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Good Mourning Guys! We are back. Guess what? what! I was talking to them. What? I was talking to them. Oh. My mom, well my brother just brought me my mom well my brother just brought me this smoothie thingy this Smoothie thingy, my Mom’s my moms opening this resturant opening this Restraunt, it’s called Scooters its called s It’s a lot like Starbucks, but they haven’t opened yet cooters, its alot like starbucks completely, but I get to try a strawberry thingy. I should probably make it brighter in here. So I’m gonna try this, and I’m also drinking my Baja Blast right now that someone left on my doorstep. Aw that is so good Now I don’t have to go all the way to Starbucks. (It’s cold) I know! Who’s driving? Me? Well I got out of my car. Is that snow? And I’m cold! Wait is your car warmed up? No. Aight guys, we’re about to go to Walmart. We gotta go pick up some blow torches, because we don’t have any here and we’re gonna go light some s– *inaudible* Oh yeah. So we’re gonna head there. Hopefully we don’t have to be 18 to buy them, because our Walmart has a lot of stupid rules. Probably all Walmart’s. But I’ve got a few different objects we’re gonna heat up and then we’re just gonna– we’re uh– we’re doing it in the bath of course. But we’re doing a fan mail opening. So wish us luck. I don’t think I’m gonna record the Walmart because I don’t feel like going to prison today. And you’re gonna go to prison for drifting! Mission complete! I got the goods man. Annnddd I never cleaned up. Frick! Okay, we’re back home and uh– we gotta pick out some packages. Eenie meenie miney mo, I don’t know which one to choose. Mom, I need help. Oh, by the way, you have more in my trunk. Sweet! MyKnifeStore Does that mean there’s gonna be a knife in here? We could do a thousand degree knife vs. knife. How many views would that get? Let’s find some with Duct Tape. Yeah, you see this? These are the ones that need to be punished. We’ll start with these. Okay, I’m stepping in the bath. So we bought two small torches and then we bought a big one as well, but we’re not gonna use that one unless these don’t work. Why? Because! The big one’s more fun. Well, I guess we do have this. Is that good enough for now, you think? Good enough. Oh yeah, we bought a new Tomahawk by the way, because the other one was too rusty. But that sword is– *inaudible* It’s in good shape. I don’t know how to work these. I should probably read the instructions. Wait! You– Ah, you have to put the propane in. I’m scared. Sky-ence! I’m gonna read the box. If you guys remember in the bleach P.O. box opening, someone sent me a lot of boxes and it was just boxes and boxes and boxes. Well Quentin finished opening it up because I threw it in the shower because I got angry. And– I like stabbing stuff. And this was at the bottom. So we’re burning this. This is not abusing fan mail, okay? He started it. I want to test this bad pup out. Wait, wait, wait! Does it have anything in it? No. Oh yeah. Will you spray some in it? Squirt, squirt! *explosion noise* Gotcha! Hey! Look, look guys, I’m gonna burn his butt! *moans* Oh yeah, I have to open this one, but I can’t! There ya go! Oh dude, we’re gonna set off the smoke alarm or something. Uhhh, there’s not one in here. Ayee there we go! Smells like the Fourth of July in here. Duuuude, that smells like butt! Let’s see it! That one’s huge. If you burn me, I’m gonna be upset. How upset? That much– maybe this much. This is how you hold a machete. By the blade. Oh this is kinda heavy. Alright, let’s get something hot. Alright, you gotta get in the bath with me. I’m not– I’m not doing this alone. I feel like this is gonna catch fire. Oh look at it. Look at it. It’s already going. Back away from the curtain. It’s not gettin’ too red. I know. You know, you’re gonna have to PhotoShop this like WolfieRaps What the frick? It’s just– it’s literally burning. views come on everything’s gonna work so we have a dylan here because Quentin he’s staying safe he’s never done any harm i do that’s pretty that’s pretty hot it’s not even glowing is this is this is like marshmallows what the heck you’re coming straight toward you scared draw let’s see the words izle equals subs you all it’s like part of its burned on it I feel like a chef let’s try this data is actually going to be all over you think this will work at all negatory we bought that for no reason knife number two ok guys this looks more like something mr. gear would use so we’re gonna slice it on up I’m gonna set this right here we go home King that perfect this isn’t going well let’s start to go I see it I see it I thought involvement thousand degrees we need the tip right orange or no no put that’s right get my tip Yeah right there a little bit back it’s not hot enough it needs to be Satan’s night and have been ready that’s so sad when you yo goes right through it Oh bleep you I’m going in the bath know what ok I’m there’s like foam in there