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10 Products With Hidden Features!

10 Products With Hidden Features!

“This was issued…” Say that 5 times fast This was issued (5 times) Alright, shut up fancy boi FAST BOI *LAUGH* *intro* Hiiiii! I Am MatThIaS! Tanner: Hello Matthias! Hi. (laugh) Tanner: I feel like we’re in a kid’s show. *Still laughing* We are dude. Welcome to real life. Today we are looking at 10 products that have hidden features. Like this feature of Matt. HUY!! Today I’m going to let you know whether these items with hidden features are believable or INCONCEIVABLE! Tanner: Nice one Princess Bride Princess Bride. INCONCEIVABLE! Meh, first item. Epic Dragon’s Grasping Claw Walking Cane. I need a grasping claw. Tanner: No you don’t. Tanner: Do you know how many perverted things this guy would do with a Grasping Claw? *Laughs* Didn’t I have one before? Mr. Gorilla not again. Not at work Mr. Gorilla. *Laughing* Yeah, Yeah I had a gorilla hand. What’s it grasping though? Why is it trying to grasp that? I didn’t know dragons loved acrylic that much I thought they loved like crystal or things like that “Grasp ahold of this epic dragons grasping claw…” *laughs* Grasp ahold of the grasper *laughs* Tanner: You use ‘grasp’ way too much “…the handle is made of aluminium alloy
metal and the claw is holding a clear acrylic…” That claws holding a clear
acrylic ball with bubbles inside yeah I keep spitting today… *replays his spit* “The handle does unscrew and come off if you wish to separate or swap with another cane top. Also features brass fitting of the shaft and a rubberized foot.” What are you TALKING about? I’m just gonna buy it Add to cart. Just *Laughs* what are you doing there
oh you know it’s really triggering that’s the sound of the ball rolling
around in the claw it’s like not really grasping it Firmly GRASP IT! it’s just like you know hey you know
come here you ever been in those photos where you’re just like oh it was just
like hey I’m friends with you but I don’t want to touch to you that’s this
but look the middle finger here is what swivels that’s so funny that you can
take off the middle finger and that weird
that’s really weird you can screw it on the opposite way just sticking up it’s
really grasping the ball but it’s like what’s up you don’t harder today wait
what’s it hiding them oh this is way more effective than a middle finger
pretty aggressive placement I’ll say like right towards me see this this
blade is for when the middle finger just doesn’t work how long did I take the
pull off someone comes up to you and they’re like hey listen hobble leg cuz
why else did you need a case oh no Sam hobbling with my leg give me all your
valuables give me that crystal ball alright hold
on let me just give it to you really quick wow you have a really cheap kick
okay yeah I mean the guy could have gotten lunch and come back by then I
don’t know maybe this is just meant for more of like a wow this is dull too – oh
it’s rusted well I mean if you’re gonna stab someone you know I mean like do you
really care if the job done real nice like listen I’m gonna stab
you but after make sure you get a tetanus shot I don’t want to do lasting
damage okay I’m gonna say that is Ferrari Scuderia yeah that sounds
like someone’s scam like yeah Jack Black made that word up he’s like Scuderia Scudoo Wow 38 bucks um this is a gift set for
men ladies hands off only for men or else like what why is it only for men is it
like cologne it’s gotta be that’s a cologne bottle I don’t want any
Layton did you see this thing it’s gotta be no but what is that right there why
doesn’t it say disclaimer while we aim to provide accurate product information
it’s provided by manufacturers suppliers what is this Walmart hold on a second
scroll down oh we’re at Walmart gender unisex gift set for men but I’m sure some
women don’t mind smelling like men like amanda did it all the time where I would
like I’d have a scent you know and then I would take off my jacket and then she
would wear it and be like this smells like yeah yeah yeah girl love that stuff
yeah for sure they do Add to Cart yeah Wow Ferrari has really nailed it
this time oh wow like a Ferrari wow it smells like it definitely smells like
the out-of-touch person that would buy a Ferrari I need this for my masculinity
masculinity masculinity masculinity says the guy who bought a Tesla Tesla is a
fully electric I haven’t been to a gas station in two years
you tell me I don’t always go with that gas stations suck. Put this guy in a normal car this guy has no idea what to do he’s like where do the keys go how do I turn it on? put some solar panels on I’m driving for free technically so suck
that Ferrari whoa whoa what the alcohol in the Cologne literally made the
product corrode how odd there’s not a protective film over it that’s just the
product they want me to put that on my skin corroded plastic yikes oh it’s in
there already why are they give me an extra one that’s very nice of them they
really thought someone was gonna go through this cologne like can you
imagine the type of person this is Cologne on the go this is not Cologne
you know in your bag in your car this is Cologne in your pocket what are you
trying to do refresh your scent every five minutes
let me recharge wait it’s that easy to use yeah seriously your pocket gets hit
by a quarter game over dog oh that’s not good whoa not a good smell
let’s pack that up put that away forever I sprayed that far too close to
me we’re gonna smell like that the rest of the day and all of the ladies
over 40 are gonna be into us that is inconceivable whoa diversion safe hidden
stash bottle Mountain Dew good for holding cash and jewelry two compartment
design and the middle compartment is a storage compartment two compartment
design the middle compartment is the storage compartment Wow
what does that mean how do you have a middle compartment if there’s only two yeah I don’t know. hide your valuables
