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11 Classic Video Games You Can Play Online!

11 Classic Video Games You Can Play Online!

Press “power” and play old school Atari games like “Space Invaders”, or venture down the “Oregon Trail”. Michael has typhoid? DONG has dysentery? Jake has measles? Kevin has exhaustion? Nikki has died? where did I go wrong? Hello, I’m Nikki and let’s go back in time. The only games you would play on the go were either on a gameboy or a non smartphone. Well, it’s throwback DONG’s day and there’s no need to dust off those old controllers because just for you I have several retro video game DONGs: “Things You Can Do Online Now Guys. For more Atari games you can play “Pong”, “Asteroids”, and even “Centipede” straight from the Atari website. There are several other titles to choose from with updated graphics. But for me, “Snake” takes the cake for my video game nostalgia. See how long you can last and how long you can grow, as you eat apples and avoid running into walls, and yourself. Play all levels of this 1980 classic at “” You make pacman “walka walka” all over the board eating pellets to advance to the next level, all the while being chased by ghosts. Eating a power pellet allows you to eat your enemies for a small amount of time. You’ve probably played this before. You’ve probably play “Tetris” before. It has been on over fifty platforms, in 185 countries. And if you’ve ever been on a Windows computer in the 90s, you probably played “Minesweeper” before, released in 1989. Or at least clicked a bunch until you lost. And you’ve definitely played Super Mario Brothers. Mentioned previously in a DONG is Super Mario crossover this game has an updated version. In this amazing fan remake play as your other favorite Nintendo characters, traveling through the Mushroom Kingdom. Each character is accompanied with abilities that you know and love and the respected game music, and sound effects with multiple level themes to choose from, more characters, and multiple scans from each. And if that just makes you miss blowing to the bottom of your N.E.S cartridges, offers many Nintendo titles
ready to play in your web bowser — y-your web browser. Like, Metroid and Contra. And for a more portable game, boy you should visit they offer several Gameboy titles including most of the Pokemon games even Pokemon pinball and the Japan exclusive, Pokemon Green. And before you play Street Fighter 5 you should play Street
Fighter 2 champion edition. It even has button values for light medium and high
attacks for easy medium and heavy there’s flash flash revolution with many
songs to choose from, finger-tap to your favorite DDR songs and get that double A it’s
definitely a less sweaty experience. Links to all DONGs can be found in the
description below I’m Nikki and as always, thank for playing. [OUTRO PLAYS]

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