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Wow what is going on Sharer’s welcome to
the vlog welcome to another awesome day today we’re gonna do something totally
crazy we’re going to buy surprise with all pennies yes we have a lot to do today
and one of the craziest thing is check this thing out we have a hole in the
ceiling yesterday we had to call plumber to come because the shower above was
leaking yeah and that’s not the only crazy thing another cool thing that
happened was Carter got the coolest thing ever and he’s actually like Carter
basically his own Bank now you gotta check this out I need about hundred
dollars so anytime I need money now all I got to do is come to Carter hey Carter
Carter Steve does someone say $100 oh yeah I did you want to die here like
dollars yes I check this out I’m gonna load it up in this gun Oh
Carter’s money gone yeah this is called a super money gun you put the money in
the top and close the lid you ready for this Steve I’m ready
but if you want $100 you have to catch it in midair that’s the rule all right
hang on okay I’m in position I’m ready to go I’m ready to catch this thing you
can only keep it if you can catch it okay ready yeah here we go three two one
go Oh it’s okay oh we are good we are on to
the next step shares now we just got to convert this $100 bill into all pennies
okay how you gonna do that ah good question let’s go figure it out okay sure I didn’t want to film when I
went into the bank but um I got a hundred dollars of pennies and it is so
heavy I had to have the bank guy help me bring the pennies out to the car I am
sweating now because it was so heavy let’s get home let’s show Carter how
much 100 pennies is it is insane by the way if you were thinking about going to
this pain to get pennies don’t even try the bank that has no more pennies left
we bought all the pennies in the bank Carter Liz good news I got the pennies
bad news is I’m gonna need your help bringing them in a lot well I got $100
worth of pennies which is what ten thousand pennies and they came in four
boxes the bank has no pennies left because we bought all the pennies the
bank has and they are so heavy I had to have the guy at the bank help me bring
them into the car it’s so have you come check it out it’s crazy it is crazy so
heavy I brought the truck all the way to the backyard so it’s easier to get oh
there on this side get ready Carter it is so heavy
you ready yeah okay there’s four box of the penny that’s it lift it I stand on
you lift it oh my gosh it’s so heavy this is really that’s $25 worth of
pennies wait so you have ten thousand pennies ten thousand pen I just made a
video that I had ten thousand dollars oh yeah that $10,000 money gun was
awesome now we have 10,000 pennies we should make a 10,000 penny gun yeah we
got to unwrap all these cuz they come a little stack so we got to get inside
open the box unwrap every single penny and then we
got a stick them in a bag because we’re gonna go buy something with 10,000
pennies what are you gonna buy with 10,000 Kenny’s I never thought it’d be
so heavy yeah shares we’re buying something with 10,000 pennies today
Ricardo let’s get unwrapping these okay okay we’ve got our 10,000 pennies here
let’s open these up Oh what is the inside of $25 that paints
all my goodness shares this is going to take forever to unbox 10,000 pennies wow
this is just 2500 let’s open the rest of these boxes this is going to be crazy
2500 more pennies coming in okay Wow and we got two more boxes left no that box
of pennies coming up one last box of $2,500 of pennies oh yeah Wow okay
couple pennies stacks that fell on the floor this is what 10,000 panes looks
like all rolled up into rolls the next step is to open these rolls and start
pouring out pennies folks are waiting for let’s get to work oh wow this is
gonna be able oh these pages come out like crazy whoa okay just one of these
stacks has 50 pennies in them and we have a lot of stacks shares
let’s get open in 9950 Oh 10,000 pennies look at all of
these chariots this is ten dowels and pennies this is crazy
and going through them check out some of the super rare pennies that I found look
how shiny this one is it’s super shiny and then check this one out it looks
like it’s disease or something was made in 1987 it’s a black penny completely
black comment if you’ve ever seen a black penny like this this is probably
the rarest penny ever this might be work I don’t know maybe like three cents or
something so I’m gonna set that one aside but check this out
so many pennies this is crazy oh there’s so many they’re starting to fall off the
table Oh Sharon we gotta go somehow put these
in a bag and you know we should weigh these see how much ten thousand pennies