in plain sight the top compartment will be shipped emptied with the water inside
drain wait what so you have to buy Mountain Dew and then fill it up
yourself what if it’s a different color than the bottom hey that Mt. Dew looks fishy this
is what’s gonna happen the bottom was shipped like a different color the top
one you have to pour new Mountain Dew in you leave the product out a maid comes I
don’t know someone someone cleaning your mom your wife not you if you’re buying
this you’re definitely not cleaning but someone’s coming up and saying this
Mountain Dew looks old I’m gonna throw it away That’s true
okay so did it come shake and it came full I don’t know what it was talking
about though did not work I think how you anticipated it to okay so I mean
that makes sense right you want to keep your valuables in there what happens if
you just put too many valuables in and then it just looks like this. like what’s wrong with that . That’s gonna attract a lot of attention just your valuable just doesn’t quite
fit the longest bottle of Mt. Dew I ever seen Why is that so funny it’s just cuz it’s like. No it just doesn’t fit yeah your cuz you got to do it you got
to do this oh all right there you go I mean that’s that’s it right
Mountain Dew take a swig or suck at gaming I mean like here’s the thing I
would never be able to have Mountain Dew in my bedroom when I was a kid oh my
gosh hola this is like a double negative you know
I mean there’s just two negatives two negatives don’t make a positive you suck
you suck do you feel better I’m gonna say that one is giant X multifunction
rolling cooler picnic camping outdoor tables dah
that’s dope actually give me the other picture why aren’t you loud
what’s wrong with the Internet we out of Internet you know what forget it guys
I’m just gonna look at some reviews here can you purchase extra chairs
unfortunately not hey the picture came up whoa I swear if
this is for kids and I can’t sit at this table I’m gonna lose it I’m gonna be
late don’t think those cans are like that water bottle that’s what I’m saying
yeah those are giant water bottles which I’m hoping or this isn’t very practical
and it’s just for kids add to cart’ all right this is one big boy I got it for
you you gotta take it over there okay we’re all dude it’s got wheels here
right no there’s nothing to it I can hear it all those sodas are gonna
explode don’t be a roll it it’s got wheels
yeah no it’s got wheels Oh buddy said wheel you roll with a jump spin so witty
I am already having not high hopes for this because of how tiny it is but then
again how big would it have to be you’d have to be rolling one like suitcase
size which wouldn’t be bad I mean if you’re thinking about it you know if you
got a big family and you can have like containers inside and then a cooler on
the top of it yeah then the sides come up not a bad idea this is almost there I
feel like well let’s let’s take a look whose sandwiches subbies and a bunch of
gross fluids are you talking ginger beer we don’t work together what is ginger
beer we’ve had it on this channel before what do you mean it’s just ginger ale
but like actually spicy cold though we’re just gonna have the sandwiches
okay now how do you get this thing open um you go ahead and pull on the button
where are the chairs though doing great we’re camping what wait here’s the chair
wait so then this goes like that okay let go let go mom what are you talking
about this is gonna be perfect for Luna yeah I did I’m gonna love this actually hold on beverages with these deep couple
this as you can see these are the deepest cupholders they can’t see okay
well sorry Michelle you sit down and try it down to the table times I got to tell
you kids that I play around in the dirt a boy didn’t mean for this to happen
right beside something here if I’m a little confused about why are the
cupholder how my cakes are cut placement things on the edge why wouldn’t they be
on the inside unless you’re supposed to I don’t know but what I do for sure in
cheddar and then it’s all American alright since you can’t tell the
difference usually between cheddar and American you can have the American oh
that’s not me I don’t know each other wow that’s a lot of bread decent amount
of meat – what is this Walmart all right I benched Walmart in my oh oh
god oh god duh just so much problems packaging like
this I don’t think this is actually your bread er I’m gonna say your bread is
better but I said you’re brighter better do I owe so much you got yesterday
this kid was eating mini corndogs I was like oh my god I actually got and went
to my room so disgusted people heat really loudly you’re the same way it’s
gonna eat the peas there’s kids got fluids going around all over his money
that’s no wonder he doesn’t need a drink cuz he’s making his own in his mouth and
condemn and passionate the ladies love passion alright I’m
gonna take a quick bathroom right don’t get all yourself I’m gonna write that
one believable yeah or didn’t see me going there because
this looks like a great thing for me to use with my daughter future sky future
sky tactical flashlight handy survival rescue self-defense okay so this is a
little bit more portable a little bit more lethal I mean I’m getting the
picture here let’s add the card thank you that’s already broken who did that
my bad I really slammed it I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind with this
knife and they really protect this I love that kind of padding like you’re
carrying a lot of money why does money you need to be padded I don’t know it’s
just every briefcase that money comes it has a sweet padding no it doesn’t work
no it’s like silk wine why do you know so much about my show about it where’s
that I don’t understand where the blade is with this I have to take this off and
then now grab the piece in the book oh you have to put it on flashlight no one’s gonna be fooled like
