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10 Strange Dollar Store Items Sent By Viewers!

10 Strange Dollar Store Items Sent By Viewers!

I’m soooo terrified of spiders. Matt-Really? Mariah-Yes. Matt-Oh that is so weird. Yeah… (Screams) jinmibn Mariah- Stop doing that! Matt-Why do you keep falling for it? Mariah- Why do you keep doing it? [music] What’s going on Guys I am Matthias and Today I’m Looking at Many Strange Dollar Store items sent in By you the viewers, no Joke*claps* Mariah helped me pick these puppies out. Actually Where i picked them out (Mariah-Haiiii) she is from Team Edge Gaming Actually and be you But your Home is team Edge Gaming Dude It’s a team Edge Gaming like She’s a gamer Guys if You want to go Watch her game With Connor and Everyone Else Click that Info Card Right There but Now I’m Gonna Let You Guys Know Whether the Products that Mariah Has Picked out from all of you Sending These in Whether these are a Buy it or turd it Now Remember if you Want to be a part of this Series Check out that? Instruction List Down Below of things that you need to do if you want to Join in Remember it’s stuff from across the World Alright so that’s Pretty cool? Also Make Sure You send Stuff that Is kind of Stupid and Silly that’s the whole Point I’m Gonna be Making fun of it so Keep that in Mind, also wrecked May eventually Destroy it so Keep that in Mind if I don’t Destroy it first All right so Mariah This is your first Time Doing a matthias Video the first Thing We do are you aware of the first thing We do she doesn’t know guys I Feel Like I feel like all of our Viewers know CLICK THAT BELL ICON to get Notified of our Uploads Because I comment back from The first 30 Minutes and you, don’t want to miss it so click it so you don’t miss it now first Item Ryan from New Jersey It’s pretty Special Flashing Mouth Light Wash Before Use as in Listen hey, we’re Gonna send this to you it’s Pretty Dirty Don’t worry about it Just wash it before you put it in your Mouth okay? Cuz you, don’t want what its got on all right you, don’t want to be Swallowing that Directions on Back Oh, okay, There it’s more Than Just Putting it in your Mouth great for Parties in your Mouth yeah in your Mouth Would you ever in Any in Any age that you’ve Been yes yes You would have used this No but no Realistic Realistically Say, you’re going to this Party you’re Single you’re like hey There’s Gonna be some cute guys thare Oh my Gosh I want to put my mouth on your Mouth and I don’t know why It’s lighting up oh I feel like Still There’s not Enough light in This Thing to light the abyss that is my soul press Down on the Center of Mouth Light to activate Flashing lights Insert in Mouth so whites Face Outward and Mouthpiece Fits Comfortably Now Treat your Friends to some Fun Light Show, every Time you smile, oh If You Look inside There Dude it looks like I’ll Burn like Nasty Dude and like what Is this like Stuck to it Heck Dude They Really, want me to put this in my Mouth right now that’s why, I’m gonna do Anything I’m not doing Anything, oh? Dude Smell that I’m glad I didn’t put that in my Mouth Smell that right now Someone’s Trying to Get me drunk Already it’s laced with who knows what I’m dirt Android, oh? Oh my Gosh right I just had the like the most Intense Gag Reflex – Oh it doesn’t come with the Teeth Thank Goodness What is this my Teeth Are Look Like good hey, Just to remind you you’re in The fire seat, okay? What that Means? Is that Anything that I don’t want to try you have to try That’s The fire Seat so you best you best get On my good side girl Right Guys Right Guys Geek out nerd glasses Lots of Laughs so First Off This Product right Here is Making fun of People that Have poor eyesight and That Can’t Afford new Glasses I Don’t know why They find this Funny right Because it’s like, haha, you Blind Bat That Can’t Afford new Glasses oh my word they are like i don’t know No but I feel like I’m Rocking this Look Right Now Guys I feel like I could bring this back I can Make it cool What’s something that’s like not cool that was cool at a Certain Point fanny Packs Looser Yeah, We could bring that back do you really have A fanny pack a pack of Fanny’s I? Say Turn it Just Because it’s Insensitive and I’m Sensitive, oh hey Hurts so bad next Product Bouncing Bubbles You know what This is Funny Sam Should? Be here Right now Shout out to sam from bu cuz she is A Bubble lover she loves Bubbles She’s A Bubble lover, okay Bouncing Bowls so I’ve Tried some stuff similar to this that you bounce Bubbles Actually bounce right It happens it happens to Be There’s like a special Formula and then There’s like a special like Coating on These things that Actually Allows you to bounce or to like that bounce Bubbles but Just Really not hit Them when They Pop Ready for This Let us Proceed I’m trying to Pops it yes Yes, oh, be Mindful of the Bubble that’s Should