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10 Leaning Vehicles | Innovative Trikes and Electric Three Wheelers

10 Leaning Vehicles | Innovative Trikes and Electric Three Wheelers

– [Narrator] Whether you take
your turns fast and tight or smooth and wide, here are 10 leaning vehicles invented just for such occasions. Number 10, the Yamaha OR2T
Four Wheel Leaning Motorcycle. The OR2T is referred to as a research and development prototype, but it’s much more than 3D renderings or exhibition mock ups. It’s a fully working prototype of a four wheeled leaning motorcycle. Four wheels means double
the breaking power of a traditional motorcycle and double the ground contact for corner stability or acceleration. The OR2T has a huge vertical
arm connecting each wheel to it’s own independent
shock absorber and linkage. These suspension units have been designed to deal with anything, so it’s definitely one that could tackle the roundabouts, potholes and general unevenness of
even the messiest roads. (upbeat music) Number nine, the Sway. You’ve all heard the term
swaying with the wind, but have you ever heard the term swaying with the rhythm of the road? Well this leaning three wheeler named Sway will have you doing just that. Because it’s a three wheeler, riders don’t have to balance the vehicle or put their feet down at a stop. The slightly wider footprint also means Sway is more stable in
low-traction conditions. The power of the aptly named Sway Lithium comes from a rechargeable
72 volt battery pack feeding a six kilowatt
motor which puts out roughly eight horsepower of torque, or around the power of
a 125cc gasoline engine. All of this allows Sway to reach a top speed of 55 miles per hour and an estimated range of 40 miles, but like any engine this all
depends on how you drive. (upbeat music) Number eight, the Yamaha
Niken Leaning Trike. The Niken doesn’t look
like anything on the road because it isn’t like
anything else on the road. At the core is a steering design which allows both front
tires to lean in unison. Factor in the fully
adjustable rear suspension and anti-lock breaking system, and you have an unparalleled
rider confidence across a wide range of road conditions. And let’s talk about the motor, in-line, three cylinders, twelve valves, 847cc liquid cooled. The result is an 11.5
to one compression ratio that delivers exceptional torque to a very complimentary
six speed transmission. The Yamaha Niken 2019 model will come to the U.S. in late 2018 but as of yet the pricing is unknown. (upbeat music) Number seven, the Wesll Leaning Vehicle and Quad Leaning ATV. The builder of the Wesll Leaning Vehicle actually started working on the idea when his brother was
injured in an accident. After some work he came
up with a configuration where the whole leaning
mechanism was placed out-board. This would give up to 55 plus degrees of lean angle on all four wheels. The body is rather small and situated higher than
on a traditional quad. The center point of this
quad is it’s chassis which was created from
scratch by the producer. The suspension is what
makes this vehicle special because it leans and tilts
depending on the terrain. Your seat will stay in
place no matter the obstacle while the wheels separately
adjust to your movement bringing you comfort, stability and better control. (upbeat music) Number six, ZEV’s Long Range Tilting Electric Three Wheelers. ZEV’s LRC15 remains the e-scoot
distance and speed champion banging out an impressive 185 miles at a constant 55 miles per hour on a 12.4 kilowatt hour battery. Now ZEV has released details on it’s newest production bike, a tilting three wheeler
called The LRC-T15. Like all ZEV’s bikes, T-15 uses a hub motor in the rear wheel that’s oil cooled and lubricated to eliminate overheating and
rust and extend motor life. These look like quality
well-built machines from a small company
that puts it’s resources into engineering rather than marketing. With a work ethic like that
they deserve to do well. (upbeat music) Number five, the Toyota I-Road. This three wheeled tandem two seater is being billed as an electric powered personal mobility vehicle, and it re-imagines how city-dwellers could get around their urban environments. Since it is the vehicle and not the driver than maintains balance, the stability is maintained
