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$100 GOLD EGGS Ultimate Hide n Seek!! (Adley vs The Spacestation)

$100 GOLD EGGS Ultimate Hide n Seek!! (Adley vs The Spacestation)

– Get them all. – How much money you got chicken? (Adley laughing) – One dollar bill, oh that sounds good. – Hi. – Hi. We’ve got a surprise. – We’re gonna hide Easter. – We’re gonna hide Easter eggs in the Spacestation for
the Spacestation boys. Because that’s like
Adley’s favorite game, huh. Okay, let’s put ’em all together. What’s gonna be the big surprise inside? – Money. – We’re gonna put money inside the eggs. – Yeah, should we put some
money inside the eggs right now? – Yeah. Look, a hundred dollars. That could be yours tall chicken. Who do you think will
get the hundred dollars? – Nick. – Nick? Oh, maybe he’ll get it. We’re gonna put 20
dollars in the silver egg. Oh, good job. We’re gonna put one dollar in these eggs. The gold egg, Spacestation gaming gold. What should we put in this one? A hundred dollars? That
could buy so many toys. – Yeah. – Oh, we should do a pink one. Who do you think is
gonna find the pink one? – Mom. – You think mom’s gonna find the pink one? – Yeah. – Guess who I think is
gonna find this one? Gill. – Gill. (laughing) – I’m gonna find the gold egg. – You wanna find the gold egg? – Yeah. – Because you want all the money for toys and chocolate, huh? Adley, if you had a hundred
dollars, what would you buy? – A horsey. – A horsey? With a hundred dollars? Okay how many one dollar
bills should we do? Like, 20 or 25? – Lots. – Lots, got it. Maybe
mom can come help us. Should we call her? – Yeah! – Do you wanna call her on my phone? (phone ringing) – Mom, we need help
putting money in the eggs. – Hi mom.
– You need help? – We need to put money
in the eggs. We gotta go. – [Jenny] Okay, I’m coming. – Okay, bye. – Love you, bye. – Mom is here! – Hi mom.
– You need help? – Yeah. Wait, you gotta put on bunny ears. All the helpers have bunny ears. – Hop, hop, hop. – We have 20 dollars in the silver and a hundred dollars in the gold. – A hundred dollars? – I will get the gold one, I guess. – You better get the gold one. There’s a lot of purple eggs in here. – Because I like purple. – Yeah, I like purple too. Who do you think is gonna
find the purple egg? – I think Brandon. – Brandon? Maybe. Guys, there’s no more Adley
subtitles. Can you believe that? – No. – That’s because everybody
knows what you’re saying anyway. You talk so good! – Should we tell them about
our dock meeting this morning? Guys, we woke up super
early and went to the lake. The dock’s almost done. I feel like Adley, I’m like
“the dock’s almost done.” She always does that. Hello guys, hi. I got an idea.
– I have an idea. I’m gonna push you on the
frozen lake and make you scream. – I did that. Alright,
cut to that footage now. Go check out the lake. We’re
gonna drive the Spacestation then we’ll hide these eggs with you guys. – Bye. – [Shaun] My chariot. – Your friend’s shoes are down there. – [Shaun] Oh yeah, I got
these shoes for chicken and for Alex, I forgot, and holiday. We got lots of shoes for people. Update, you guys are so good
at getting me in trouble and Jenny already got mad at me because Adley was in the
front seat last vlog. But guys, it was only for like 30 feet. There’s a gas station
right by the Spacestation. Got our treats for the Spacestation. – I don’t care how many feet
it is, she needs to be buckled. – It was like driving for 20
seconds and there were no cars. She felt like a princess. – The vlog doesn’t even care either. – [Shaun] New conversation.
Where are we going? – To the lake. – [Shaun] How excited are you? – I’m excited for it to be done. – [Shaun] Have you guys
seen Jenny’s muscles lately? Look how puffy these are. Are you excited to vlog all of 2019? Should we tell ’em about
going back to daily? (laughing) – It’s too crazy for that. – We have started filming
more family videos. Adley’s growing up and
she loves watching herself and it’s just fun to film
her, have Niko and memories. – That’d be so sad if we film
Adley’s first three years and then none of Niko’s. We’re like oh, we’re done, sorry Niko. – Sorry Niko, we changed career
paths. No memories of you. We’ll definitely keep filming
with the Spacestation crew and some of our fun travels. We gotta go on lots of fun
trips this year. Disney. – Hawaii. – Where do you guys think we should take the family this year? We’ll do one huge vacation somewhere. – I turn a pretty special
number this year on my birthday, and I better be going somewhere cool.
– 22. (laughing) So yeah, lots of family
vlogs coming at you and honestly our channel, so fun fact, do you wanna hear the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes? I’ll give you the behind the scenes. YouTube has this silly
thing called an algorithm. And it like, categorizes
