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10 Items I Got at Toys “R” Us Before They Went Out of Business

10 Items I Got at Toys “R” Us Before They Went Out of Business

what was under there though cookie what’s going on guys I am Matthias and
welcome because today is quite a special day as it is always when we make videos
on this channel this is Tanner here and Tanner went to Toys R Us and why is that
strange other than the fact that he’s a giant kid in Toys R Us well it’s that
Toys R Us is going out of business interesting what do you mean interesting
no I was just trying to play a play it up like wow you how factor I’m the
audience I was telling them that you were there nothing no you weren’t there
and someone else picked out these products man I am 22 years old I am NOT
going to Toys R Tanner went to Toys R Us and picked out ten toys that you got
some major discounts on because Toys R Us is going out of business
no one wants ties anymore no that’s not true everyone was just going on good for you find the savings I’m gonna let you know whether these are
cash or trash but have a good or bad first item whoa
sharper image transforming a remote-control missile launcher car
that’s good that’s just your Tesla yeah this is what my Tesla does so here’s the
thing you’d be playing with this car you’ve been driving it all around your
parents have no idea you’re playing with a weapon when I was a kid my parents
didn’t let me play with weapons so I had to fashion my own weapons out of PVC
pipes and scurf oh are you doing fighting kids on the block kids on the whole Oh fortunately the
other kid had a weapon to add departments hazard it’s not a Tesla but
it’s cool Wow look at that man that’s not a joke
man this is big is way bigger than I thought it was gonna be I’m kind of
stoked you know but sharper image you got a wonder always about sharper
image why it’s just like for the viewers not for me but for the viewer as well
yeah yeah because you never know if it’s like trash or if it’s cat you know
sometimes they have really good ideas sometimes they have just absolutely
garbage ideas yeah sometimes you’re like hey maybe we get a vibrating for you
yeah hey maybe would you like it if this
straw floated in midair and just try to suck it that way oh whoa whoa that’s not
hard yeah that was no yeah but how do you make it compress
itself okay I just didn’t like those sounds oh I don’t think the car did
either try open again maybe it still drives yeah oh what the
heck am I doing wrong oh wait there’s literally a middle
transformation but Mat Zo is everywhere like what is this guy’s problem to me
look at these other buttons and then these things they look so cheap in
Austin you got this boss button right here in the middle okay let’s try this
again are you really broke down yeah let’s just pretend that goes up and
there you go yeah see now it makes sense and then you I take everything I said
back about Street instructions kids turning on this is so dumb what kind of
car turns like that look at the way it turns not by dragging its front tires
yeah I still think that’s a pile of guard green gear Bad Dudes 6-inch
collectible retro arcade machine I love bad dudes instead a real arcade game bad
dudes vs. dragonninja looks like it so it’s a real arcade game do you think
that it’s actually like on there it better be look at that price $29.99 if
that’s not a real working game I quit okay well save Tanner quits or not you
have to be honest about it you have to quit ok Abby Curtis wait what is this
karate champ what this isn’t bad dudes yeah dude I ran out of bad dude I’m
trying let’s see if it works hekia did oh yeah
it’s working I kicked the opposite way did he hit me no I’m still standing yeah
it keeps resetting you does he keep it good why is he kicking only to the left
not to point this room I was way really see that he’s only kicking the left
oh wait use that one might be kicked to the right it is what the left one is
kicked to the right and the right ones kicked to the left ah I wonder why
towards the rest is going out of business what’s happening this game
stinks we’re the worst karate champ ever is he block yeah why does he have to
start over every time he blocks why is this person so upset up there wait wait
oh I think that’s it how big this thing is
and stupid game is like 10 kilobits and I
could just fit in your phone but it’s cool I’m just gonna break this you’re
ready I think they routed the cables wrong in this really cool-looking though
so for style points all rated caches for actual points all ready to trash it
whoa is this like pinball but for hockey exactly okay I dig it I feel like this
would be Connors thing do we invite Connor for this to you I mean he’s a
little competitive I’m just asking if we already invited him no we did oh God
thank good yeah oh what dogs am i right I’ve already kind of assembled this
thing for us ah all right so we got to pick our teams and all we do is wait
wait what do you know what any of these teams are here you picked the LA Kings
you picked these ones all right hey that’s familiar I know you’re in LA kind
of guy I have a feeling the people that put this together once will never put it
together with other people yeah gonna do it just keep ripping
trying to take one out am I really bad at this it’s very possible that I am I’m
gonna be the penguin since our old man because just broken out so this is the
puck right here throw that in there puck and then oh can you play all right
oh this is another goalie yeah I don’t know who’s my Argos
it’s hard where all of the others say what a betrayal this explain why you
need to do the teams so I know who to beat you with you could say it’s too
easy do good my goal is about to ruin you didn’t I wish oh my god okay we’re
scoring goals accidentally the point of the game is to have fun and we’re okay
wait game is that fun we’re having fun so I’ll say cash but I mean this whole
thing is absolute garbage look like if you cringe before we
continue on to the next product I just wanted to give a shout out our subreddit
or strange products I think is what it is I want to give it a shout out so that
if you guys find crazy things and you want me to review them or make fun of
them I can’t either or I don’t know what I do really here but that’s what I do go
to that reddit follow it add a link and people will see it and upload it to the
top if it’s great so please do it if you want to be a part of this and I will
click your subreddit links next item ooh Air Hogs two in one drone power racers
muscle car for driving and flying that’s pretty cool but wait we’re in the bottom
of the tires oh something’s a foul can’t be a car if it doesn’t have wheels I’m
getting so what is it like a swamp mobile you know I mean the things in the
swamps that like yeah reminds me of like that one old cartoon where they used to
