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10 Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!

10 Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!

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I am Matthias, and today we are looking at 10 strange tech gadgets that will waste your money. Or they may waste your money. I will be deciding if each of these items is either Wasteful™, or Tasteful™. Bryan here has helped me collect some of these items. Say hello, Bryan. – Hello. – Guys! Make sure you click the bell icon next to my channel name on desktop and on mobile to get notified when I upload videos because I will be commenting back within the first thirty minutes of every video upload. So do it. (kiss) “Educational Insights GeoSafari Sonic Sleuth”. What’s a sleuuuuuth? I hate that word. SSSSSSSLLLEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTH A detective. That’s interesting. – It sounds like an insult, like “Dude, you’re such a sleuth!” – Dude, stop being such a sleuth, bruh! (laugh) I’m gonna make that hit, dawg. I’m gonna be like “Bro. Don’t get all shook nasty on me when you’re being a sleuth.” (laugh) “Tune in to sounds from over 300 feet away with this powerful, handheld listening device.” “Lightweight and easy to use!” Okay, so, the idea behind this thing is that you put the headphones on, plug them into the SSSLLEEEUUTH, and then you aim it, and then you can hear things that are 300 feet away. “The ultimate eavesdropper and spy tool.” Oh… why is he looking through it? Oh, you can like, there’s like a little pipe that you look through or something like that? “It’s a toy – Don’t expect Perfection the way some Reviewers Describe it.” You can kinda clearly see that this is a toy, right? Like… I mean there’s a kid! There’s a kid! I mean what kind of like professional sleuth is going around and being like “I need THAT. Because that kid looks like he knows what he’s doing.” Let’s buy it. Let’s add it to the cart. Ohhh, mamacita! Sonic Sleuuuth! Aw, I gotta put it together, guys. I gotta put it together. Like in imbecile! What am I doing, dude? I did it! Accidentally! Low and high – I see sensitivity, which I wonder if that’s just volume. If you look in through the top, it’s straight up just a pipe. Bryan: Eyy! Matthias: Oh! Whisper something really really quiet, okay? Bryan: *whisper* Matthias: I wanna go to sleep. Do it even quieter. Brian: *whisper* Matthias: Stories have got a testicle? Bryan: No! Matthias: What’d you say? Bryan: Star Wars is cool. Oh, I thought you said something about a testicle.{Matthias 2016} Alright, let’s go see if we can spy on some people in the office here… See if it does anything. (whispering) He’s saying something over there, I’m gonna hear what he said. (whispering) I think he saying “I hate my thighs.” Or, or something about “I hate how my thighs itch.” I’m not sure. I would say that if you cherish your hearing, ehhh, it’s a bit of a… Wasteful™. “Portable UV Sanitizer Hand Wand Ultra Violet Light Kill Bacteria & Germ Sterilizer”, so! And, if you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s a little hand wand… that has a light on it that supposedly disinfects and kills bacteria. Just by waving it around… (laugh) I would- I would use it in this fashion. “You’re clean.” (laugh) So it- it kills dust bite? Dust bites… (wheezing laugh) E. coli, virus, bacteria… Before…… and after! Bryan: E. coli?! Matthias: Yeah, dude. So, you know if you- if you eat that Chipotle, you’d just be like… [RRRRR] “Assurance to hygiene.” (laugh) What? So that, you know, if I smell… if I smell, I can be like [RRRRR] Ah, now I’m clean. My hygiene is restored. “Is UV-C harmful? Only prolonged exposure (ie. 8 or more hours)”. So don’t stand in front of this trying to clean yourself instead of taking a shower. Wow, look at all these 1-star reviews! Ohhhhhh, that doesn’t work. “Did not work for me”. I mean, how do you know it works? All that stuff that you’re killing is invisible anyways. To the human eye. So it’s like… whaaajeebwedebubwebubaaa? Wasteful™. Not Tasteful™. “Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera.” So this, right here, this goes on your keychain, and it’s supposedly a spy camera. That little pinhole… is the camera. Let’s read the description. “SPY CAMERA”! That’s it. That’s all they say. Not very good reviews, and it’s only 7 bucks. I don’t know how good this possibly can be. The practicality of a… I’m like wha?? You know what I mean? Like… Where’s a place that you can put that to actually get an angle that’s not gonna be like… “Why is that car alarm hanging on the wall like that in this one location?” Like, you know what I mean? Let’s check this out. Add to camera. …..cart. ehhhHHHAAAII I had a moment. This is how it got shipped? Bryan: Yup. Matthias: In a… in a plastic bag? Brian: In a Ziploc bag. Matthias: No… (laugh) Here we have the spy camera. Right here. You