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10 Unusual Mall Products!

10 Unusual Mall Products!

Looks like a mad cheeseburger, dude. Oh, they’re okay. I’m dead inside What’s going on guys I am Matthias and today, we’re looking at 10 unusual Products found at a mall Sam is the one that picked them out for us Yes, hi Sam from battle universe. Where are you are you from, I already answered that, I’m from battle universe Sweet now get out of here and guys I’m gonna let you know whether these products or admire it or fire it so we have found links for all these products I’m told so that means if you do want some of these products you can buy them and help support the channel Using that description down as below Celebration nation reusable color change straws party supplies, dude. I was like oh giving some rhythm to it And poetry slam poetry. these magic color-changing straws make Awesome party pieces simply immerse in a nice cold drink and watch your guests gasp In awe as the straws change color watch your guests gasp yes gasp dunno Reviews, how are you to know if you should buy this product? How should you know if you’re supposed to celebrate with the nation dude by watching? Matthias cuz I buy those products that don’t have those reviews at the party Oh What if you break it, Sam? Packaging is a little Weird change color in an ice cold drink, Extra Strength reusable straws alright you want to pick your straw Sam All right, so I’m gonna pick a blue one alright, so here’s the question I believe in you, wow you really stink at that. Did you just seriously? Alright sweet why you drink yeah? She’s so upset dude ready When is it supposed to happen oh it happened Wow yours happen right away? Oh my I was expecting the blue to change but the white changed to blue yours changed immediately Yeah, I’m kind of jealous dude mine mine did too a little bit. Oh, that’s pretty What is with you, you’re a mess today – do You need to take some time no well, that’s just unfortunate I’ll have to say that ones admire it it worked it allowed me to suck all I wanted of juice ah DC Comics Batman Dark Knight, that is not the Dark Knight uniform uniform Suit superhero suit a uniform means there are many of them, and they’re all uniform with each other. There’s only one Batman Chuck large because I’m a large man the largest of men every carton a Little different oh, but this because we bought it in the mall I get you I get you Oh, it’s like opening a present for the first time. It’s a medium. That’s not gonna fit dad 5 3 2 5 7 I Am This extra large, so that’s 2 sizes, too small so Sam. Here’s guess what guess what’s up? All right? I actually ruined your shirt, but I would place it. I’ll replace it dude You’re welcome. Oh right because how tall are you oh well technically I’m 5 9, but I’ll make it where 5 9 No, no you’re too tall for this Okay fine, she won’t cry all right see she was complaining about it, then I took it away And she was like I just wanna see there you go, dude. You look like a the movie had layoffs And I couldn’t really come up with a real good Costume no mullet show it off. Yeah, and then you’re missing one key component. What is it is it that thing? No, it’s There you gotta do now Yeah, you actually have a really good, Batman voice. Thank you. Hey like better than most guys. I know lately which is good Thank you. Where is she? So scale of one to admire it I think it’s still in my okay there you go, Sam said admire it I say fire it Oh Halloween people face masks one size fits most Someone’s got a real big face if it doesn’t fit their face I want to see you put on this match and then put the bass So you’re just like an old Batman. I want to see that. I want to see you walk around and scare people okay That’s what I want to see dude polyester turn heads at the next Halloween costume party. I’ll agree Add to Cart you oh Wow, that is so good. That is so good It stretches back, you know me my god. You might not be as resilient as he used to be His skin still got a little you know a little pizzazz Elasticity think that’s you’re ready for this. I’m gonna. I’m not gonna look until you put it on are you ready? Oh My god oh my gosh, so so be looking at the window Okay, so be looking at the window right okay, and I’m gonna bring someone in and be like hey Do you see that thing out there? Do you know that person right and then turn around and look at them, okay, okay? this is a No-no So can you sit down sit down and write yourself Alright you got old man sin taking over the show now. Oh wow, I’m behind the Can I make the mouth move Welcome that crystal growing science kit grow your own sparkling crystals, let’s go get includes plastic container I feel like nothing’s gonna be good enough is that mask and I’m So recovering that like I’m not gonna like that was a high point dude. It was the