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10 $ Used INLINE SKATES !! Are They Good? Ft. FILA Master Wave

10 $ Used INLINE SKATES !! Are They Good? Ft. FILA Master Wave

hey guys the major concerns gator what can you get for $10 two weeks ago a mess you get a full pair of new skates for $10 I bought them just for this video let me introduce you with Phillip Master wait what type of skates are they they are Fitness skates who are they for for beginners cares what can I say about the massive weight for $10 you are getting a well ventilated boot with a metal frame that’s actually not bad for surprised at this crest you usually get all classic skate so yeah that’s cool let’s start is a good you are getting a plastic base soft would use plenty of ventilation and mini model not replaceable abrasive balance of front and both sides of this whole section you also have free locking options a metal cuff buckle a 45 degree strap and classic laces which is kind of normal for every skated say yes but I’m happy to see that with such a low price too bad we don’t have a vicar’s on the top of a liner by the way it seems like it’s a UNAM old boot there is no removable liner in it this is quite impressive actually but the heel lock doesn’t seem to be very great especially compared to my main seller who has an amazing liner but free lacks a fitting place so it helps you increase your precision when skating and doing tricks but in the end it’s a totally different type of a landscapes behind the liner there is a nice carrying strap cool and next to back we have a plastic cuff that’s not removable and very flexible beginners usually skate with less rigid skate because they are much more forgiving and it can be nice when you’re learning the basics and when you become an intermediate or advanced skater you’ll need steeper skates but are much more reactive have more support and have much better power transfer like higher quality plastic or carbon inline skate carbon fiber landscapes are just amazing trust me and other recovery have a whoa it is a shock absorber in the hill for that cheap now let’s go to the bottom of the scale here we have an aluminum to 64 millimeters frame called urban wave with a removable heel break at the end of a bright escape this frame is really attached with boots and weight oh is it two-piece frame no good anyway let’s see the bearings and we’ll wait 22 allen wrenches to remove them ah no anyway after using to two other wrenches to remove the two axles we can see 18 millimeters Performics urethane wheels with a hardness of 82 a really soft wheels and it’s at them some FX 7 bearings I cannot really test this case because they are not my size my actual scale size is 488 and these are 42 does it mean I’ll do a giveaway maybe but the real question is do you want a ski in the next video I’ll compare fitness case to freestyle skate so you’ll see the main differences between these two different categories oh oh let me ask a little favor the co of my channel is to make an entertainer more popular right and have an idea for you I think that another good way to promote this amazing sport is to make means you know web sites like 9gag meme centre we need blading memes please make memes about in and skating the funny ones the inspiration ones we need build to what you want I know you’re amazing at making HIGHlarious me thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe hit with bearing to get notifications every time I upload a new video also please help me make it n scale more popular by Shane wheels videos your friends you can change everything think about it alright guys see you in the next episode [Music] come on up


Huh, I'm a size 42/43 🙂
Btw there are rollerblading memes, but they are usually negative towards bladers

I got my FILA for 350tl and thats about 120$ and they look pretty much the same as these but i think its more about the metal at the bottom and the wheels

well dang man I might have to buy these. I have wanted to get into inline skating for a long time and this could totally be my way in
Edit: and its inexpensive which is great

These are the skates I use. In France, they're actually sold new only as low as €80, which is over USD90.

This is my third pair, though. I had to return the first two because of defects. First because, Fila had some supply issues with their usual wheels, so they temporarily contracted a different supplier, but those wheels where poor quality. They would wear off very quickly for no reason and sometimes would even crumble (main reason I returned the 2nd pair).
The second defect I noticed is that the metal attachment of the buckle, tends to bite into the plastic cuff and will eventually file through it. I know I used to tighten the leg strap as much as I could, and my shin used to press against the tongue of the boot as a habit from skiing. Still, I think this defect is so obvious, that its built-in obsolescence. I mean: having two metal blades pressing against soft plastic to transfer all the mechanic stress of a leg strap, really ?
I had the issue on all my three pairs. And I noticed the metal blades had started to file through the plastic cuff on skates that were still in the shop. XD
So, to maximize you Master Wave durability, strap the legs as loose as you can skate with. Rely on the laces and the heel strap (even if it is kind of rubbish) 🙂
Sticking some protective plastic card or metal sheet between the blades of the buckle and the plastic might also work, but I haven't tried yet.
Also pick the tightest size you can. My usual shoe size is EUR 43,5, but with my size-43 Master Wave, my right feet often feels loose.
Last defect I had on one boot on my second pair: the plastic cuff would maintain my heel in supination (inward). Also one more reason not to over-tighten the leg strap. 😉
Still those skates have a lot of qualities and an outstanding value for money. ABEC7 bearings. Nice boot. It appears to tolerate water and sweat without smelling (the bearing hates water though).
Buy them new, but buy them as tight as you can and don't hesitate to return a pair if they feel "weird". That particular pair may have a wrong shape or other defects, as they don't seem to be precision work, for that price. ^^
As for the small imperfections, try to compensate them with technical skill. 😉

hello Thiago, I have those exact skates. Mind explaining me what was that 2 piece frame, and why is it bad? I'm not very familiar with those terms.
Also, yeah the need of double wrenches is very annoying.

Just started watching and I like the quality of your videos the best. I'm super excited to start blading again even though I'm just a beginner. Your slaloms are beautiful.

ugh I'm so mad! I paid $60 for my first beginning pair that were all plastic! have a plastic tongue was a nightmare because they would crack when you use them right! the wheels very very soft and I could of paid only $10 for these?! I have better skates now so it's all in the past (there fitness skates so I look forward to the next video!)