every channel so like our previous channel,
well I guess this channel used to be all about fun and adventure. Hoverboard stuff always did good and all the crazy hot
tub things we did good. The more fun we had,
the more views we got. And then that stopped kinda working and then when my channel got hacked and all the videos got deleted, we got a new algorithm
and now the algorithm like the only YouTube videos that recommend our channel
are family channels. And the only videos on our
channel that are doing good are ones that have Adley and Niko in them. So basically, we got rebranded
as a family channel. Exactly. Number one, I love that because now I get to just film with my family. Number two, if we film with the family, it gets tons of views and people love it. But if I do something really cool, like all the rad Dubai vlogs, no views. They’re like 20 or 30 thousand. – Shoulda taken the family along. – I know. But I give
Adley her first haircut and it’s like everyone wants to see it. Update 2019, we’re a family vlog now. Unsubscribe if you don’t like my family. But if you do like my
family, keep subscribing. Just kidding, don’t unsubscribe,
that’d make Jenny mad. Anyways, we’re here. Yeah, we’re at the lake lot. Look, this is all gonna be fun this year. We have so many surprises. – We own that dirt, don’t
even think about touching it. – Real talk though, you know
how amazing our backyard is? This is gonna be just as amazing. Let’s go, family vloggers! Woo! We’re family vloggers now! Babe, who owns those weeds? – We own those weeds. – Do you think the ice is
thick enough to walk on? – [Jenny] Oh, he’s gonna fall. (snow crunching) – [Shaun] This is my first
time playing on our ice, babe. Hey babe. Who owns that ice? – We own that ice. I’m gonna push you onto the
frozen lake and make you scream. – [Shaun] Careful! (screaming) – I almost fell. – [Shaun] No you didn’t,
you’re a snowboarder. You have amazing balance. Hey, you look cute. Look, Jenny just looks
like one of those people from the movies that’s all cute and snowy. (soft music) – [Shaun] So this is all gonna be a beautiful dock with a deck on top. These pretty rocks go
all the way around it and a little play right here and there will be a little
shed with stuff for kiddos. We’re gonna hang out here a lot. Dang, I didn’t know you
were a graffiti artist. Okay babe, give us a tour
of this area right here. – Welcome to our little shack. You come in, and there’s
gonna be something here. Maybe a couch and a table, a
TV, a pink lay for the kiddos. Then we’re gonna walk over here. – [Shaun] Yeah, what’s over here? – Prep a little salad and then we’re gonna pass it out the window. – [Shaun] Window, onto the deck. And then kids will jump out
of the water and eat it. Kids don’t eat salad. (mystical music) – Alright vlog, we’re hiding
the eggs right now, huh? (gentle electric guitar music) – [Shaun] Good idea. – We’re ready! We got a surprise for you! – We got a surprise for you! – [Adley] Chicken, come down. – I’m already down here. – Alright, should we tell them the rules? (grunting) Alright boys, here’s the
rules, are you guys ready? – You have to find all the Easter eggs. – Yeah. But, there’s a
surprise. What’s the surprise? – Money. – [The Boys] Money. – Real talk here. There’s
actual money in the eggs. So there’s eggs hidden all over that have one dollar bills in them. And then there’s one
that has a 20 dollar bill and then there’s one that has
a one hundred dollar bill. And you keep the money if you find it. Welcome to the best Adley video you guys have ever filmed. – Ready, steady, go. – Go. Woo! Adley, Alex found an egg. – What’s in it? – [Shaun] Money. He found the tall one. – That’s not coffee. – [Shaun] What’d he get? One dollar. (Adley shouting) (laughing) – [Chicken] You’re gonna break it. (cheering) – Is this mine or yours? – Yours. – What? Mine? – Don’t tell him. Don’t tell him. – [Alex] Adley, where’s the gold one? – I got a dollar. Oh, I keep it? – Yeah.
– Oh thank you. – That is a lot. – [Shaun] That is a lot. – One. I gotta find that gold one. Oh, yes. – What’s in that one? Thank you so much. – I’m all out of ideas. – [Shaun] How much money you got chicken? – [Chicken] One dollar
bill, oh that sounds good. – [Shaun] Chicken’s in the garbage? I almost put the hundred
dollar egg in the garbage. You woulda found it. It’s not in there. I almost put it in there though. – I found it. – [Shaun] He found it. The hundred dollar egg!
It was in the Moose Munch. I got one more game idea. We have a couple more eggs with money. Who wants to hide them for Adley? Do you wanna find some eggs?
– Yeah Who do you want to hide them? – The boys. – [Shaun] The boys? Alright boys, you guys gotta hide some eggs for Adley now. Okay, go hide in the office. Hey! No peaking, you get outta here. The gold egg gets 5 dollars for Adley. Does everyone have some eggs