be aware of the Bubble be? Close Dude hit it quick One Two Three Four I would have to Say for a dollar that’s that’s some Bubble fun do Some fun Bubbles These Glasses are Giving me a headache Dude the prescription I’m not Ready for Bianca from Texas, oh Is this like A secret message Decoder we’ve Seen some of These before Create secret messages With your friends uh But This is Different this Is not Invisible Ink This Can only See blue Right so? Here’s I get it I guess I get it so this Is this is clever in A different way right so since it Can only See Rhett Only See blue? When you when you put this up to it that means you have to write your message in Blue and Write a bunch of? Gobbledygook in Other Colors Here’s what I do I’m Gonna Write a message and you Decode it okay you look, away, you look, away This Message to me it’s diet it is dire Laughing Got lunch Yeah I know right Geez Mike I’m getting a cramp I’m good all right so here’s Here’s Here’s the message right Can you Guys See this Sort of yeah so you have to decode the message when We Shine This Over What’s Gonna happen Is it Actually only Shows Those Letters See that? H but then it doesn’t Show all the other Letters by it so Dakota I Know what you’re Gonna Say what Is H, oh! Artie cool Cool, was that Spell? Short oh good you know it Is The Messages I could Look at it and Just Read the blue Letters not if You know. That’s the significance right Right so you’d only Have good cool? Well no like so for Instance if I pass This over to Connor He looks at this He’s Gonna be like this means Nothing to me I get it I get it you See Okay, but Once They Figure out I mean it’s Easily Decodable but. They don’t know You know you Didn’t Read the last part, oh Flashing Eyeball Nice Isn’t it Though do You realize how big your, eye, Is it’s not just what you See Your eye no your eye is about this big Because you Can only See a little bit of it This big So it’s the Size if you do this With your fingers you got a small eyeball I’ve Small fingers Actually I just made that up that’s not True The More You don’t know this is a little Discolored Is this a Bouncy ball No it’s not it Just it’s a ball that happens to be Bouncy high bounce Rebound Oh it Says Bounce ball See the thing about this ball Is that it’s Slightly, Discolored like Actually you Really Can’t Tell but in Real life you Can tell that like the actual like Clear stuff here is like Weird Discolored Yellow Because it’s Probably Old oh Whoa Okay, you see that Bag It’s a big eyeball but what’s weird is like no Matter which way you spin it okay? Like you See it Rolling and like the eye ball, doesn’t change Direction it’s Kind, of weird that way, oh, I don’t like that Okay, let’s See how high, we Can Bounce it? Actually It Actually Takes A lot of effort to bounce It’s like It’s not as Bouncy as you think it Would be right like the small little Bouncy balls that are like Purely Solid Those Things if I did it that hard you to be like Whoa Was it that Glass? Unless you got Some real Space To fling That Puppy Around Outside You don’t worry about losing it then it’s a buy it but it might Let not. No it’s Cash Trash I mean Just Just the first Thing I saw Is this Bob Balloon? Wait what, oh my word? Okay, from my angle I could not See that These were eyes, okay? Okay, so what Is this Though? Just blows Up a Balloon Soul string will string for the Balloon, oh oh Okay so how this works Is that you put this you stuffed this Guy Into There and as you’re Blowing it Holds On to the Edge and That’s that’s how It’ll Work Okay, from your Angle it Looks okay but from my angle I’m upset Heide, well done i can’t even Test it it’s too Intense Guys I’m Gonna have to Say this is a turret Just for the design Just for the design you found the the weirdest Product I think I’ve Ever Seen up the duck in The dollar Store I didn’t so Spot on Dude next item hit me, oh Every Time Dude Every Time you think your original Girl Tana did it sam did it Gunner Did it I think Brian’s the only one That never did it you Missed Oh it’s like a mini Little Dude it bell Tower Game Tumbling tower Game okay I actually haven’t Ever Seen A Mini Tumbling tower Game Jenga Do you think you’re Better, than Me at this I am you are pretty good at Jenga Mini Would Go first you know that you know you know the rules of Jenga you can’t Pull from the top You Tried to see if I knew my jenga I’m og team Edge I know all the Games Are you quite done yet Wow no that’s that’s the Judge that’s the that’s the bit You got to kind of be Spastic so it messes up the next Player No, no, you can’t Take from the Top 20. No the Top 3 Off-Limits girl, well where’s the Tiny Remote? What no? It Didn’t come With Directions There was Just Tumbling? Down you miss such a good one I Got A good one to go Can you play a game of jenga in Which it Gets to a point Where you can’t Pull Anything Unless it’s Load-bearing