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10 Strange Dollar Store Items!

10 Strange Dollar Store Items!

OOOHHHH YAYYY He caught us dinner! (Breaks Pole) glad I closed m eyes on that one OOOHHH what’s going on guys WELCOME as you can see, this video is slightly different because there’s another pasty white man in this video and his name is chad wild clay i didn’t know it so that’s why i’m making him say it…that’s a trick guys, today chad went to a japanese dollar store, down in LA and he picked out 20 items for us to try now, you might be curious why do you mean 20..this title’s 10 that’s right because you gotta go to chad’s video after this one to go to check the rest of the 20 lemme tell ya on desktop and I’m able to get notified of when i upload videos because for the first 30 minutes like comments back on all videos and i also sometimes live stream so click that Bell so you don’t miss that smell firstly first item break it as well oh I was serving we said smells like food that’s what I was perfect as I was walking through the dollar store I saw these tasty treats yeah and Matthias would love to sample that let’s get it okay you know that might happen what do you love fish all right you drive first I was going to say that to you too bad I credit for but why don’t we read the package and just make sure it’s edible it says perfect for Matthias if you know Matthias it also says you have to test his next beforehand so that he knows you’re not lying oh it says if you know Matthias if you know my thighs without what is that go over to dudes cuz now oh oh no oh no oh food that makes my stomach just like spinning circles I touched it I touch all of us oh you’re gonna do it he’s gonna do it babe sounds like sardines that’s your tongue to it I did Salty’s and then I didn’t taste the salt I didn’t touch it enough you know dude look at the I holy I that’s the he’ll be all right the eyes the healthy hood are both eyes just go straight through it or maybe that’s what they did they just use like a puncture tool to like push the ice through and I think they filled those separately I think I bite you guys did take a bite yeah dealer that’s my real that’s fair deal your green did you know we’re gonna do any other no I would do it older and I’m a man of my word I don’t you I am NOT let’s put these waiting before Brian makes us sample these let’s put these away yeah good turn the sardines nope yeah guys also before the next item if you’re part of that notification squad meaning if you click that bell icon give this video a like because you were like yeah yeah what’s up team us notification squat no that’s redundant teen notification squad ah wells loud Brian always does it dude you gotta watch out you like rocks down mexican slam stacking Daruma game and it looks very mad what how do you go do you know how to play this I do not let’s see there is a risk of accidental ingestion or suffocation so you got a terrible injustice okay not accidental swallow ingestion generate it’s not a swallowing that you got to look at they’re going to pass through everything and then down there it hurts when it comes out yeah that’s that gotta worry on the dangerous part okay so how do you play it’s in Japanese I can’t read it okay so let’s make up some rules then and then I’m sure everyone in the comments will you tell us how wait a second what about this you hold it like this and then you throw it all over like that I’m never going to reach that dude that went way down there good okay we don’t need that before you throw it come on over another way he’ll never work I’ll never work don’t know man i’m not sure how this works I’m timing you dos equis XX 00 you can’t do it hamdi I Carter what you do it fast wait you’re not actually doing that on purpose I thought you were like fondling around or plastic okay dude here we figured it out guys which your dream what stood up for us we weren’t no we’re super creative writing the hammer side wow that’s cool yes and now I got that that oh love yeah okay now it’s your turn what you already met that was 23 well honestly did that yep I purposely long really Everett oh that’s pretty cool though hours and hours of fun yep turn it maybe your kid buy it so we’ve got a moisturizing elbow company you definitely need your elbows O’Brien’s elbows how do you doing Brian’s elbows and knees I am NOT oh yeah yeah come on oh and you got a dark spot you got it you got to get that moisturizing it lots of ram instead that’s just him not being the same races you just all right no in all seriousness though Brian’s elbows are ashy so we’re going to test this product to see if we can make Brian’s elbows moisturizing today is your lucky day sir oh look if you go inside there if you go inside there there’s a piece here that’s non breathable but most of it is breathable look for items by making my of oak sweat I need no no you we got to put