to hide? Everyone hide one egg. You’re just over here counting your bills. Alright Adley, where should
I hide this egg from you? I don’t want you to find it. Where should I put it? Wow bird, that’s tricky. – Camouflaged and probably
like four times her height. – Look at this, this is good. – [Shaun] Brandon, you doing
some plumbing down there? – Don’t worry about it,
I just wanna balance it. – [Shaun] Hey, there’s
one of the things from the – I know, I saw that, I’m so mad. – [Shaun] Hey, no looking, get outta here! – [Adley] Are you ready? – [Shaun] We’re almost
ready, is everyone ready? – [The Boys] Yeah. – [Shaun] Okay, on your mark, get set, go. Where are they? Let’s
see if she can find them Good job, grab it. (light-hearted music) – [Shaun] Do you guys see any? She found it. Oh, that’s a big one. – Money. – [Shaun] Ooh, two moneys? (laughing) – [Shaun] Holy cow, is that the gold one? (cheering) – It broke open. – [Shaun] What is it? – Money. – [Jenny] Five dollars! – [Shaun] That’s enough for a pizza. There was a pizza in the egg. Did we find them all boys? There’s still a couple more. Good job. – [Jenny] I see another
one. Look under the sink. – [Shaun] That’s crazy. – Who did that? Did
you hide it under here? – [Shaun] I didn’t hide it
under. Go ask the boys who did. – Who did it hide under here? – [Brandon] I did it. – [Shaun] It’s really
high. Can you see it? – [Jenny] Okay, put this
down. Tell me when to stop. Do you see it? Do you
see it? Do you see it? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Jenny] Pull! Push it out! My arms. (cheering) – [Shaun] You found them all
Adley, good job. Good job. What is it? – I don’t know what this is. – [Jenny] Oh, you put it in your mouth. – [Shaun] Holy cow. (whistle) – Adley, you got Shopkins. – [Adley] Some cereal. – She got cereal. – [Adley] I got Play-Dough! – What? – [Adley] I got necklaces. – That’s cool. – Me and Niko hung out here. We had oatmeal and toast for dinner Look Adley, we’re watching an
old vlog. It’s at the lake. (Adley laughing) – [Jenny] Niko, are you
trying to get the vlog? – [Shaun] He’s tryna vlog. Say hi. Hi. Hi. Don’t get the vlog. – Oh, I got a shoe. – [Jenny And Shaun] A shoe! – [Shaun] It’s a finger shoe, walk around. – One more. Wow, she gave you a lot. – [Shaun] That was so nice.
Was it a fun birthday? – I need help. – [Jenny] A shoe! – [Shaun] You have two
shoes, you can walk! – [Jenny] Oh, that’s funny. – It looks like your slippers. – [Shaun] Oh, and Adley
you can get daddy’s little skateboard and then you can
stand on it with your shoes. (Adley laughing) That’d be silly, huh? – It comes with some popcorn. – [Shaun] That’s pretty fun. What did you guys make? – Me and Anna make this. – [Shaun] What is it? – It’s a princess castle. – [Shaun] A princess castle? Which princess is this? – [Adley] Belle. – [Shaun] And that one? – That one is Ariel. This gets stuck up my nose. – Uh, yeah. We don’t put
legos your nose, huh. You don’t put anything in
your nose. Don’t show us. – [Shaun] You put that in your nose? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] Did it hurt? – No – Yes it did. You’re like “mommy” and there was blood all over her face. – [Shaun] I’m glad you’re okay. – And then we had to lay you down and mommy did some surgery. Got some tweezers and plopped it out. – [Shaun] That’s scary. – [Jenny] Adley, do we
put things in our nose? – [Adley] No. – [Jenny] Yeah. – Do you wanna come see my
bathroom? It’s so clean. – [Shaun] You have a clean bathroom? – [Adley] Yeah, come see
my bathroom. It’s clean. – [Shaun] Okay. Let’s check it out. – [Adley] Look, it’s clean. – [Shaun] Holy cow, that is so clean. – Yeah look at my finger polish. It smells good. Smell it. – Oh, that does smell good. – Don’t put it up your nose though. – [Shaun] Yeah, it’s only
for your fingernails, huh. – Which one do you want to smell? – [Shaun] Mom, which one
do you want to smell? – I want to smell Rapunzel. – Okay, which Rapunzel do you want? – [Jenny] Oh, there’s more than one? I want the purple one. Smells like fingernail
polish. Pretty good. – [Shaun] Mine smelled very pretty. – Good job, do it tight, huh. – [Shaun] She was showing me
how clean her bathroom is. – Okay, I guess mommy made this
mess when we got ready, huh. – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] Good job.
Alright should we hang out, play some games, then go to bed? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Deal. Do you wanna end the vlog? – I’m gonna go play with
my stuff downstairs. – [Shaun] Okay, can I come play with you? – Yeah.
– Deal. – Thanks for watching, bye! – She is so cute, it
melts me. Let’s go play. (gentle electric guitar music) – [Shaun] Careful! (Jenny screaming) ♪ Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive ♪