go like running around the swamp and it was like the one guy someone’s gonna know what I’m talking
about one guy wears this swamp it was that one guy Add to Cart let’s figure
out what this thing is oh oh I’m disappointed I thought it was a drone
and a car but it’s a drone on top of a car oh so it’s just like using the car’s
body is like its body you know it’s not really like I’m saying
using the car’s body yeah it’s not you taking advantage of it hey bro you
Huracan said let’s do this thing I’m a little upset because look the
drone separated it they just slapped a drone onto a car it doesn’t seem like
what I thought I was fool what the heck okay so really all it is is a drone
I’m sure dude they totally got me they’re like check out this drone car it
really all it is is a drone and a piece of put a piece of what even is this this
is like paper plate material yeah there’s the car no it’s just pretending
to be a card oh I see it because of how a drone works
you can’t go backwards it’s either forward or that’s it so what
happens when you get stuck into a corner oh then you turn into flight mode which
is this honestly shout-out to the transforming car earlier because it did
way better than this there we go that’s actually way more fun in the car yeah
way better oh you’re still looking for that Jonny
Quest all right as a drone this thing stinks so bad 34 bucks though what do
you expect this thing is the dumb thing alright just saw it as a drone don’t
click bait people this like click bait in real life dude look it’s the awesome
car oh whoops no it’s not it’s an empty shell of lies for that I’m gonna stuff
to say I’m a Stan I’m gonna have to steak at a trash so since the toilet or
us is disappearing yeah I found this one myself
boys are s even though I said earlier I didn’t go it starts with this so at
first I bought this cuz eyeless is all I needed but I was wrong it also needs
this which is sold separately which is where all the funds up oh my gosh it
stopped well wait what is even this it just it literally just slings of all my
words it just came with a bunch of parts but you didn’t realize that you needed
the actual product yeah this is super expensive guess how much this cost 100
bucks 150 $150 yeah I think this is like one of those toys that is like learning
you don’t even like education it’s educational yeah oh my word it’s so much
bigger than I thought it did its enormous it’s got little wheels on the
bottom of it and everything so this is one of those educational things where
you like build a bot and there’s the bowls that it comes with and here’s some
other things I assume it needs a nap searching for robots here’s the app
search again no robots found I think I need to turn it on or something I found
it oh wow this robot is like not a joke
dude this thing’s like made made well I’m sorry it’s just like kind of just
like creepy looking BOTS why so bulbous you know oh you got excited hey are you
ready to program Oh oh my word it moves so fast I’m starting
to get the idea of this so every facet of this BA every little facet of this
bot can be programmed to behave in a specific way and this will teach kids
how to program songs the code that’s what programming is it then than that
I’m assuming you can like program it to do certain things right so if I wanted
to program to go over here and like smack that car and then come back I
could this thing is pretty cool I’m not gonna lie it seems like it’s made really
really high-quality the app works really really well so if you got that kind of
dough lying around and you’re thinking hey you know what programming seems to
be a pretty lucrative thing right now maybe I’ll set my kid up for success
check this product out myth personal robot I feel like I’ve seen this before
guys let me know down the comments below if I have tried this I’ve tried so many
products what kind of a weird problem is that to have I think I’ve used this
before said no one ever excites me it’s like a little personal robot by WowWee
and the cart comes with a little app lets us try zero BOTS wowee-wow we not
sure dude not sure what are you gonna name him
let’s name him Brobot what up bro bot robot it’s like a hoverboard
ooh 360 spin I see you yeah it’s like me on a hoverboard he will not stop shaking
though I know why is he shaking so much what can you do mitt you could dance
play your favorite song from iTunes or you could battle challenge other nips
head-to-head and see who is last Daniel so how do I get it to control its arms I
don’t think you can unless you maybe you pick dance and he starts table look oh
no these arms are just positioned Oh what the heck it doesn’t work it falls
down hits anything he just whines so now I have attached a plate to its front
when start stacking some stuff on it I’ll try it Wario’s oh I thought he was
losing his bow to robot we’re gonna go straight to six even
balancing six Oreos though honestly it looks like he’s gonna deliver it to it
you want some Oreos tanner whoa what’d you do to the other robot car no no car before we get into the next product big
shout out to the deep blue mermaid can’t stop staring at the beard that’s right
thank you much appreciate ya look at Lori’s beard oh we’re talking about
yours if you want your own shout out make sure you subscribe click the bell
icon and comment within the first 30 minutes be part of that notification
squad but calm it something funny so I pick it you know the same what was under
there though coming up eventually Hexbug v2 nano tower infinity loop set infinity
loop what is the hex bug I don’t understand it’s like a little I think
the little bug that vibrates like crazy and then you just goes places I don’t
get it I guess you got to see it to believe it let’s click Add to Cart Wow
look at that it’s a nano bug so you can build like a
thousand different combinations but what’s the point but what does this do
oh it vibrates but why they’re gonna vibrate upwards sounds like when I go to sleep at night
it’s vibrating up oh don’t do a little buck
don’t do it and it just keeps going so it’s just like a little vibrating motor
that vibrates and Wiggles its way around with these like spongy little things and
you can just loop and loop and loop and just have it just keep going and going
and going it’s not really infinite because you have a battery and that
means it ends but still interesting nonetheless you know he still goes down
super slow no way why did he go to the second tube so perfectly
that’s creepy though I’ve not realized that he’s stuck because oh okay now I
get the appeal it’s just interesting honestly sounds like it’s ripping one
giant fart the entire time I think that’s pretty cool I would say this
one’s cashed my arcade portable video game Center with 220 games remember the
last one we got that was similar to this said that looks like a Mario knockoff
like real bad can you imagine 222 knockoffs and even the titles are