see this? These are fake buttons down here, and real buttons up here. First, we must read these directions. Now, most of these spy cameras are typically made in like China, as you can see right here. They write it in Chinese, and then translate it, so… We’re in for a ride here. “Enter the camera mode in turned in turned off status long time press”. What? “Till yellow light on click”. Usually with this kind of stuff you just kinda have to figure it out yourself. Alright, now I’m gonna “long press”. This button. So now we see it’s on. Where’s the camera? Oh, the camera’s on the top. Is it recording right now? What’s happening? This is why it only cost 7 bucks. “Long press video camera button until yellow light flash three times”, okay, I got it. Okay, now hold this till it flashes three times. Which it’s not doing. I officially give up, this is Wasteful™. Absolute, without a doubt, Wasteful™. “Super Cute PANDA Real Rex Rabbit Fur Case”? Oh my gosh, dude, look at how ugly that is! That is just abhorrent. That is like the most… ……I don’t even…. This is like carrying around a stuffed bear! Look at that, that looks so weird! It’d be weird enough if it was just a furry case, right? But then they have to add these, like, balls of fur onto it, as if it’s not weird enough! You, like, you see all that hair in front of the camera? (laugh) Here we go, here we go, here’s some feedback, guys. This is France. “Hot case for samsung galaxy i have disappointed s7 case edge and on my sent too small, so attention”! “Come quickly enough, a little fur climbs but not terrible, and fur is blocking the camera, as well as very cool case.” “Is the second to buy But this came a poco weak las panda ears. I hope do not come out the great rest”… (laugh) What were you even trying to say?!?! Nah, I’m not gonna add it to the cart. Sorry. It’s just too weird. I don’t want that in my shopping history. Euh. Sorry. “Shnee Bluetooth Gloves Winter Gloves Touch Screen Gloves For Knit Mittens Mobile Pad”. This is a Bluetooth glove. You can do stuff like this. I’m not kidding, the pinky is a microphone, and the thumb is an earpiece, okay? I don’t know, man. Like, it just looks weird, like, what is this? Heheehehhhe…… You got little buttons on your gloves, and I respect that. I respect the idea behind it, and they’re not horribly ugly either, but it is weird. Because here’s the thing. This has always been the gesture for a phone. When you put on a glove that does this, and you walk around doing this, people are gonna think you’re crazy. It’s enough, you know, when people are just walking around talking to themselves, but now you’re literally talking to yourself! “These are definitly one of the most unique bluetooth devices that I hacomacraaasss!” and that’s sayin’ a laaaaat! Pbbbt. “95% pleased!!!!” Heh. This brainy’s just like “Meh, that counts for 5%. I don’t like it. But 95% I do.” So specific. Alright, what the heck. Let’s add it to the cart. Bryan: Ding ding ding! Matthias: Comes with a USB cable, and some instructions. Oh my. *sigh* That is a list of instructions. So I’m gonna hold this button, this on button right here. Oh! It vibrated! There’s a vibration motor in there! Wait, wait, I feel, like, this little ball in the thumb. I don’t feel anything else, but I do feel this awkward ball in the thumb. Siri! Call Matthias. It’s connected to Bryan’s phone right now. It’s vibrating. I can’t hear him. Can you hear me? Bryan: Could you hear me? Matthias: No. Didn’t work. Bryan: Maybe call you. Matthias: Call me. And I’ll answer it via this, and maybe that’ll trigger it. Hello? I can hear you, dude! Sounds like I’m talking to the speaker phone. Okay, well let’s test if it’s talking to the speaker phone. Can you hear this? What? This is so weird! I- I- I… Like, I don’t know if I should stick out my pinky or not. I don’t think there’s a mic in here, so I’m just arbitrarily pointing out my pinky like a doofus! This would look weird too; I’m just giving myself a thumbs up, you know what I mean? Bryan: Talk into the thumb. Matthias: Talk in- AAAAH. (phone echoes AAAAH) Bryan: Oh yeah. Matthias: Was that it? Bryan: Yeah. So it’s the thumb. This is the microphone and the- uh- speaker, right there. You see that? Right in the thumb. That’s really weird. So all those pictures of those people doing this, that was pointless. It was absolutely pointless. Eh, this is Wasteful™. Sorry. “Waterproof NFC IOS Android Windows Cellphone Magic Smart Ring”. The idea is, is that your ring has a little microchip in it that when you put it in contact with certain things that are also NFC compatible, it can run operations. Whether triggers, or whatever that you have set up, so for instance: Sometimes people use their phone, they’re like: do a little NFC tag, and then they’ll like shut their garage or turn on their lights or something like that. Or just, like, turn their phone on WiFi. That’s the idea for