I haven’t watched any of your videos in so long. I was a fan of your stuff since you started (BDE 1) and watched up until around bde 500. I would watch as many of them as possible. If you see this comment, I just want to thank you for making entertaining content for such a long period of time, and for being something that would make me smile. You’ll always be remembered as one of my favourite YouTubers.

Its so crazy to think, that most of us are here since adley was born, i literaly watched her talk for the first time and the subtitles were always a highlight. Crazy how big she became 😊

I used to be a big fan of the channel and remember how fast it was growing a few years ago, but it seems to have stagnated at 1.3M and has been there for like 6 months or more now. I remember videos getting millions of views now it seems like they're barely ever breaking 100k 🙁 Not that I have any say in what your content is going to be, but if you went back to doing the sorts of stuff you used to do I think it could pick back up. It seems like it's wayyyyy geared towards kids now, and by Google/Youtube's own policy, you aren't even supposed to have an account if you're under 13, so that's probably your issue. Even if kids are watching, none can subscribe to you. None of the older male crowd, like myself, are really interested in seeing what's basically now become children's content, when you used to skate and snowboard and do all kinds of fun stuff. It bums me out because you were one of my favorite channels to watch a few years ago, and now it's just kinda… not even like the same channel anymore. I'm not trying to be mean or rude, but it's just the truth at this point. Like ALL of the recommended videos in the sidebar now are kid/baby/toy opening channels when they used to be to like What's Inside, Casey, Skate videos, Snowboarding videos, and other stuff that keeps the attention of someone older than like 7. 🙁

Noooo. The subtitles! I know she doesn't need them any more but they were the cutest thing. When Brandon tried to translate her gibberish😊. The end of an era

I wonder how you look at that? I wonder what my vlog is labeled as? Yes sir I agree you are the best family vlog. Best day & Best wishes to you &yours.

I love this whole vlog, fun with family and the spacestation crew. And I love how Adley is around all the guys, shes got all of them wrapped around her finger, it's great 😂

Hey man! Loved the short interview we did at Social Media Marketing World last year. Have finally just edited it out and posted it –
Thanks for all the great vids!

Hey Jenny I was watching the last vlog on my tv and my mom walked in and she told me to never do that if I have kids

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Being a parent is the best. There are countless blessings and upsides to having a 3 year old. However, we also get stuck watching movies, shows and YouTube videos that make you wanna scratch your eyeballs out. This is one of those channels.

Ssssshhhhhhhoooooooonnnnnnnddddddduuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssassss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I llllllooooooovvveeeeeeeee seeing Adley develope

Chicken is a weddo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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