probably just total knockoff – it’s just depressing
yeah you got a wonder you know but I mean if you’re that into Mario you
know you might like the knockoff because it’s like different levels you know
that’s why people like Mario maker do you think it has crazy hit sisters yeah
like Super Smash Bros exactly a beat artists nailed it do nailed it go gamer
portables isn’t quite what was pictured it’s actually pretty different Wow look
at all the games over here just knockoffs 220 of them I’m super curious
to see if this is this is just basically I can knock off like Gameboy I mean it’s
only 20 something dollars right 24 dollars so that’s got to say something
you know when you can’t like afford switch because it’s like an arm and a
leg to buy that you know you can respect something like this family sports
no if I want to play a game called family sports minigame education okay
these are all the mini fighter you can guess who’s me
oh okay yeah how it’s going I kicked her in the face point five speed how do you
even land a hit don’t you know it’s not okay to hit women
it’s 2018 what a game expressing it’s like no dude you can’t win you will
always lose when you hit a woman some good life advice though we don’t hit
women yeah a bunch of d-bags yes I’m demonstrating just absolutely
getting demolished by this woman man this is going on forever reset let’s try
a different game Golf at least you get into the game
quake yeah I know I can see how you this could be fun for people you know it’s
like a quick quick little thing for a kid oh my gosh alright it tired we’re
just saying dude oh you really did not hit that far I forgot how far I had to
hit it or the didn’t land oh there it goes they’re going exacting some feet
right there at least it’s straight hit on the fairway I I got a fairway shot
great job Tyga I give him that 3-wood Tyga
oh you over hit that you think so for sure into a tree most likely
like the green oh wow the great oh my gosh becoming a dad has made you gay
this game dude oh you didn’t play the green properly bogey bogey and a bogie
Anozie else a tasteful for 24 bucks it worked well it felt like playing with
the wheat you know yeah it wasn’t bad Power Wheels boring volt ride on oh my
god that thing looks that cool old tricycle it’s enormous
this looks like a toy for Luna do look at that thing bro these kids are sick
look at that Oh what are you joking me Raymond looks like Batman’s bike yeah
this is so cool dude Oh kids these days have it all this kids
off-roading you know honestly lifting for their mansion I look for two trash
cans again all right I was lucky if I could get my trash can and that would
roll down this tree my dad pushed me and then he ran away at the car do let’s go
check this out another level the whole thing tilts you see that it tilts so you
can drift and step look at these this dashboard broke come around here and
look at this dashboard oh it’s so real its like your Tesla dog and it honestly
looks like it’s not that like I can kind of fit in it no does it design for like
maybe like five year olds to seven year olds man aah dog for that price it’s
gonna be designed for like 10 up I think I see an on but look at this we have a
shifter right here I think that’s reverse and that’s
forward and then you got a pedal right whoo there’s some delay in that that’s
frightening where’s the brakes it’s called friction go for it all right
take it for a spin whoa what makes you think that the cracking
of the wheel because he was about a hundred pounds less maybe is it like out
of juice yeah either that or a totally fried it I just want to demonstrate the
drifting so I’ll probably do it like this so it’s not really drifting on its
own not really the drifting feature just locks one of the wheels so it it catches
the ground and it’ll just it won’t really drift you it’ll just kind of spin
you out maybe it’s you’re really lightweight but I could even get it to I
couldn’t get it to Wow I barely even moved I’m out of breath
that’s gotta work out more you couldn’t even get it to get to the speed that’s
high enough to where you could get that feature to work good the drifting thing
just kind of broke it too and I had to unplug the battery plug it back in
mm-hmm a little janky but if you’re you know if you’re the proper weight I’m
sure you get it to work I say to a dress yeah recoil multiplayer starter set all
right so it’s like a laser tag basically okay yeah I depart checkout okay he
relaxed relaxed tanner oh yeah there you go that’s the box multiplayer starter
set the only thing that it doesn’t come with foot required friends so many kids
just like I’ll click on let’s check it out take a look inside my box what do
you see I see desperation so turn on your phone
opens a recoil app press the power button press next pull the trigger to
verify oh that’s cool there you go connect a weapon so I’m pretty sure you
have to you have to put this on yourself like this and that’s the sensor if you
shoot it so now I’m gonna click battle it’s Mathias and Michael you’re you’re
Michael now yeah I changed my name it’s great GPS tracking disabled GPS
power-ups disabled respawn on a timer oh that’s so cool so if you’re playing
outside it’ll place power-ups like around your your map that’s cool that’s
lip that’s really cool but you can’t do that inside because it needs GPS
infinite reloads though wait wait wait wait since we don’t have a lot of space
in here tanner you know we’re gonna have a duel okay all right
but Michael is gonna say when to go he’s not gonna count down he’s just gonna say
go go dude this is so cool oh you feel it like recoiling do this just sit I
have to kill oh I got you all right I’ve been killed by my thighs
just a normal day at the office all right you ready not now we’re even
ready let’s try again Oh what I need to reload I got you yeah
I like this is awesome the weights shaking your hand isn’t meat is so cool Michael I was like five seconds flush
I’m gonna do it oh I win I win we both got first place we both did you know we
both got two kills and died twice we’re both winners
I don’t want both winners this is really cool though I’m gonna take this home and
play with one of them this is pretty cool though I’m not gonna lie I thought
like it wasn’t that much setup but if these didn’t work perfectly like they
just did it would have been way too much setup but it was plenty of setup for
like how well these things feel and work you know so definitely cash in then here
is a throwback episode two the last Toys R Us we ever filmed good times am i
right no more Toys R Us episodes right because they’re going out of business
and this one here guess what it’s no Toys R Us video and it is a laser gun
headset all right you shoot with your head no joke alright so click one of
those and if you’re new here subscribe and we’ll see you next time high five you