I'd take a pair of size 42 skates….
I also have a meme…

Hey Tiago! I've been skating for around 7 years now as well as playing Inline hockey, I really like my Bauer skates because I'm used to Hockey skates, my problem is that every time I want skate at the beach of even down a road I have to change my wheels from the indoor wheels to the outdoor wheels which are obviously thicker. This is getting really tiring for me as you can imagine. I'm kind of new to your videos so I was wondering what skates you would recommend. Would it be the Seba Skates you showed in this video? Thank you for making awesome content.

I have the next model, the intermediate one. I bough it in Decathlon for around 70 euros. They are good, my first pair. So i'm happy.
Once i can perform different types of stops and manage to go around with out any problem i will buy a better one

Hi Tiago, as you said once that you speak Portuguese, lets do it in the easy way.. 😉
Você poderia indicar algumas lojas para comprar patins em Paris ou em cidades vizinhas?

Can't wait for the next video! I've been watching your videos for a while and they are really inspiring except I cannot afford skates of my own haha but one day I can hopefully!

My first skates were Rollerblade Pro 03, which I bought used but in good condition for 10 Euro. They were pretty good! And they got STOLEN from me when I left them unattended in a parking space for a couple hours.

These Fila skates remind me of the second pair of skates I've had, which were some noname soft boots. I pretty much hated them – they made my knees hurt because the frames were misaligned to the inside and not adjustable. Their only advantage was that they were superlight, so lifting feet during sprints was easier. But there was a lingering fear that if I did anything like jump they would fall apart (together with my ankles).

I also noticed that you can get tons of cheap used fitness skates on eBay, but if you look for used skates of a good brand, they are almost impossible to get!

nice video, i wish i could skate, i'm going to buy a cheap one so i could try to learn, if i do learn i'm going to buy a good skate 🙂

Dis moi, les rollers qui sont tout en plastique sont trop problématiques même pour un débutant ? :<
Je me souviens que tu les critiquais aussi dans une autre vidéo, mais j’ai que ça pour le moment xD
Super vidéo sinon 😁

I would love those skates i am not the most richest person but rn I'm running 90s rollerblade blades with a plastic frame and I've been a sub since 1 k luv ur vids keep it up 🙂

a giveaway? Please do! I've been thinking of getting into rollerblading for a while. I've binged watched the videos, now what I need are shoes with wheels 🙂

Tiago freestyle tutorials plzzzz… the way u move between cones is just amazing… like if u think the same guys

Really like that you take the time to describe each and every part, very informative! These look very much alike my first pair of skates, K2 FIT80, soft boot BUT mine had plastic frames haha 🙂

Edit: Oh btw really exited for the next video when you'll compare fitness with freeskates! 😀
Edit 2: The meme-thing is a great idea haha! Fingers crossed, might work 😉

Gorgeous video Tiago! 😀
After stalking you on Instagram Direct (dany__69) i've found a good deal from a french reseller (PrivateSportShop) !
A pair of Roces Gymnasium (the first version, not the 2.0) for only 59,95 € (140 of listing price)..
They are not comparable to a good pair of seba or rollerblade, but for a noob like me i think it's a decent choice!

I hope to learn quickly in order to buy a gorgeous pair of seba fr1 with 110 wheels !

Meanwhile in Jember, East Java…

Skating is for kids! You're already a 9th grade 😂

Fk man. Idc. I'mma buy one. If my bros and my nephews can do it, why can't I?

(Buys a pair of freestyle-city, 45 EUR size, hard boot skates with a default rockered setup as a beginner)
(and it has no heel brake)

Heya, love your skills! My first pair of skates were very similar, ('No Fear' Cyclone, you get them from Sports Direct, or Amazon), soft boot, stamped alu frame, velcro strap and really crappy wheels that didn't last very long at all in street skating, but they did get me started! My main problem with the skates was that I couldn't get replacement wheels for them, and good wheels for better skates would not fit, different axle sizes. Also, the riveted frame…Meh..
I need an adjustable frame to set up the skate properly as I tend to lean out with my left ankle. My next pair was the 2015 Seba FR1 80, and not long after I bought the 2016 version as well. I love Seba skates. I mean I LOVE Seba skates.
I used to skate as a kid, many years ago, on quad skates that you strapped to your shoes. I decided to try inline skating last Xmas when my friend's little girls (5 and 7yrs old) got skates for presents, and I wanted to join them so I could teach them. I'm getting better at it myself! Just started a channel, check it out and maybe give me a like? Subscribing to yours, I like it!

where could i go to watch people skating in paris on tuesday or wednesday this week? im just getting into the sport and happen to be coming to paris! i wish i was going to be there on a friday but nope. only tuesday/wednesday.

if im not mistaken you're french, decathlon is also french. and im thinking about getting the oxelo freeride 5 sb, you think its a good boot? a review would be spanking ! !

Tiago! I absolutely love your videos! The tips on skating and the things you have to say! You crack me up! I have to watch at least 2 of your videos a night when I have the time! If I'm having a bad day, you always put laughter and a smile right back into it for me! Thank you for that! You are my most fave on YouTube!

THANK YOU for reviewing these skates. My local Decathlon only sells these skates and one Oxelo model and I couldn't find any information in English on the Fila. Thanks again!

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