hey why is your flashlight so long extra batteries oh I twist this off again with
a tons of twists and then there you go it’s a blade so this is more this isn’t
like necessarily a tactical like hidden blade like concealed weapon this is more
like a protection so you can carry it like camping and stuff like that look
like if you cringed yeah a believable before we get into the next product if
you guys have found products that you want us to test and try out on this
channel and rate dope or nope there’s a reddit link down in the description
below and you can send it to us down in the description download scripts on the
hardware anyways next product Oh makes me sad for people that have that problem
this is a flask made to look like a foam so you can sneak it in and get a drink
anywhere you go wow there’s a music choice is all about 4k he’s
already drinking beer why does he need a flask two times in a row I happen to him
okay I can’t right now dude yeah I was happening attention cuz of this audio
issue but like did it in the same night his beer get stolen twice they do the
same 30 seconds I can say this honestly and I’m and I haven’t I haven’t been in
a lot of bars or nightclubs or anything like that but I can say this honestly
I’ve never had my drinks stolen from me have you yes what oh I got a house party
but not it like like at bars a house party drinks are free
yeah it’s what I’m saying is this somebody walked up took it and I was
like where’d it go maybe it’s just your mom cleaning up let’s finish this can you imagine that
everyone just watching your drink out of his phone or guys sitting alone drinking
at a bar anyways like it’s already already a suspicion you know like a big
little woo technology hipsters heads up here’s the freshest must-have gadget in
your collection introducing the I drink phone flies by
parity products see the thing is is like what the parody if you’re gonna call it
a parody and not a bad product it’s got to be funny like that was not funny
oh it’s ingeniously designed good to know Add to Cart Wow looks like an
iPhone case patent pending yeah I don’t think you can patent off of someone
else’s design nice try though guys that is a giant iPhone 4 or maybe that’s an
iPhone 5 look at home bud just to give TNS and vindication here that home
button is the Hulk pressed it like you know if someone was just like walking
around they were like talking on this I probably would think it was a little odd
but I would think they were talking to like their battery you know I mean it
looks like a battery a portable battery it does it also like a Taser
well there are phone tasers we’ve set we’ve tested some let’s get some fluids
in this puppy this is not gonna work out is this old Pepsi yeah think about in
the fridge for a couple months wait for real yeah
yeah there’s no fish your boy ain’t drinking that trash look yeah I mean
listen oh well he’s wearing it though Betsey’s take a sip it’s all Pepsi I’m
not all red there’s absolutely zero fist yeah I cringe a little bit regret I’m
gonna write this one a true aura of tense and before we get into that next
product big shout out to honey hon stop throwing ideas behind it could break
someone’s head or the window or put a hole in the wall hopefully that’s what
I’m aiming for it actually if I was actually aiming I’d be looking and not
throwing them behind my head by the way I love your videos thank you honey
whoa I’m sorry I’ll say the full name thank you honey honey bangle bangle like
saying it once isn’t bad enough travel backpack and stool companion wait Oh
combination this stool is my companion I was thinking the medical turn back back
toilet hey put it down there’s a hole in it you poop on it then you wear it you
know and when someone says something you don’t like you reach into your bag and
you throw it up this is a stool backpack so tell me uh tell me why tell me why
pitch it to me all right so here’s what’s happening you’re in the woods
hi kitty hike hike hike in our I’m hiking in the woods you’re with your
girl you like oh no wait hold up my girl doesn’t want
to be in the woods you’re with my girl she’s like I really need to relax but
I’m wearing this sweet dress I can’t sit on the trees like normal people do you
know you know hear me out did you say sit on the tree yeah like sit on the
tree bark you know like sit on the ground on the
tree per have you gone outside what is he talking about understand me talking
about a dream log yes tree bark you know whatever then you didn’t whip this thing
out which and she gets to sit down and then you sit on the dirt because she
doesn’t respect you because she’s my girlfriend
gotcha I think that’s a very poor pitch okay give me one better no I’m not gonna
give you one better I’m gonna tell you why it’s flawed no flaws flawed because
someone who is not okay with sitting on the ground isn’t gonna go camping it’s
not true wait what my whole life is a lie a good card
no it’s on black so we’re gonna go over here again hold up
see this stool bad you don’t know me I’m gonna unzip my bag here cuz I’m tired
it seems you’re comfortable ok wait to sit on that what’s the difference
between just carrying around a lawn chair the lawn chairs more comfortable
did this thing come with instructions no instructions to all those people that
say why don’t you just read the instructions sometimes products don’t
come with them do I sit my butt like here or this at my butt like here I’d
say in the crevice like in the crevice yeah that’s what I would do better than
this just not better than the ground I can’t see the type of person that
wouldn’t just want to sit on the ground they’re a bunch of ants and bugs don’t
be where you are oh this is fine somebody’s gotta sit
down there’s pipes coming out the bottom of it it’s not that bad it’s not that
uncomfortable it’s not a backpack it’s just a portable seat oh no there you go
hold on the other side yeah okay so you can store stuff in there I would just