this… “Does it read messages?” “It is a waste of money, doesn’t do anything.” “is this like a spy camera in a ring?” Heh! No one understands what NFC is! “No, it’s more like an electronic key/ID in a ring.” “Can you listen to music with this ring?” (laugh) *inhale* No! It’s NFC, not Bluetooth! “Completely misrepresented and next to useless”. Oh, well what they’re representing here is that, you know, if you could potentially set a trigger so it’ll lock your door, or building door, or supermarket card… Kinda cool, but ultimately… not enough uses. “Your magic business card.” They could do that too, you’d like connect it to your phone, like, bump a phone and then it’ll send your… your digits to this- to the ladies. And they’ll be like “Oh my gosh, you just auto-sent your digits to my phooooone???” “NO need battery charging”. Look at that picture, they just went all epic on that. 24 dollars. Not that expensive, but still, Iiiiii don’t want it. Next item is a drone car. It’s a drone and a car. It’s a drone with wheels. Oh my gosh, before you all get shook in the comments, it’s a Quadcopter, okay? But you know what I mean when I say drone so QUIT FREAKING OUT ON ME! “2-in-1 Fly & Drive – This unique quadcopter fly-car can fly in the air AND drive on the ground.” AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! No, I’m just kidding. It doesn’t say that. You can’t do that. It’s impossible. You know, I’d be really impressed if the propellers turned into the wheels. You could make a round propeller that has the propellers in it, and then it, you know, Eee! Wee! Wee! ÑEEEEEEEE! You know what I’m saying? “From an RC Pro…. They nailed this one.” Ooh, I’m getting hyped, dawg! I’m getting hyped! “Throwing fly function”. (laugh) What is that mean? You just chuck it in the air? Huh-Djya! We’re gonna try that. We’re gonna try that! We will try the throwing function. Heh. I’m too curious. Add to cart. Oh my gosh, that’s enormous! I mean the box is enormous. Why does it need to be so big? On. Whoa!! Whoa! That’s weird… Okay, okay, okay, so I’m… I’m getting the hang of it… [SMACK] Jeez! Jeez, okay. [SMACK] JEEZ! You control the entire car, which is actually surprisingly not that hard to control. [Quadcopter crashes onto the floor.] [Well done, Matt.] With one joystick, the other- Matthias & Brian: Whoa!!! Matthias: You alright, dude? Bryan: Yeah. Matthias: Sorry. (laugh) The other control stick controls the altitude, and… the spin, right? And then once it’s in the air, this also controls strafing, and pitch and yaw and all that good stuff… Might wanna back up, Bryan. We about to do dis. I said back up, dawg! Look at that, dude! Whohohoa! Whoa! This is awesome! Woooooo! We gotta go into the warehouse and try this, dude. This is cool, man! Watch! Wait for it… Wait for it… Wait for it… And he made a mess of all his stuff! Bryan: We can make it to the next table. Matthias: Make it to the next table? Okay. Watch this. [I don’t know what Matthias is saying, but he’s screaming, okay?] Bryan: Whooooooooa! (laugh) Like that, baby? Dude, that’s cool. I’m gonna go back, ready? OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Bryan: Oh! Matthias: Awww…. That thing’s pretty cool, dude! We did say we were gonna test the throwing feature. Bryan: Oh. Ooh! Matthias: I wouldn’t say that’s a feature. That is Tasteful™. I love that thing. That’s dope. “IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank)”. Just because it was on the show, maybe they funded it, whatever, doesn’t mean that that’s a good idea. I’m sorry! Why do I want to accent my toilet bowl? Bryan: You’ve never gotten up in the middle of the night, it’s dark, right, and then you have to turn on the light? Matthias: Dude, you have your phone by your bed, I just do this. And just turn on my phone and I just, like, do this. “Fits any toilet seat”, “Sets to color-rotate or single-color”. I just don’t want to accent my toilet! Video: Introducing IllumiBowl. A nightlight for your toilet. Matthias: But what if you pee on it, dude? What if you POOP on it? I don’t wanna be getting into my toilet and, like, attaching and wiring things, dawg. See? Bryan: No, you don’t have to do anything! Look at that. You just hook it on the edge! Matthias: Nah, dude. So what, you sit on it? “We make going to-” Bryan: Poop may splash all over it. Matthias: That’s what I was saying, dude! Especially if you have some projectile poops. “We made going to the bathroom fun!” See, it is about pizzazz. “Who said going to the bathroom has to be boring?” If it’s truly just a nightlight, why do they need multi-colors, dude? It’s like middle of the night and you’re just sitting on the toilet and you’re just like [PARTY TIIIIIIIME] You know, I can see how some people would want this, but it’s not for me. Uh, it’s Wasteful™. It’s Tasteful™. It’s Wasteful™. It depends on who you are. “US Patrol Hidden Wall Safe Secret Stash Electrical