beginning of the video Alright magnifier natural crystals while the blah blah blah blah okay? You make some crystals, okay? Well, I’m gonna pretend to be into this one not Actually is kind of cool. Have you ever made rock candy. I have you’ve made it. Yeah No reviews. Well. No duh. That’s why we’re here Add to Cart oh Look crystal growing science kit grow your own sparkling crystal do they really sparkle you think? So it seems as though it’s already been opened and tested. That’s the case so yeah, there’s nothing in there. We have farmed some crystal Yeah, why is it? So goopy is it a one giant. Is it a one giant the crystal will they grow from like a club? How interesting is it edible no no no no it’s not no this isn’t candy oh Are you sure I’m sure please why you won’t want it all for yourself. No. It’s not candy Smells like candy it’s not Canada. She’s not pleased Classic bad joke got her Got her um all right I mean I states admire it you obviously have to do it for a lot longer to get those long sweet crystals and Try it with sugar because yeah, actually don’t cuz I don’t know if it’s edible or not yet I haven’t gotten that full confirmation. No I edible World’s smallest laser guns to pack. Oh that is small What come on don’t you best be a laser gun now? You can’t say you’re a laser gun if you’re not an actual laser gun I’m gonna be hardcore Disappointed tooth pack contains to light up laser guns that are small enough You could always keep them close by with eight sound effects. Oh, no lasers, though It says do not buy this product and the Cardinals. They can’t tell me what to do No laser see here’s the issue with this what where is it supposed to shoot? It’s like the cockpit of a jet not a laser gun Did this you can have this as Batman there you go I Don’t like the sound of it. I think the stink of poop. Well. I say fire it Before the next product it’s nap time for a Twitter shout out today’s Twitter shout-out goes to totally ingenious they asked What is the purpose of life? Oh mighty Matthias the purpose of life is? Guys if you want your own Twitter shout out make sure you follow me at twitter right here This is my username boom do it ask me a question using that hashtag, and I’ll answer it sometimes Barbu though a hammer flask Black/silver oh man. I always feel so sad about these Products don’t you yeah, it’s like try to put alcohol in any product that they possibly can You’re getting drunk while using a hammer, I don’t think you’re supposed to actually visit a hammer Hammer head can double as an ice crusher rubberized hand grip for safe secure bottle opening you know so that’s why you don’t get your shirt damaged ah Cool See this would have worked when I was a kid Hello, you finished that let me finish the thought okay when my mom didn’t let me have sugar you know Yeah, cuz then I gotta just put a milkshake of that Actually melting know what you want to keep milk at room temperature That’s just not a good idea, but you know an is you would work And that’s what’s gonna happen right now is you’re gonna work. We’re gonna find out No, I didn’t know what that was It’s like some type of You know dude it’s like dirty. I’m not gonna drink out of this by the way cuz that thing was a dirty Eh wow it works pretty well Crap I overfilled it now what? All right it seems to work oh No, it’s it’s getting all over the place. There’s not a good seal Also, I put carbonated beverages in it some it probably it needs to expand. Oh yeah, there you go. It’s probably just meant for booze Yeah, what was that? Oh there was another oh, I have to say that’s a fire 12:00 healing gemstones gift set by Geo central and has long been thought that semi-precious Gemstones and crystals hold unique properties and energies that can heal balance and revitalize us this box collection includes 12 specimens rose quartz for love and confidence or So delight solely creativity and deep thinking polished reveal and enhance natural beauty well big shock no Reviews I will review it for you Healing stones keep the healing stones with you to bounce and revitalize your energies You’re gonna want to carry around these rocks everywhere you go I’m not gonna carry around a sack of rocks everywhere. I go dude to be balanced Hey, let’s let’s look at what what they provide the quartz rock brings love and consonant consonant Consonants Wow what does consonants? aventurine good luck and money gets rid of sad emotions These are so poorly thought out for good for luck and money gets rid of set it’s like all over the map you know It’ll get you some money. They also keep away your sadness is some. Good luck with it. Yeah Good for meditation and diseases. It’s good for diseases. Good for disease if the disease wants to flourish That’s good for it’s good for it. All right, which one’s your favorite That one looks like it’s moldy