say this is a very very targeted niche of people that would want something like
this so for the general populace I’m going to say uh Incan see this Rubik’s
Cube safe with puzzle lock in box rare that is interesting this is a Rubik’s
Cube safe three and a half inches let’s see what this description says this was
issued to say that five times fast this was issued this was issued this was
issued this was issued this position shut up fancy boy
boy this was issued in 2012 and apparently very hard to come by in the
original packaging with minimal wear Rubik’s Cube save is modeled to resemble
the Rubik’s Cube and has a compartment to hold valuables that’s cool that’s
what I call you know add the cart doesn’t matter how rare products are
here we rip them up we rip them up anyways for you and also because I could
not care less how rare could $34 be you know I’m saying supera hair my gosh
hey definitely looks like a Rubik’s Cube looking at this I would never anticipate
that this was a safe here’s the thing how do you open it oh here we go I think
I threw away the instructions Wow okay so here’s here’s the instructions start
okay let’s go back to the start cuz I got a little over here okay so start
then we take the white and we go to blue then we take the white and we go to
yellow then we take and go to green that’s the combination pull up oh I did
it on the wrong side this is actually difficult I did not think it would be
this difficult maybe this is just a regular Rubik’s Cube Wow let’s say that
right a rotate fourth row clockwise three clicks I’m not reading the
instructions oh my gosh this is an actual safe it’s not just a color
combination there’s actual clicks here too could that you could barely tell
look at the tiny little boy that’s gotta be it that’s got it in Oh fascinating
I guess I did it wrong but you can see where I got it wrong everyone always
gets some meaning in these things when you miss like one little thing
everyone’s just like sorry I’m a human being
alright I mean felt a little janky but I can dig it I can dig it it’s it’s a
believable safe car lighter secret stash high disguise holo hidden compartment
container just go so this is where you would normally light your cigarette do
you see what they’re hiding in there looks are plastic bees
what on earth are you gonna hide in your car diamonds you know hide those in your
car not in a car that has one of those get a safe hippie what car has this
anymore who’s smoking cigarettes who hasn’t learned that that causes
cancer that will kill you now weed on the other hand alright
here you go I mean they’re literally just taking all these extra things
repackaging them oh I see I see you could take it off I see you on its
nerds is it bad at first I thought it was B’s I was like no I did not go with
B these are nerds not bad I read this one
believable because of the candy one CD lock heavy-duty drill resistant
anti-theft bicycle hybrid saddle lock laughs oh you take the bike seat off and
the bike seat itself locks your bike to the pole I get you I get you so I’m not
an avid cyclist but I know that one of the most common things to ever get
stolen is a bicycle one of the things I do think bicyclists do is they either
take their front wheel or they take their like seat because you’re gonna try
and steal a bicycle and you forget you sit down it’s gonna be rude awakening so
this kind of does both it turns your seat into a lock and the car look at the
size of those keys though you like it right here look at the size of those enormous they’re like bigger than my car
keys yeah things are fast look how thick this is oh my gosh I don’t have the
energy to unpackage this whoa I just yanked it out I stole the seat it’s your
dad’s drink just came out of nowhere you catch this little piece to your bike
post and then you sit on it and then when you’re ready to go you like use
this key hole right there stick it in there unlatch it and then it
goes like this and then yeah you unlatch this and you wrap it around something
and there you go you confuse the heck out of everyone you can absolutely go
take this and have a mobile seat here I mean any Pole you find you can sit on
fancy night tight tighten lock it no one will steal your seat if your seat is
reserved oh this is heavy though this is heavy-duty I think this will actually
work obviously I haven’t fully tested it but great quality I think it would be
pretty functional they ain’t joking around here about locking your bike up
and I respect it cuz I have had a bike stolen yeah yes when I lived in our my
second apartment it was it was my my street bike a road bike
roadbike that’s what it’s called you know were you actually iris yes and
tires exactly thank you it got stolen there’s the story all right guys this
next product is a like to buy that means I’m not buying it right now
but if you guys do want me to buy it there’s gonna be a light goal because we
bring in that back just like we bring in sexy back no see here’s the cool thing
about this this is not an amp are you familiar with an amp you know yeah
that’s a good talker but it’s basically the speaker for your guitar you hippie
now check this out boink antidote mini-fridge that’s a cool mini-fridge
right it looks like an amp you know ladies come in they think you play
guitar and really you’re just like no that’s just alcohol in there she’s like
even better the second you have what’s inside that fridge you’re gonna think
I’m crazy good at guitar guys so here’s the thing if you guys
want me to buy that I’m gonna set a light goal of a hundred K likes me
nothing I haven’t asked for them in a million years and the channel still
doing really good they don’t mean anything it’s just I don’t know if I
should spend $400 on this product if you’re not even gonna get a kick out of
it okay I said it alright guys thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed
this video and you want to keep that buzz go and click one of these videos
and we’ll see you next time high five