I’m Shocked she beat me at my own Game I sector define Buy it to Buy it Paul From Get Good get good Gaming This Paul Maybe Maybe Is this Is this that Paul, no no it’s a different Poem got it okay so Paul from Downstairs sent me A dollar Store gift Jeepers Creepers Spider Use Stretch it Bouncing Squish it Squeeze it I made up the Squeeze Part I’m Surprised it’s not in There Though that’s it that’s all it tells me About this entire Product Adult Supervision Recommended Okay, Cuz, I was gonna Say I can’t Open Unless mom’s here? I was just Curious if You actually Didn’t know if You’re Just Saying that Are you actually Arachnophobia yes like gunner Like my mom Is this Shaking you up right now? What About, Is what About Spiders Into That does that Shake you up right now it’s not Really you know that right Pretty Disgusting Yeah what the heck but why, that’s what I don’t understand, oh that Is so weird yeah? Desert Desert It’s like all it’s super cold She Punched me your Brother’s Down Here yeah Fight each other did you Guys The same Aids Okay that Makes more sense then and Take Pillows and what’s a pillow oh Dude Spider Ring do you want this but it Feels so weird Wait wait, oh my hands are all sticky Now I think I would Say that’s a, bike Nice and Squishy I like Squishing things Squish Squish Squish Squish Y’All that’s A good title for a Band this Question Let’s go on Squish Good this Is awesome Paul Paul From California What twist and tone That’s what it’s Called twisty tone Oh Le Good as Seen on TV yeah Strengthens Tones Adjustable Resistance Compact and Lightweight Full Range of Motion Exercises Increases Flexibility and tone Ideal for Everyone including Musicians First yeah first stop all right, We want to Market This Squishing tone or? Tweeze Tweeze twist and tone to Musicians Gamers all ages Then Athletes Straight Up before Anything Else Musicians and Gamers Alright, Cuz, They’re the ones That need it am I right you ever Seen Them They’re Gawky all Those Musicians and Musicians and Gamers why, you still got Gamers and Musicians Like a little Gamecube DiSc in There You Remember one Game using This bearings in it Look Look Look right here There’s like some some nuts and Dials and Stuff I Have no idea Literally no Idea They’re Literally Just Twisting This, is like A forearm Exercises But Look, Look if You twist the Bottom and I subtract all the Resistance This way then it’s super Easy to Turn This is Literally all it Is this is it right so if I Add in All that Resistance on the clasp Then This, Is Way More difficult and yeah this is Definitely Gonna Strengthen your Forearm but at. What cost at. What Price your Dignity your Dignity is the Price to Pay I Don’t Think I’d like to Walk around With This Thing Just Literally Twisting and Turning This Rod Three Three Times A Day I think that thing wants you to use it more Than that you Can have it it’s YouRs Take it Home I don’t want it no I don’t want it in height by Studios paul you weirdo Good Job you found A weird Product Yeah you do Yoga right so you know, well like Workout gear and all that kind of Stuff That’s Pretty weird you know you have This in your yoga Studio don’t you twist and Turn and Squeeze and Pull in Yoga That That’s a turtle next One Is from April with an, e, oh you, mean our Problem Okay, oh my word tom right now Sound Effect Directly Way yeah, oh this Is from a five Below Store hey that’s cool, hey, hey, That’s Pretty neat oh Really Where do you how far away, do you live, I, don’t want to Say Exactly where you live Don’t Tell them Where you live I’m not good, Dad don’t tell me Where you live, oh, yeah it’s gross, oh yeah Look can, We just Take a second to look at this Kid that looks like, Jay pred with a wig Doesn’t That Look Like J fred with a wig We have fat J fred We Have Found your Doppelganger here even With the Exploding Tongue Jafer has that Issue Exploiting Tongue Disease They’ll sell Anything to Kids These Days Inflates Three Times to its original Size but They Haven’t Still answered the Question why, it’s Open This Thing up Way too, Easily what Is that what Is that Black Thing on it No Joke at the Bug It’s straight up A Bug, Luisi, Whoo that is disgusting it’s you Could see like This Little Exoskeleton Are Part of it Dude Ooh the texture of This Thing is Disturbing yeah go for I did? You Touch the Bug What I’m done Dude that’s so weird in The Bug stay Dude why, Yeah I hate it Do you – why This Should never Exist It Stopped working it died Well Thank you to everyone that sent me Products You Guys Really Went for it this Time I? Appreciate it See that Video Right There that is a Video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will Enjoy Are They Right I don’t know it’s all based on Youtube’s Algorithm and Based on your Watch history so you may Actually Enjoy it I Don’t know Let’s find out click it and I’ll see you over There High-Five