one of these two Okay, I like obsidian. I don’t know which one city. It is where’s the thing yeah, this one doesn’t like this one I don’t think matches anything Because the texture is like totally different on this one. They don’t even give this didn’t give me the right rocks Dude, what the heck is this because this could be promoting evilness. I don’t know I don’t this near me. Maybe it promotes confusion I’m confused get out I Cups the ultimate ironic get gag gift why I mean it’s a gag gift I get it Yeah, no apps no buttons. No screen to crack. Just simple pure communication Do you think it actually works cuz I mean like the cup and the string thing technically should work, you know? What do you think she’s saying nothing give her some subtitles? Bob, I ran over your burrito No, no that’s not it that’s not it because this guy wouldn’t be interested Yeah, probably all right, I just I Got a new phone WTF OMG. It works. Probably because your standing in the same room Not bad packaging though, I mean I mean they’re selling cups, oh wow, I think it has to be talked though Okay, so I’m gonna cover my other ear alright Sam you whisper into that whisper? yeah Wait wait one more time one more time. Can you hear what I’m saying? why the hell does this happen to me?! Oh, I’m Batman weary Hennessy Where is he? Where is she? so I mean it works 100%. Really? were you surprised? Yeah? What did I say? Something sucka poo poo maya papa next? I was gonna say that star wars is the best movie ever What I didn’t say that but thanks for agreeing alright, man, this is actually not bad as a gag gift, and it actually works for what it says It’s supposed to work for so i say hey hey hey admire it that cheeseburger looks disgusting Maybe that meat dude, it looks like this defying gravity i feel like it got some stuff on me what is happening over here?! Loftus cheeseburger head costume face mask Brown multi-colored OS. OS? one size WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME air and eye holes in mouth and nostrils My nose right now what no reviews Well wearing the mask your vision may be impaired so please exercise caution when moving around look there the eyeholes looks like a mad cheeseburger, dude oh very okay I’m dead inside Can you actually see out these little I hope I’m dare you stick the finger in my eye and mouth nostril hole And look so deform, that’s my arrow you plugged up my air. I nostril and Malvo hate this so much Virus Westminster listening device in ballpoint pen tool discreet earbuds with volume control, but you plugged in just But your your directly into the listening device Something put away I Guess I gotta buy the car Feel like the eye cups are more effective than this Discreet earbuds with volume control they’re black They’re literally black earbuds alright, Sam I’m gonna need you to detect if I’m listening to you or not okay? Right in the top right in the top of the pen test test test test test. Oh my gosh what it is Can you hear this quality right now that is the worst quality I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s literally just static I don’t think I can actually understand it why? Here look I can hear what you’re saying through my ear. That’s wide is it literally the opposite of what you It’s doing the exact opposite. I don’t understand any of it. It’s literally making it harder you hear someone, right? Yeah, when you have normal hearing Oh That’s a fire it see that video right there that is a fortune telling fidget spinner No joke click it and we’ll see you over there guys high-five


Out of todays' products, which one do you think was the most wacky and hilarious? Comment down below! Afterwards, go check out "ENJOY or DESTROY! | Bluetooth Lock Hack!"


Matt: Who would carry around a sack of rocks?

Me: I’ll tell you who; Pagans, Wiccans, and other highly religious people

Not a perv or none of dat but gotdamn Sam is so my beautiful it's rediculous I can barely focus on da damn vid smh

About the I cups
I know why you can hear the sounds
It's because the vibrations from your voice travels through the rope and goes to the other cup
There is other explanations but it is more longer

I'm glad you grew a beard, that nose and those ears are too damn big to not have something there to distract from them

My mom has the tiny laser guns and when I don't wash the dishes she throws one at me and says CLEAN THEM NEXT TIME but then I just pick it up and shoot her with it😂😂😂

Does anyone notice mathias is a mix between a baby and a person who had a sip of beer in thirty years not that it’s good to drink it’s bad for your health don’t drink.

Sam:I don't want it to rip my shirt
Sam's shirt:Good bye cruel world
Mathis:Where'd you get that shirt the dollar store?
(I probably spelled his name wrong)

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