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Hired and fired
Fool and cool
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Stash and trash
Neat and fleet

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The backpack seat would be good for people who ride the train to work and there are no seats left, for example my mom used to carry a tiny stool with her when she worked in downtown Chicago and we lived on the boarder of Indiana & Illinois so she had a pretty long ride

The phone flask would be good for stadium games or a bar where u don’t want to pay $10 for a drink, you can just bring your own. I’ve snuck drinks into games and bars before, I can hide a small water bottle of clear alcohol in my bra for free though lol (I have a G cup and I can hide a small water bottle in between/below my boobs lol)

Umm two negatives make a positive, two positives make a positive, and one negative and one positive make a negative few had to get that out (not being a try hard, but love the video!!)

That inconceivable quote i swear had me rollin u guys keep me entertained for all times of the day keep up the awesome vids!

Sometimes I just plain sit on my bag that doesn't have a seat in it because it's easier than getting up off the ground and I don't want dirt on my pants but I still probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy a bag with a seat built into it, although if it was a gift I'd totally use it

I've just watched this video again. Tanner rolling that cooler nearly made me wet myself laughing. My favourite bit ever 😂😂😂😂

You can have a middle compartment with only two if there is one in the center of the bottle and one one the outside

Matt: Say this was issued five times fast. Tanner: This was issued this was issued this wash issues. Matt: Ha yesss! Tanner: I didn't finish!

Matt: "How do you get this thing open"
Tanner: "Ur gonna go ahead and pull on that button"

"Pull on that button" come on now tanner

22:12 “cigarettes cause cancer!” Well the air pollution in LA also causes cancer because it’s terrible 😂

Driving for free only thing an electric car does is reduce fossil fuels because the repairs a few years down the road are going to be expensive just like your cell phone or anything else the batteries go bad over time and will need replace all though Tesla’s are BA

I like the channel with Matt but I love it some much more with all three guys! The way you bounce ideas/comments off of each other is way more entertaining that way.

The backpack would be good for the airport have it as your carry on and sometimes there's no seat open so you can use it to sit on. I know there's the floor but if your in a business suit or something you wouldn't want to get it dirty or crested

My dads bike got stollen and he caught the thief’s face on camera. He called the cops and they didnt do anything. He even tried to give them a copy of the footage but they were to lazy to do anything.

If you’re going to stab someone you need a dull blade with the pointy tip that way doesn’t get stuck in the bone 😏

That Mount Dew with a hidden inner compartment is not near as kool as that "hidden compartment shaving cream" can in Jurassic Park. Great movie, by the way! I still watch it occasionally even now in 2019.

Cup placement on outside because if you knock it over it’s going down anyway so why not onto the ground while camping instead of all over the cooler?

so the rubiks cube is with clicks and not color right. thats good or else kids would play up with it and youd have to reset it to unlock it

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