travel far-far away, so far
that you’re not going to believe it actually has an 80 mile autonomy. The generous top
speed combined with the incredible range transform this electric scooter into an unrivaled gadget
that is perfectly suited even for most demanding riders. Dualtron Ultra has 5400W dual motors
and LG batteries, high quality components indeed. A foldable electric scooter that has a compact
and lightweight frame, the Qiewa mini is not as miniature as its name suggests it, in fact,
it is quite a workhorse that can travel as far as 38 miles on a single charge. In terms
of performance, this swift two-wheeled vehicle can reach 38 miles per hour and the 8-inch
solid tires that are puncture-proof make it a perfect match for the trek loving riders
that like to take their electric scooters on various rocky roads. Speedway 4 has a simple and aerodynamic design
that helps not only with the extra elegant look, but also helps the vehicle reach a maximum
speed of 35 miles per hour. An extended range of 70 miles keeps this electric scooter going
for quite a long distance and the adjustable air spring suspension makes the entire ride
very comfortable and entertaining. All in all, Speedway 4 is an excellent mid-priced
fast e-scooter that you should keep your eyes on. This electric scooter looks like serious business
and it drives the same, with a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, the UberScoot 1600 is
here to cater even to the most pretentious of users. Besides the obvious fact that it
is fast, this e-vehicle also has a quick release seat included and it can even be folded to
become easier to carry around when not riding it, these appealing traits making it one of
the best electric scooters that you can buy. The WideWheel by Mercane is a highly popular
foldable fat-tire e-scooter, and it also is kind of swift, reaching speeds of up to 25
miles per hour and being the perfect choice for everyday commutes or weekend relaxing
rides. With a 20-mile range and the most killer design you’ve ever seen, this electric scooter
is sure to offer one of the best riding experiences you could ever have, making for a perfect
e-vehicle even for beginners. A purely urban electric scooter that will
make your commute one of the most pleasant part of your working day, Imax S1 is a sleek
and fast gadget, simply perfect to help you sneak past traffic jams. Riding at a max speed
of 20 miles per hour, this e-scooter is swift and ready for a new journey after only 3 hours
of charging, the 20-mile range being more than enough to take you around the city. Imax
S1+ is an unpretentious but fast e-scooter that would be a good match for casual riders
who’d like to go full electric. This concludes our list of the fastest high
performance electric scooters, links for the products are in the description below. and subscribe if you enjoyed the video, we’d
appreciate that.


Couple things, the Dualtron Ultra/Thunder can go over 50 mph I had my Thunder up to 51. You also forgot the Daultron X, which I cant attest to the top speed yet, as I just got it today. But I've heard 55mph to 60 is the norm.

The Orion blows away all these in speed and goes long range as well, they have many vs against the Dualtron x and the Dualtron X gets left in the dust instantly……,makes it look like a turtle.

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