Today’s dollar store items were definitely some of the weirdest I’ve seen so far – great work and thanks to everyone who sent them! If you want to send me a dollar store item, the instructions are in the description. After this video, be sure to check out "Warning: Hearing Damage! | 10 Crazy Tech Items!”

If any one was here was when he saw the comic book if u look in the top left hand corner and u can see the exact same comic book

That tumbling Tower game that's kind of weird because my name is Aiden and I'm from Utah but I guess it is just a weird thing that someone has my name.

I use a fanny pack.. 😒🖕🏼 lol I have the same mini jenga kit. Ooh you guys like tactile pleasure too! Squish dat 👍🏽 button!

Funny enough I sent him a Product in this video! I sent him those stupid nerdy fake glasses at 3:41! Me and my dad collaborated and wanted to try and find a stupid product and sure enough that stole the show in stupidity for both of us! 😂

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I got a like,
But why is it blue?

Oh, I liked my own comment,
Oh, what a shame,
Now everyone knows,
That I am lame.

I’m not asking for likes,
So don’t come at me now,
But if you want to,
I’d appreciate it anyhow.

For people's information bats aren't blind they are just nocturnal so when they wake up its to Dark for them (I'm an animal lover)🐺

The flashing mouth I have the best story! I'm at a concert with my church youth group (I'm like 12) and the plastic tasted terrible so I put toothpaste in it. We where getting ready to leave and I tripped and started laughing and my mouth foamed like a ravid animal with lights behind it.

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