not only on curves but on slopes and over uneven surfaces. The left and right front wheels move up and down independently, synchronized in response
to the drivers steering and the vehicle automatically selects the optimal lean angle when cornering. It has a top speed of 37 miles per hour and can travel for about
31 miles on one charge. So as great as it may be to go buzzing around the city in one, you wouldn’t want to venture too far away from your charging station. (upbeat music) Number four, the Can-Am Spyder. Canadian company Bombardier
Recreational Products or BRP designed this one from the ground up based on their Y architecture. It has a single belt-driven rear wheel with two front wheels on
a double a-arm suspension. The vehicle stability system
includes traction control, anti-lock brakes and power steering. Since launching it’s three wheeled Can-Am Spyder RS Roadster a decade ago, BRP has steadily improved and
expanded the Spyder line up. Even branching out in 2015
to offer specialty versions intended for law enforcement. In addition to the
customized limited models, a 10th anniversary
edition was also offered. No units were produced outside
of this initial offering which strictly limited the quantity to the number of pre-orders made. (upbeat music) Number three, EV4’s
Tilting Electric Vehicles. The City Quad. The creator used a highly durable aeronautical aluminum alloy and used rivets to hold it all together. This approach makes the mainframe even more durable and lightweight. The independent suspension is adaptive regardless of the terrain
or angle of the road, the wheels uniformly and
evenly touch the ground. Shocks are absorbed by two
adjustable shock absorbers. The Off-road Quad. This version of the Quad was meant to perform better off-road. The whole structure
resembles a traditional quad but it’s narrower and
has a tilting system. The mechanism rides higher to allow it to overcome obstacles, all of which give the off-road
quad a much meaner stance. The Bike. The Bike is an innovative tricycle bike with an electric support engine and the ability to tilt in the corners. The idea for an EV4 bike was to create a cycling version of The Quad. It’s perfect for commuting
to work in the urban jungle with an innovative suspension
to overcome any terrain. In addition it becomes an impeccable tool for people moving in places where the use of traditional
engines is prohibited. Every EV4 vehicle comes equipped with pneumatic shock absorbers, hydraulic disc brakes, a height adjustable seat and an on-board computer. In addition the power supply and motors can be adjusted for range, power and speed as needed. (upbeat music) Number two, the Diamondback
Hayabusa Leaning Trike. This vehicle is the creation of Ohio-based Electrical Engineer Don Davis, who has previously
worked in the automotive, pneumatics and aerospace industries. The single seat prototype
features a DOT approved steel roll bar cage, a Formula 1 style racing seat
with a five point harness, and pneumatically raised canopy. The front suspension and
the pneumatic leaning system are of Davis’s own design, and as you can see in the video this trike leans quite
a lot through the turns bringing in the sensations one gets from riding an actual motorcycle. Davis initially launched
a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund larger
scale production of the trike but as of January 2014 it was announced that the project had failed. (upbeat music) Number one, the MOTOROiD Leaning Electric
Motorcycle by Yamaha. A Yamaha vehicle started this list, so it only seems fitting that they end it with the number one spot. This concept bike from the newly founded Yamaha Innovation Center
is called the MOTOROiD. Unfortunately the few
technical specs we know are limited to what has
been released in photos, statements and the official reveal video. According to Yamaha the
included AI technology is capable of recognizing it’s owner and interacting in other
capacities like a living creature. The MOTOROiD can be
controlled by hand gestures and has a self-balancing feature allowing it to drive
autonomously at low speeds. Just from what we know so far, I hope this one makes it into production because it might just be
the electric motorcycle we’ve all been waiting for. (upbeat music)