goop in there we need some know we need some whore screen on this oh there you go there you go look like been no and they double as elbow pads see there’s the patch right necklace on an elbow and then you put to the little ocean in the ocean or Google both work equally well many white people call it goo goop let slip the time come back and see your hand work tomorrow poisoned voice tonight it’s got to be moisturized once your item oyster Iseman moistened or no it works for me courses as long as we understand what it means then it’s a word right no I’m saying that’s a that’s a is I think be effective in moisturizing elbows and he looks really good wearing them so definitely buy it ooh pastry Rollo lishus mm-hmm a soft and pleasantly sweet bread ooh and it’s natural each baked with the natural goodness of brown rice yeast hmm around I see I’ve never heard of that and o life there’s a death get in there I’ve never seen it is probably like four months old so it sure has a lot of ingredients yeah I see lactic acid you know doesn’t that mean like Mother’s Milk no that’s lactation lens right what is wrong with this guy did not my mother dads like a pg-13 Messiah that’s really am I really edgy hey el amor you were you bite you know don’t bite you break your half off this piece of art can actually I swap over thank you like a toupee open it up yeah it’s a Donald Trump of roll I’m concerned let’s do it calm down dude I know it’s white bread that’s your jam right but that is soft and delish it’s got a strange aftertaste yeah that’s the whole key doke cream that’s why I don’t commit fully like you do it was a big bite babe so take a while it tastes like a potato roll yes that’s true I don’t care pretty much it’s funky if I was really hungry I was heated other than that no other option because if I was starving bailed on Iowa yeah I mean get me too but i would need the sardines if i was on an island to the islands of japan I would you did I say I say that’s a charger yeah some so I don’t care for the flavor it’s strange show it off those elbows wet head cotton bud never insert into or probe past the outer ear okay of course like all q-tips not for use in your ear yes but everyone uses it for their ears doing so can con injuries okay so these are wet head mmm q-tip that’s great because usually I use a q-tip after a shower so they’re already weapon now you don’t even need to take a shower you really every time mmm yep I never claimed Meyers whoa no wonder i can sell or that’s how i don’t claim clean my ears because then i just be removing the only bit of earwax between them really important text your ears yeah that’s a cool packaging though it’s silver I easily break off here for you look at that that’s that’s fun that is fine it is it’s like popping those air bubbles and it’s fun go ahead and fast-forward the video right here the orange part of the test the product I’m not testing it I’m just enjoying myself and you just slide it out why do you jizz Oh have you don’t rake it in half it is what I just tore the top off okay get ready to clean oh it is wet and then we’ll see who has the most earwax in their ear no well am I really going to look at yours though you’re does I will not allow this you have a garbage in here Yeah right here although you have you drawn garbage okay I don’t I’ll just put this in my pocket Oh save it for later now my ear feels really weird it feels strange it feels like I’ve been froak I see the use for them maybe if you’re like cleaning other thing i don’t like that I don’t my ear hurts what you Jim in the too far though maybe dude unlike that guy in the ass being on TV video that we did a little bit back he was like oh stop using cotton swabs that can damage your ears oh but I say this is honestly this is a fire i like it i mean even just for tearing it apart that was worth a dollar yeah that is funny person I mean super satisfied right now relaxing yeah like a huge stone I mean I love those soup stones yeah it is shown that suit yeah guys by the way if you haven’t already followed me on twitter at Mathias i am and also chat on twitter at chad michael murray oh pretty close a couple letters off ooh chair leg socks for socks for your chair because your chair needs to have warm feet as well a few people do this they’re cute little bears or dogs or sheet the sheet yeah this is the strangest thing I think I’ve seen oh they’re alpacas that’s what they are I’m just need to learn how to read what haven’t you always days I said sheep dog bird dog cat sheep alpaca a little over careful don’t ruin them already know we need your chair to look stylish why though what’s the purpose of this well when a chair is trying to attract another chair no no you got to make a good first impression you know why spend so much money on making it super soft these are like better than my normal that sort of saying you know what I’m jealous but you