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100 Layers of Crickets! Trinity vs Mom (Crickets Escaped in Our House!!!)

100 Layers of Crickets! Trinity vs Mom (Crickets Escaped in Our House!!!)

what’s up guys its cricket here Trinity yeah
just trying to be funny what do we have we have 100 100 layers
of Perkins so we’re gonna see who can keep their hand we’re doing in there for
the longest mom oh and yeah I got I don’t like crickets so there might even
be more than 100 crickets in there – let’s do it
come on please take the little huh first let’s show you guys the crickets some believe it nice that’s mom’s
favorite sound ever using cool after all mommies the width which is mom or the
fraidy which is me so today’s challenge me and mom we’re gonna do the huh the
100 layers of uppercuts so what do we have to do trim we have to see who can
keep their hand on the cricket the longest stop in the container the like
wait wait wait I think mom’s already cheating she’s got to pull those sleeves
up do it no cheating mom no cheating man so these ladies gotta put their hand in
there and touch the bottom of the tank and whoever gets the most crickets on
their arms wins marks here we go can’t let him get out oh yeah
shouldn’t go give it to mom around the table food chase along with it chase her
around the table with the trim all right guys so long losses now future
let’s come on let’s get a hundred layers of crickets on there okay just touch
your fingers again what’s that feeling on me
bullet cricket let’s move this she wants me one behind that milk are you well Isis lost the cricket so
maybe I meant I’m ilk Robin to my room I know what what was that that felt like
cricket mom says crickets gonna get you out you’re sleepin I’ll make Trinity what circuit King hop the highest master
are you gonna try it no I’m scared hey hey hey they’re on top of each
cutters they fell how many there are medicine oh yeah wait you know look at really dark ones over the last couple
times some of the wings on them huh none of these have wings do studies have
means yes jump upaya look I know they’re trying to get out
we’re trying to get you man something I don’t get you I want to give you or not
read my mother laughs guys anyways we should but all these crickets all right
mom last chance now thirty three two one go get a quick click through the key or you
can go on we don’t want another one loose in our house you got him PG be CBGB’s know what’s called is no oh
that’s cold let’s go yeah that’s that’s called be
bee do bee do bee chibis we’re not like the eb family here with the
heebie-jeebies beauty duties by this real guys I mean I
think this guy needs some crickets now though you guys are done playing with
his food guys you’re not to go to place your food right carrots and peas but I
play a full Izard’s food let’s feed him I’m gonna go get it get it get it get it
get it get it you get it let’s go play limpy’s cage
let these kids go go go there it is almost like a last for long
get him let me get him oh come on hey look at all this give them that shedding
he’s done pretty it’s you lately huh okay anytime we feed these crickets we
always have to have Trinity here or just in case they jump out oh my gosh okay
how many he does if you want like 10 likes okay ready here they come
they’re gonna like waterfall in that’s enough
oh well they’re gonna go look at him go look at him go Wow you kept missing them
get him let me get him any shedding guys you see the skin under Ana’s beard
there’s a big one it’s surviving for now hi buddy won’t go down there give it let
me get it can it let me get it over here
if you think I won tell me in the comments do you think mom was a chicken
head tell me in the comments if you think Lippe won he won say it to him he
is the brave one yep so maybe you go veggie thumbs up look at every turn okay
so I’ll see you guys next time bye he’s crossing my job

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