RIP Toys "R" Us, you shall be missed! Click here to watch the first Toys "R" Us video I ever did! ➡

I was watching then an ad pop up in the end and it was a toy kingdom ad it was like toy kingdom taking over toys r us and was laughing so hard

dat robt doe falls waa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa robot in vashon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Pause at 12:57 MATT remembers he left the stove on 😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣🤣🤣♥️🤣🤣

fun fact, Toys R Us still exists in Canada. When they went bankrupt a Canadian company bought the Canada subsection and stayed open. They had these hilarious radio comercials when it happened saying "hey so were not closed, still open just canadian now, so please still come."

“Woah look it’s an awesome car…haha nope it’s just an empty shell of lies..!?!?!” Lmfao my life

I am sad it was my birthday when toys r us was going out of business and I was waiting for my card from toys r us but it didn’t come I was sad

My cousin is sitting down right next to me playing with my mip and I thought it was funny because I had just looked over at him playing and when the mip said mip the video showed mip

What was all that talk of Toys-R-Us going out of business?!
Couldn't tell if you were joking or not.
Didn't go out of business where I live. Actually they added another one here, alone with a Babies-R-Us next to it.

I’m so happy this isn’t the format anymore. So strange Matt having to look at tanner the whole time and we can’t see him or hardly hear him most times.

Drives a Tesla… calls people hippies..? Just cuz you're a futuristic tree hugger doesn't make you less of a tree hugger…

Why don't you make an episode, where you choose a product, and let one of your kids try it. That's also what it is meant for. I think it could be cool.

I know I'm a few years late on finding you guys. I don't even know if you're still making videos but have you tried the fighting helicopters???

Instead of de storing all the products why don’t u give them away to people who may not be able to afford them

#Notifacationsquad, lol my school has those dash robots we control them on our Ipad the blue robots LOL

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