put me on a chair actually i could probably give these to lose you probably could I don’t have any chair I don’t we do have we have some downstairs chat let’s go you guys on the downstairs chair let’s see how stylish they look let’s do that all of this chair is so cute oh my gosh it’s so cute okay this chair is going to get all the ladies all the way to cheers dude how do you know this isn’t a lady dude did you just assume this chairs gender um I looked underneath the hood and Lenore oh wow that is really nice that is strange I would like to have a seat in this chair you feel more padded or Jason I don’t feel cool on this chair now with these awesome socks oh well it with that yeah it’s super cool dude Carrie wells look delish these are Japanese apparently they were in the japanese store and i was like i love sour candy let’s do so these aren’t normal hi cutes they’re sour I’ve actually never had hi chief so really no oh dude hi choose are like some of the best flavors it’s very unique flavors okay it’s so crazy that you’ve never usually come in a package like this oh okay that’s what I haven’t seen before Oh grapefruit rail grew and it all got a try line yeah it tastes straight up like a line I’ve had these ok I’ll delicious my mouth is watering I’m in it to win it right now I will try your line recommendation it tastes like a fresh lime like now almost missed my mouth there that was close one guys you got to be very careful when eating high shoes as a lot harder than I thought I said stop Donald I but yeah we Josh something you got hurt oh oh I’m garg leg I’m sorry been man my etiquette is just horrible when eating Japanese candy that does taste like a real line but then again Chad doesn’t really like real fruit or vegetables as 2 i’m only into artificial flavors like it sounds like a joke Taco Bell time literally that’s the only thing you want ever it’s not bad you know talk about okay no I talk about the right it’s fantastic no you’re gonna keep you dry no hmm pour them my passion my these are good I told you let’s just spend the rest of the video eating these that was delicious mmm delicious height you hike you I approve you something good rhyme who soft clay it’s got my name in it that’s why I bought it brown absolutely were both considering the bigger bone broth around Chad anything into know what’s wrong oh you’re thinking skin you racist I was thinking poop oh wow you’re pretty excited about that this is not this is not clay this is strange let’s see what oh it like now back up it’s like NASA clay yeah yeah yeah okay look i’m going to show you what’s up i’ll show you what it’s like it’s like Chad wild clay you I’ve never touched you please don’t forget it’s so light it’s like air whoa why this always did you imagine sleeping on a bed of this that was so comfortable no I don’t think though it would form to your body ya the minute you lay down then you wouldn’t be able to move again because if you move together you’d be stuck just be like stacking like getting deeper you’re into the set you all right here’s we’re going to do you take half all right I’ll take half yes this is bigger very and wow it feels fun to like mold yeah various is squeezing yes that is fine yes I wonder if it’s like getting talking into my skin now oh yeah that looks like easy I know is it you make like work with what you were doing he was like all right up in here oh it’s a dink Oh it also started thinking no I’m learning oh excuse me that was me you smell weird them dude oh it was happy but man this is what Brian’s been doing up behind the camera he took the height shoe with a battery and the bread dough supposed to be either you are met yeah now you’re being racist we’re white LED are you can’t help woody races we can’t have brown and true Brian can’t be raised that’s right now only white people can be racist don’t forget that kids okay maybe that’s because that’s December creepy I think I think he needs a body made out of brown clay there we go put them on there there we go yay yeah by what you ruined the bun I was going to eat that I can’t buy it if you like you but it leaves brown residue on the table it sure does let’s clean up with the button oh that might work it kind of works before we hit the next product make sure while you’re here and you’re new to this channel you subscribe to me all right because waiting videos Tuesday Thursday and Saturday why Oh who what is this the fishing game this is a classic Japanese fishing game play in or out of the water it’s got to wind up realize every Andy to play extends to 15 inches and it’s fun tastic with your weapons and literally not knoweth it’s so simple you don’t need any instructions I believe in you decide I believe whoa that’s rare to actually open it up and nothing move like this never happened in the history of my product videos usually it explode and yeah it’s just like Batman just like so cops