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what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day and today is going to be super awesome
because we have a huge surprise for you every new year I’m Stephen Sharer if you
haven’t already hit that subscribe button and join the most epic family on
YouTube the Sharer Fam! them after the sharer fam is the strongest most epic family on
YouTube we have four channels my channel Carter’s channel Lizzie’s channel and baby
otter even has a channel if you haven’t already subscribe hit that subscribe
button Sharer’s we have a huge surprise today if you didn’t already see last
vlog I got 10,000 pennies from the bank and I bought something super epic with
ten thousand pennies what can you get for ten thousand pennies well let’s just
say it’s a huge surprise oh my gosh it looks so good I think of the surprise
with Carter and brought it home and I surprised Liz and my mom last night
let’s flashback to that clip it was totally epic let’s go downstairs and see
if we can find a good as I think she’s home I think she’s downstairs somewhere
oh yes share the love lime green hoodies love it hey you’re snacking I’m snacking
wait you think reversed you’re vlogging I’m snacking Steven stack shares company
if you guys snack oh there she is open baby otter – what are you doing
whoa that’s such a good thumbnail there’s your lips
yes nerd on my lips whoa oh my gosh caught you were snacking – uh nerds
I know hey Bobo snack on Earth snack yeah he wants to snack in one of those
snacky snack that’s too big of his neck just a little bite little snack good boy
otter snacking oh you know he doesn’t like pizza he wants to meet me I already
anyways Luce can you come to garage yeah we wanted to show you a project that
we’re working on Oh what are you guys working on it’s a
really cool thing but we got to go to the store to go get it so let’s go okay
mom I think I heard mom stop up to the house mom alright hang on I’m gonna go
out first get the car keys hey mom yeah can you come outside real quick all
right we need you for the vlog for the vlog Carter’s gonna bring my mom
and Liz out we’re gonna Surprise them with this huge surprise
eyes closed eyes closed mama let’s keep your eyes closed all right straight
right there okay yeah that was last night in Sharra’s today it’s time to
show you the surprise this is going to be a surprise for all the shares and a
project for all the shares to work on it’s gonna be the ten thousand penny
project challenge and shares you can send us your designs your creative ideas
for it it’s going to be the most epic projects we’ve ever done last vlog
shares you all got a little sneak peek of what the surprise may be a lot of you were guessing it was a car
well I will give you another hint here is another hint check this thing out but
what I realized is this is very similar to this the share Gainey key both these
keys are super similar they’re like square boxes and you press the button
and boom you get a key that pops out so did we get another car maybe did we get
another Lamborghini oh but this is probably going to be the
coolest project surprise you’ve ever seen isn’t that right off Oh what’s
going on why are you moping around oh I know why you’re moping around Shera’s
auteurs moping around right now because carter and liz took millie on a road
trip and they had to leave otter behind let’s roll that clip and they’re getting
packed up to go hey what’s going on you ready for your trip yeah Millie’s first
road trip oh my gosh is she in there no she’s not in yet Oh Millie party you
guys ready to go on your road trip hi Millie you ready baby
you ready Millie he’s gonna be a big road chipper
oh my gosh your sunglasses all right drive safe got my pod camp to buy Carter by Liz by
Millie fine oh and sure if you didn’t notice in that flashback clip um the
surprise actually was in the driveway there maybe go back and replay it and
try to comment right now if you can guess what the surprise is well we
already have two awesome toys we have the awesome lime green at nerf ‘mobile
Jeep and we also have the awesome lime green Cherie beany Lamborghini uh well
it normally is green it’s sleepy right now hang on this is what it looks like
when it’s green and today we have one more surprise than
ten thousand penny surprise what could you possibly get for ten thousand
pennies aka $100 can you really get a car for $100 and what would a car like
this look like Sheree’s take a guess income right now I am looking at the
surprise right now and let me tell you it looks totally epic I cannot wait for
all of you to send me your epic ideas and what we can do with this thing Oh so
without any more delight let me introduce you to the ten thousand penny
project surprise Oh looks so good we got the share of Love Bug how awesome
is this it is the coolest car ever and we got it for pennies check this thing
out it’s a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle it’s a turbo s check this out in the back it
says turbo s the s probably stands for share the love or sheriff fam aka the
best most epic family on youtube so you haven’t ready subscribe hit that
subscribe button this is probably the coolest car ever it looks like a Beetle
Bug like check this thing out it looks like a bug it’s got a sunroof the doors
are absolutely huge and the back looks like a ladybug – look at this thing and
literally it literally looks like a beetle bug but of course it’s not
perfect hey it was ten thousand pennies let me give you an inside tour check
this out it’s got black and gray seats and the coolest thing is check this out
it’s a manual car so you have to actually shift gears in order to get
this thing to move and when you sit in this car it is so spacious it literally
is like a round thing it’s the coolest thing ever you sit here and you look out
the front and it’s like so while you came and touch the glass it’s seriously
so far in front it’s like riding in a fishbowl the headliner right here is
coming down a little bit but hey that’s okay it looks pretty cool anyways it’s
even got back seats how awesome is that it has heated seats too and they get
super hot because they can go all the way up to five another tiny little issue
has is check this out there’s a hole in the car I think this might lead to the
outside of the car but oh well you can just cover it up with a mat just like
that good as new and shares let’s check out what that turbo looks like check it
out a small but awesome little engine it
says turbo right there it’s a little dusty in here and we got uh some stuff
like breaking off there but that’s why they call it a project car it’s got a
couple dents here here here the windshields cracked a little bit here
it’s got a couple huge dance on the side here too but overall I would say this is
an awesome car and shares this is a black car right now we got it all black
because it’s going to be a blank template to make it any color we watch
so if you have any awesome ideas comment what color we should make this car we
could literally make this car any color you want we have as many options as
possible I think we can make this pink and give it to Liz we can make it yellow
like the Sun we could turn into like a watermelon
some type of fruit there’s so many different options that we could do with
this if you want to help design this car head on over to my instagram at steve
and share add me on instagram follow me on instagram i’ll be posting a picture
you can screenshot that picture and draw your own design and take your design and
tag me in it so i can check out your awesome idea and hey if we pick your
idea we’ll give you a shout out but now hey what are you waiting for let’s go
for a ride in this thing it is so awesome oh I almost forgot
check out the wait sound it’s actually kind of loud because the muffler is
broken so it sounds even more epic alright let’s start this thing oh yes shares times the careers let’s do
this share the love fog oh yeah
so I’m still learning how to drive this thing because it is a manual car and
sometimes I mess up a little bit but so far I’m pretty good I’m learning quick
this car is so much fun this car is a six-speed manual it’s a turbo app which
I think means it has more power but look how much room there is in this car like
it’s actually really big we could load this thing with fan mail we could do a
bunch of stuff with this co-chairs the possibilities in this car are endless
there’s so much that we could do with this thing oh hang on gonna do a turn
yes whoo raangi raangi rego turn turn turn
turn turn oh okay whew I’m still learning I’m still learning but it’s
working we’re getting there you might wondering why they call the turbo s well
check this out this noise that it makes is the exact reason they call it your
breasts because you can hear the turbo the power of it ready that fan noise is the turbo kicking in
and boosting this thing to make it go even faster shares this car might look
like a little bug but it’s actually pretty fast and pretty powerful oops I’m still learned how to drive this
thing well shares why I’m still learning how
to drive this thing remember go add me on Instagram send in
your awesome ideas on how we should paint this car any color you want
any drawing any design you want and until next time you know what to do stay
awesome and share the love peace!


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