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10 Of The Dumbest Tech Gadgets I’ve Ever Reviewed…

10 Of The Dumbest Tech Gadgets I’ve Ever Reviewed…

What’s going on guys I am Matthias and today is a bonus video that’s right. I was watching back on all the fun times We’ve had on this channel And I actually wanted to make a list of all the dumbest tech products that I’ve ever had my actual hands on and here is a list of ten of those I Am hot slang sleepy reminder anti sleep alarm drive alert driver awake driver alarm cool gadget truck cool That doesn’t look like an appropriate device. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t so you put this behind your ear and when you doze off It essentially does that it scares you awake Let’s buy it this feels like one of those things that you pick up like when you’re exit to liking a Walgreens Yeah, you’ll be like oh, I need that I’m super tired right now Here’s the product that is bizarre Let’s see if it actually will prevent some car accidents I’m gonna apply it and turn it on oh okay, so it’s kind of a loose fit here I’m gonna test it not driving because I don’t want to get in the crash I Don’t know dude. I don’t know dude. I still feel like you could get in a wreck You’re just be aware of it as we were walking in we realized another fatal flaw of this device, okay watch Well that’s good news though because I don’t want to be woken up on the highway Wireless bluetooth speaker watch intelligent bracelet with music player, okay, I’ve never heard of a SmartWatch called an intelligent bracelet they can be crispy clear loud as hell or faint as hell Oh faint as hell dude like I was in Hell at one time and everyone was like I Couldn’t hear him faint is help Mobile links sports music hands-free call All right so buttons on the side you got your timer you got your plus and minus And you got your play and pause and stuff like that so let’s uh, let’s turn this puppy on What it is a bluetooth Schmo I Love accents, dude. They’re so fun pow I’m on Spotify, bro That’s the speaker so the plus and minus buttons Awkwardly changed songs, okay, so now I’m gonna turn it off, and I’m going to show you how loud my phone is Sounds better and louder yeah Perky portfolio smart piggy bank smart piggy bank because counting quarters is too hard twenty-five fifty Seventy to add to cart’ okay, so here we go 850. I’m filthy rich. Oh what? dig for gold oh Dude, it’s starting to blink and now I connect it with my phone I guess why is this all beat up This must have been returned like eight times or something when you see the countdown start place the screen of your phone on All the way up against the portfolio’s nose It’s like connecting Connecting your device this may take up to two minutes How do these people ever heard of Bluetooth if your device is blinking red or green it is still connecting my gosh is taking forever? Dude You’re quirky portfolio is not connecting we can help at eight four four wink app This is what you do when you make garbage products four key dissolve your company now you have 12 hours Soft talk wireless Bluetooth retro handset just why though it’s retro. No, it’s not retro They’re saying. It’s more comfortable, so you can do this I Don’t like it Add to Cart Red blue-blue two-hander said now. Let’s just blow through this video guys. I don’t care anymore alright. Hello Yes, it’s my dignity, okay See you later We got two buttons here got a button here Nope, that’s just light so it’s just one button volume up and down and that’s it. How is this more comfortable? This is just dumb. This is for people that can’t let go of the past man Hello oh Hello no nice sounds super deep I want to show them what it sounds like this is Brian in the other room now oh It doesn’t sound that bad. Okay. It definitely sounds Five times led pocket credit card wallet light bulb leave this. That’s so dumb It’s actually kind of thick too the idea is That you have this light always on hand you know so in case you run out of light You can light something up, but what about this pretty easy? No Add to Cart That is tiny dude. It’s just one. They said five times. Do you even have the option to have a choice? Okay, look at this. How do you turn it on just push it up? oh You just push it up wow that is weak sauce that is a weak sauce dude even if I take all the light away Literally does like nothing against my face unless I get this close if your room is pitch-black, and you don’t even have access to moonlight Posh mobile micro the smallest Smartphone in the world so this phone can run regular Android apps to add to cart’ Okay there we go that is a tiny okay That is a tiny phone the iPhone 7 this phone right here is the s8? Plus okay. Here is the smallest phone in the world It’s so key. Yeah, just waiting here who knows how long this is gonna. Take I’m slightly concerned It says there’s something wrong with the internals Let us browse the Internet, let’s search Mathias, bro. This is gonna take I’ll look at that keyboard, bro That’s not great quality, but it’s watchable this here is Tanner alright. Hi everybody He’s the office assistant Kevin hired him therefore I don’t have his phone number, so what I want you to do is I want you to put it in my phone Stop, what is this what the heck feel like this is something you give like a sixth grader to make them feel like they have A phone call phone look dude. This is Instagram right now stop it can go on Instagram. What’s going on guys. Oh my job? Baby, it’s a grand story from the the cheapest phone ever. I want to show you an Instagram story that I just Oh Force push with a Jedi training rod I’m Chuck. What is a Jedi training rod? Oh sweet do to force rod? Oh? That’s very delicate? Oh? What oh oh Oh sharks really face like $6 Whoa? Oh oh shark me if dude is attacking me dog nose again, oh Sure secure your stuff baby care, buddy Northwest flying Alarm clock Add to Cart I’m gonna be very delicate with this because I don’t want this to break before he can get it test oh When you depress it that turns on I assume signifying that you’ve disarmed the alarm clock I’m asleep But it’s hurt wait Oh oh Geez oh yeah right there I’m not gonna endorse this product because a lot of people say that it broke as long as it’s working I say it’s and out the door This is a Bluetooth Glove you can do stuff like this I’m not kidding The pinkie is a microphone and the thumb is an earpiece and you walk around doing this people are gonna think you’re crazy Let’s add it to the cart comes with the USB cable and some instructions oh But it vibrated. There’s a vibration motor in there wait wait I feel like this little ball in the thumb, Siri Cole Matthias It’s connected to Brian’s phone right now. It’s vibrating. I can’t hear them didn’t work You call me and I’ll answer it via this hello. I Can hear you dude like I don’t know if I should stick out my pinky or not I don’t think there’s a mic in here, so I’m just arbitrarily Pointing out my pinky like a doofus AHA Oh, yeah, is that it? Yeah, so it’s the thumb so all those pictures of those people doing this that was pointless Yeah, this is wasteful. Sorry Electric unicycle hoverboards solowheel giantess, Koopa, ooh Dangerous dangerous dangerous now. Let’s add to cart and take a gamble for you guys Just kick this thing’s heavy dude. Oh my gosh We gotta go try this out downstairs, there’s no way oh Jesus. Oh boy. How do you turn? Broken Okay, so this is going to be fairly difficult to accomplish because I don’t have a turn and this is the first the first time I’ve ever tried to write this thing right Gosh I need training wheels I Don’t understand how to steer okay, I’m gonna try it without this well, yeah right bro, come on make it easier with that Why you holding onto the Wait give it a head start It’s about just like having perfect utterly perfect move the arms dude. That’s what y’all you’ve got it Dude Guy See that playlist right there that is a playlist full of all the tech videos that we’ve ever made It’s pretty awesome and see this little thing right there. That’s another secret History Channel. Shh. Don’t click it. Don’t Do it all right guys high five

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