everywhere okay here’s what here’s what we do I grab this Fonzie all right just pull extend and then you break it this goes on like this aha that’s what happened and then I pulled this out like that yep and then and then this goes on like this ready going down you’re getting it you getting close but you’re going the wrong way out of this wait doesn’t go all the way down to the fishies now here look look it goes down uh-huh that’s the extent we think I mean it’s the way going back on what because that’s it that’s all there is that just restarts rewinding it again oh my gosh so all we had was down about four inches that’s it that’s all it goes down guys i’ll try to catch a crab you can do it you can do look that’s actually looks pretty difficult oh no clothes couple of difficult he caught a dinner I don’t think this is a kid’s toy it’s literally got screws right here Wow I don’t think I kids enjoy dude I wouldn’t let my kid plays good look for sure what does via package safer ages ages 4 plus 4 plus would you trust your four year old with a good man like loose screws and that all i would and like all these pieces like watch look how easy this is to just break oh yeah we’re going to shatter it into my eyes i just did it maybe it which is oak is that and then this just comes off okay and then you just start swallowing all these pieces you know if you’re a really hungry for us glad I close my eyes oh I take it that means you didn’t like it no I don’t like it you could turn it turn it I’ve been so excited roof is just like a spinning top Oh gleaming top gleaming gleaming big difference that is a sweet word with music just stop ain’t just spinning is julie mall Oh tons of instructions yes oh they of English yeah place the top in spring and rotate two or three times okay press button to pop it pretty I can’t wait to hear the music I’m sure it’s going to be awesome so here we go we wrote a send it to win it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven only two or three times ready that is cool man I’m digging it look back over the plate I’m camera it was spinning very strangely it was bending like this right it was spinning on its side like this and I assume if you take a look inside there you can see there’s a difference it’s not balanced do that cube yeah right there and that’s what I assume the light or not the life of the battery must be the battery or must be some sort of views or something in there that’s causing it to spin out of balance only Matthias would investigate a dollar item about how it’s balanced look at the chipboard other words the battery no that’s why though okay once that it’s that unbalanced chip word that was that was what you guys wanted and it was awesome that’s one way better than anything else you’ve ever done it was like brett has a good one that is there’s a perfect fish and out of 10 until bouncing there no in and out it does shut up doing a fitting all the grooves we’re going to do that getting on that clay now I think if the count how many pull-ups you get I think it I think it’s the audio that’s starting over yeah instead of actually playing through because it like isn’t spinning enough for ya look a little jump in there Oh garnish here comes the musician Machine Gun Kelly you look at Ben you not to really good spin me you music this is our gum sound effect oh that’s about as far as I can go awesome save up Oh being all on your hand in the hand him whoa oh sad is fantastic Oh must see how much we can twist this before it just doesn’t allow me to twist it anymore let’s see oh whoa this is that well couldn’t withstand it that’s a turret no way i’ll give it a thumbs up I’m just kidding that the thumbs up dude this was actually pretty strong entertaining three men it did it for like ten minutes it did guys click right here is the next ten strange dollar store items from the Japanese dollar store over on Chad’s channel click it go subscribes there are a ton more strange dollar store items and we’ll see you over there peace high five Oh


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The socks on the chair is for you to not scratch your floor they are protectors to your floor

I thot that dope or nope wasint in like the team of Chad wild clay Rebecca zamolo Matt slays vy Qwaynt…

For the Daruma stacking game, you use the hammer to knock pieces out from under the head piece. If it falls over, you lose.

Yeah Chad taco Bell is so amazing but I like fruit and vegetable war Chad eat healthy it's good for your but I'm sick

You two sound like to young 7 year old trying out stuff that they have already played with it ate it something like that ILYSM you guys inspire me so much I love your YouTube channel same with u chad my sister loves your game master vids like if agree

Don’t judge me😑😑😑😑😑🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

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