Plug”. Okay, do you see the immediate problem? Bryan: Safety issue! Matthias: YES. Exactly. What happens if you take your key, and you put it in the wrong plug? You’re gonna know it’s the wrong plug, for sure, dude. You’d be like “BZZZZZZZZZZEZZEZEZ OHH OHH OHH…” “Install diversion safe outlet in seconds with included installation template and cutout saw tool”. If anything has a saw required, it’s not seconds you’re gonna be installing it, heh. Yeah, they’re like “No, it’s seconds, definitely, dude! A million seconds, but still, you can count it in seconds!” Bryan: They didn’t say how many… Matthias: “We didn’t say how many seconds.” So, essentially what you do, is you open this up, and it’s a little safe. And you can put all your jewels, your $100 bills in there if you only got a couple. Or a, like a stack like this guy’s got. “is it smell proof”? “Trying to hide some weed”. HAAAAA HAHA HAAAAA Smell proof. Look at this review. “Terrible”. “We wee not happy with this at all the outlets see poorly made as soon as we put the key into the fake coating on the part that”… What are you saying, dude? Dude, we-wee’s not happy! (laugh) I’m gonna pass on this one, okay? Sorry, guys. That’s Wasteful™. “Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank”. Okay, so this is a piece of tech that will allow you to “covertly” roll around your premises and spy on people. Look how much fun that guy’s having, dude. Chi-If Look how much fun this guy’s having, dude. It just looks like an all-around fun product to how they market it. However, I mean like… do you really think that this is going to be quiet enough to be covert? Because they’re marketing it as a wireless spy tank. I don’t think it’s going to be able to be what it says it is. (wut?) It even has a little live feed… What? This does not look like a live feed. This looks like a questionable FaceTime chat. They’re both in the dark like doin’ this, like, yeah, like the same person, they’re like twins and they’re like (MATT CALM DOWN) “Should we explore this???” (laugh) Bryan: Ewwwww! Matthias: What, dude? It’s his face, man! It’s all in his face! “Great toy idea, but some refinements could make it great”. “Best spy tank on the market”. This person has not only researched if it’s the best spy tank, they’ve gotten multiple spy tanks, and they’re like “This one suits my needs.” Bryan: Do you think it’s quiet enough to sneak up on people? Matthias: Let’s find out, dude. Add to cart. Oh my, oh my, oh my. For those of you guys that are often curious about that I buy it, and then it immediately shows up: Yes. I have Amazon Instant. It’s a new feature for just celebrities in which when you buy something… I’m not supposed to say? I’m not allowed to talk about that? Sorry. Sorry guys. Can’t talk about it. It is smaller than I anticipated it being. Oh. It feels cheaper, too, than I anticipated it being. Look at that, we got little, like, tank-like wheels [THUMP] Bryan: Sorry. Matthias: (laugh) “Sorry”… Gotta install this antenna right here. There we go. That’s gonna make it a little less covert, heh. This camera does go up and down. You see that? It goes up and down, so you can rotate and stuff like that. Let’s spy on some guys in the office, here. Let’s try it dude, let’s creep on ’em, dawg. Bryan: Sleuth. Matthias: Let’s be the awesome sleuths that we know that we are. J-Fred is in his office right now. I got that hooked up with this thing, as you can see. And you can see, ooh! Camera goes up. (whispering) See? Our crotches. (whispering) This is really difficult. [snazzy action music] (whispering) He doesn’t see me. (whispering) Look, that’s his butt. Oh! Oh no! OH NO! AH! WAIT! Abort! Abort! Oh! Oh! What the heck? Ah… AAAAAAAHHHH! HE ATE US!!! This is the stairs, guys. This is the all-out spy tool. If this thing can go down all silently, this is gonna be great. (wheezing laughter) It didn’t even make it all the way… (laugh) You see that? This is really hard to control. Look, there’s Paul. He’s just happy! Aaaahh!!! No! AAAH! NO! HE ATTACKED IT! ABORT MISSION! Matthias & Bryan: Awwww…. Matthias: It got caught up, dude. Did you see this coming? Paul: When the door was opening, and then no one was talking, and it was just open, I knew something was going on. Matthias: So you hear- you could hear it. Paul: I could hear it a little bit, not much. But once the door was open. Matthias: It’s not a stealthy sleuth? Paul: Eh… a little bit. Matthias: A little bit, he says. A little bit. Paul: I said it’s not too loud. Matthias: (laugh) Guys, make sure you click that video, right there, because it was the last Tech Items That Will Waste Your Money; it was just as funny. Also, click up there to subscribe if you’re new here, because we make videos Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of every single week. Three videos a week, we’ll see you next time. High five.

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