weighs my guess is is probably like 50 something pounds maybe even more and
then we got to go buy something with all these pages we have ten thousand pennies
it’s time to buy something amazing oh yeah check it out I got a money bag the
question is will this money bag fit all the pennies nevers might be an issue
it’s either not going to fit all the pennies or I think the bag might break
because the pennies will be so heavy but uh let’s start loading them in oh here
we go oh wow yeah sure I don’t think 10,000 pennies are gonna fit in here
we’re gonna load as much of as we can here we go
oh it’s getting heavy it’s getting real heavy oh my goodness
it’s getting real heavy the bad guys about halfway school we still got a lot
of pennies left whoa let’s go cheer I was feeling this bag might weigh over a
hundred pounds I think 50 was an under estimate I think ten doubt the paintings
weighs probably a hundred pounds 9,999 the 10,000 penny in the money bag
check this thing out oh my goodness hang on okay
this bag now has ten thousand pennies in it wow this is crazy there’s ten
thousand pennies in this bag it weighs oh so so much shares let’s go
away this thing come right now how much think this money bag weighs actually on
second thought I brought this skill here this bag of pennies is seriously so
heavy let’s figure out how much this money bag weighs okay here we go
first off get the scale work in all right zero zero bring this thing on
Sherri’s if you have already commented oh my goodness I use two hands to lift
this okay two hands two hands oh my gosh load this up ready and oh wow
shares common how much you think this weighs hey Carter Liz come here hey
Carter get so much this bag weighs whoa this build with all penny this is all
paise this what ten ten thousand pennies whoa I got to say I already know how
much it weighs the shares are all common in guessing how much it weighs is it
super heavy yeah I came like a bit like how much how much do you think that
weighs oh my gosh it feels like 500 pounds I know it seriously feels so
heavy oh I would have to say that this these are all pennies in here yeah ten
thousand pennies $100 worth of pennies I would say like 50 pounds yeah I think
it’s good like 50 pounds this is so heavy right ready let’s find out okay
keep in mind aughter only weighs eight so that would
be like six otters squashed into this little bag that’s a lot all right ready
yeah let’s weigh this thing here we go left go okay whoa
what does it say it says four point six all right I wanna get harder guess
they’re right I was double the weight but yeah it’s super heavy I can’t
believe how heavy a nice but the cooler thing is what we’re going
to buy with 10,000 pays car you read by someone 10,000 pennies yeah I got a
handful right here 10,000 so uh put this one back into 10,000 pennies pick it up
we’re gonna go buy something crazy pick it up Liz hey yeah it’s impossible
to pick up this is crazy Oh oh my gosh okay well as soon as we
get this into the car we’ll go buy something that you don’t want to zip it
up before okay we’re here Kurt are you ready to find out what we’re buying yeah
you know I’ve been waiting this whole car I don’t want to know ten thousand
pennies it sure is you’d be surprised with ten thousand pennies can buy you
let’s get out let’s buy this thing and shares I’m trying to give you some clues
we’re in basically a vacant warehouse area but this is where the prize
position is such as do you haven’t already guessed what we’re getting I’m
not giving you many clues but just based on the information I gave you so far
comment what you think we’re gonna buy with 10,000 penny you already guessed
how much you thought 10,000 pennies weighed now it’s time to guess what you
can buy with 10,000 pennies oh my gosh Steve come on
come on I see you coming come on bring those pennies oh my gosh oh oh he’s a
real spy this thing was doing this is amazing oh my gosh it looks so good
isn’t it totally awesome it looks so good I just wonder if ten thousand
pennies is gonna be enough for this thing Oh chairs we cannot wait to show you this
awesome surprise on what we bought for 10,000 paints and I can’t wait to get
rid of this because this is super heavy yeah so we’re gonna go to the trade and
it’s gonna be all ready to go for tomorrow’s vlog let’s even shadows don’t
miss tomorrow’s well I can’t miss subscribe button even subscribe button Oh
some cases we’ll see you tomorrow and don’t forget first come and get the
swag pack oh yeah we’ll see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do eyes
closed eyes closed mama let’s keep your eyes closed
alright straight right there okay one


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