only the Wesl Quad ATV is innovative and should be put into production, the first three vehicles and other three-wheelers a piece of shit, with poor design.

Nice video! Congrats!
What about the GG taurus (
the Peugeot Onix Supertrike? (
the Yamaha Tesseract (
the Quadro 4 (
In my opinion, even the Dodge Tomahawk should be in the video.
Take care!

Double the amount of tires is not double the amount of breaking power 😀

Breaking Power is traction of the tire * weight being put onto the it.

Vehicles that lean can use camber thrust to turn the vehicle. That is why cones (Styrofoam coffee cups) turn in a circle when you roll them. The big end wants to turn the same number of times as the small end and it has to turn in a circle to do this. Upright vehicles use slip angle related turning thrust. NASCAR oval cars can be set up with camber to the left so that they have to actively turn right to go straight. So if you only turn in one direct non-neutral camber can be useful. There is nothing funnier than an upright trike that uses rounded motorcycle tires that don't lean.

Zev's trike my pick , its versatile as it can be driven by both men and women and some goods can also be carried on it and it's electric so more savings on fuel and maintenance.

Can am spyder could use a dual hub pivoting tire system for the rear wheel with a one piece rock arm that has a mini swash plate pump motors for a split power system built right into it that acts like a transmission and also a breaking system for the vehicle. Be neat to develop a fully electric hydraulic version. 😊

Solid state electrolyte and graphene power cell technology with organic carbon power cell technology used with tesla coils to produce a super conducting energy loop between two tesla coils with zero energy loss with an advanced solid state power cell in between the tesla coils causing the power cell to generate high frequency electricity from the crystal structures being affected by the high energy communications wave passing through it with wireless power transfer to provide power to hybrid electric motors. A electrical vehicle that would need no charging and would have unlimited range. The electrical power generation system could also be used in recreational vehicles and for home power systems has well. With a minds eye design a graphite airogel tunnel with a super sonic transit system that operated off super conductor levatation is not really that science fiction is it? Dare to dream for graphene airogel boom tubes were motorcycles could use super conductors to zip at high speeds breaking the sound barrier and have all that energy translated into electrical energy from being absorbed by the graphene airogel boom tubes. Feeding the need for speed and powering things up! 😵😲😱😂

④Can-Am Spyder これは実車見ましたが欲しいですね!! 二輪のBikeとは全く違ってリバーストライクの面白さがあります=3

2017 well we can't make hover vehicles yet guess we better make things lean to feel like it's an accomplishment an futuristic lol worthless and ugly imo. looks like just more parts to buy and maintain. ole rapist Willy said we'd have flying cars by 2000 hehe moron.

И опять тупиковые "новинки" . Только Тоета' (х.ета') подобралась чуть ближе к ПРАВИЛЬНО наклоняющемуся трайку , остальные совсем мимо пролетают. Но и Тоета' ДАЛЕКО не ТА !!!

several interesting ideas, my only question is why they don't use a generator like power source that I had when I was a kid, I had a head light on my bicycle with a generator that you hooked to the front forks, when you needed it you flipped a switch and the head of the generator pushed down against the front tire and as you rode along it provided power for the head light. the faster you went the brighter the light. I have not seen one for years but it worked great. I CAN NOT believe that these so called geniuses can't figure this out , it's works and it's simple!

Have you seen the ZEV Electric LRC-T titlting bike. It is in production and has been delivered for about a year. Sort of like an MP3 but all electric, 80 mph, over 100 mile on a charge

Well what I meant is their has to be a way to use tires break drums , something that is all ready turning that you can use to generate power back into the battery!

السلام عليكم انا ما اعرف اتكلم انجليزي لاكن با قلك استمر يا وحش الله يوفقك

Ugly stupid bikes! What if it had apuncture in one of the front wheels? Hidious. ! The Alien 👽 bike. Ha ha ha.

I love the Yamaha Niken leaning trike, and the riders stormtrooper armour is cool too. how many weapon mounts does it have?

These vehicles don't catch on because they perform poorly and look asinine. Yamaha is going to sell more grand pianos than Nikens to U.S. motorcyclists.

You know? It wd be much more interesting if we'd get d price W/it! Cz it's like watching a movie W/O D END !!!

You are mixing concepts…..production models and private ideas in this compilation. The yamaha with the 2 front forks and wheels is really coming. The first one….the concept is amazing and its very old. It would be an incredible machine for all of us IF IT were to make it to production. I guess too complicated.

Fifty, not fit-t. Voice over announcers should have proper diction, and models should be human instead of robot.

Three-wheeler from Ukraine 🙂 recomendet to watch!) its so Funny

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