nigger where it yeah your camera yeah you get the memories will take a break so he was getting a certain part of flashbacks that I so we were gonna do fan mail this is like not fan mail at all but it was more fun to do the other stuff we’re going outside why did that little thing smell so horrible right we gotta go my garage because it’s too windy we’re gonna light it up and then we’re gonna run to the foam pit wait when you get this off for someone to be doing this over a blanket I want to stand alongside shoot they’re we’re gonna start a fire dude I don’t like this one little sucks but yeah i’ll go and i think it’s going to burn off this is on fire all that i’m watching oh it smells so bad ok just in case there we go firestone your server will be right here just in case the foam pit catches on fire we can jog all the way to here I what whoo technical difficulties have risen wedding whenever you’re ready gently open the door I’m i think you can open it is still right I don’t know what you’re talking about thumbnail photoshop skills over 9000 yeah o.o to play with it we other dude i just took the biggest breadth of that smoke i think im gonna die let’s just take a blowtorch to the phone pit okay I’m good thinking let’s just evil to sink in by itself no oh you know I’m going to start one of those oddly satisfying channels / yeah there’s this important idea that well that was crappy let’s go outside let’s open these will do the phone and then we’ll be done so cold out oh it is negative 1,000 degrees outside negative 1,000 agree Air Force 1039 way we could just do it all the foam up there we go out in the cold oh I got you i’ll just throw this up there ok cool you’re gonna get the most duct-taped package there we go my permission to abuse your family yes you do they said put the video so that’s what we’re doing to do this one not over the blanket i’m walking with fire and the night but we already got the thumbnail you got to make it hot anymore watches this will be something really cool oh it’s hot again mom’s going to be re oh my god honestly do that was the worst smell whenever I step into throwing all right getting you getting really fam get almost touch them well that’s not doing anything is you too oh I’m gonna keep stabbing you don’t try this at home or anywhere could smell the gross this stupid pretty sure it’s easier to do it without a flaming out knife because at least then you don’t know where it’s almost like yourself popcorn yeah it does it smell horrible because there’s like cloth inside of your guys I’m not applying any force is just so I just going right through it you can tell by his facial expressions so neutral like mr. gear will get halfway through something and I was undercutting start cutting it normally look at that not abusing my fan mail because there’s nothing inside right there get out of here what this is is this luggage oh I have you step through my hat bro hope so no no wait now the whole was already there what else is in it so this other stuff i don’t know what this is a marker this is the thing we can do what what is that is that an apron a bib parachute last thing we’re going to do this often i was at work you for the video so i could put vomit warning get it nice and MIT fan bad one gucci many other words were playing with fire wow nice parenting skills mom maybe the people my comment section are right its kind of lit here i got yes it’s not red enough so we’re gonna go to the extremes yeah that’s good you did good we’re ready to burn yourself yes never been done before alright so what do I do just press it on and try to cut through i don’t use the hot side hot side it’s all its melting in I think we used all the conducted radiation totally worked again my mom it’s also that meeting we can cut through it now maybe do a oh thank you for your father’s your place yes AT&T my cell phone keeps tripping new paper it looks like freaking lava is this the new samsung ok my chosen freaking called can we hurry this up oh that the better yeah that’s better hey are you idiot I’ll take my distance your stupid head okay guys i’m pretty sure we just took a good five years of our life hope you guys enjoyed it thank you thank you but that is basically for this video and this will be the last 1000 degree night video I ever do because it was stupid so I hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a like and if you enjoyed subscribe and I’ll see ya next one peace out it ain’t my fault you came and looked like that you just maybe six


Quentin: im gonna start one of those oddly satisfying channels. Few seconds later smacks the foam block against other foam blocks and throws it.{LIKE OF YOU LAUGHED WHEN HE DONE THIS}

Everyone remember that one video where he said if I had another channel what would the name be he said daily tanner 😂

10 or tell Quinton oh show man take me by Rahsheen Mimi to ruin their true understand I will show my name

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