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$139 Smart Ring That Isn’t Smart

$139 Smart Ring That Isn’t Smart

$139 Smart Ring That’s Isn’t Smart! Worst
Wearable Ever! Alright, what’s the difference between this Ring Pop and this right here?
Only one ring I actually want to keep. And teaser, you could buy a pack of 15 at Target
for $5. Hey, what’s good, guys? Keaton here. So for as long as I can remember, I’ve always
been a big fan of wearables. Matt introduced me to the Pebble a few years ago and I’ve
freaking loved it ever since just because I’m one of those people that is on their phone
way too much. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been told while I’m at the dinner table
to put my phone away. And I guess having a smartwatch has kind of fixed that problem.
So naturally I was really pumped to check out what a smart ring was and what it could
do. But to my surprise, I was really disappointed. So let’s check it out. So this is the Neyya
smart ring, it goes for $139 and it works with your Android and iOS devices. And even
your Mac and PC, which I thought was pretty cool. So what’s different about this ring
compared to some of the other ones out there is this touch pad. And when I saw this, I
thought like, this was gonna be it, and it would be a lot more practical than it ended
up being. So to install the ring, and it comes in three different sizes. I didn’t get the
right size, but it still works for my experience on it. It’s really tight, again that’s just
’cause of my sizing thing. So you’re gonna want to install this where you can contact
it with your thumb. That’s essentially the best way to use it and just the most natural
way to use it. So I have easy access to this touch pad right here. So some of the things
you can do with the Neyya is adjust the volume on your phone just by swiping left and right,
but how practical, really, is that? I mean, or just doing it on your smartwatch. You can
activate Siri. Sometimes this works for me, sometimes it doesn’t. You just hold down on
here. Oh, it came up that time. Look, three seconds before, it wasn’t doing this. You
can get notifications as there is a vibrate switch in here. So it’ll vibrate when like
a call or a text comes in. Or sometimes it does that. Sometimes it does that, sometimes
it doesn’t. So that kind of is a big problem when like, that’s half the reason why you’d
want to buy this ring. Another thing you can do is capture pictures. So since you can swipe
left and right which controls the volume, you can naturally take pictures. So let me
get a good one here. Just like that. And in terms of battery life on this guy, the company
claims around three days worth of battery life, and just in 90 minute charge, so about
half those things actually work. So the Neyya has its own app. And when I first say this
I was like, “Whoa. “This actually seems like it’s the real deal.” But it’s not the real
deal. It sometimes works. So for example, when you go into the Notified part, and you
go to Calls and Messages, and let’s say for example, I want to just get text messages
from Matt, I turn on that Priority VIP thing, and I should just get vibrations on this ring
from Matt. And that has only worked for me once. And Matt has texted me like hundreds
of times since I actually got this. And I’ve only gotten one vibration. That’s not good.
That’s not good when their whole selling point is like, “Oh, this should kind of replace
the smartwatch. “And this should just kind of be “something you always keep on your finger.”
And I just really wasn’t too stoked about that. So there’s some other things on here
like Play and Pause Music, which is kind of cool, but I never really use that. Capturing
Selfies was actually awesome because you know, with a smartwatch you have to like have both
your hands on here. or just take the watch off as a whole. So I did actually like that,
but for the most part, the app was kind of like, eh, for me. And that’s kind of like
half the experience here. So what the Neyya’s trying to do is kind of replace your smartwatch.
And that really would work if everything as advertised actually worked. One thing I just
could not stand, guys, is the design of this. And I kind of saw on pictures, I didn’t think
it would be like this bad, but it is freaking huge on my finger. I don’t know if you can
see, but here is my finger without the ring. Here is it with the ring. Here is my Pebble
Time Round. Here the ring. It is freaking huge. And I just really wouldn’t want to wear
this on a daily basis. And like, I don’t think my mom who actually wears a ring would even
want to wear this on a daily basis. And for some of the stuff that this thing can do,
it just didn’t work 10 out of 10 times. And that kind of sucks. And another thing I could
not stand was like this charger thing here. So there’s no actual, physical kind of port
you plug into. You just take this charging dock here, you take the ring off, and then
you just set it down. And then from there it’s supposed to charge. Allegedly. I left
this thing overnight. I thought I was charging it, 50-100% battery, I woke up with like 75%
battery, so that’s a thing. And to be honest, guys, I just thought this would be a much
better experience, and everything would work. This thing is actually encountering more problems
than I had ever imagined. And I guess what really kind of just hits home for me on this
is with this smart ring, compared to like a smartwatch or even Google Glass, you remember
that? I remember that. You’re still gonna have to take your phone out if you’re using
a smart ring. Now if you’re using a Pebble, for example, you can see a notification pop
up, you can dismiss it and still keep your phone in your pocket, but this, you have to
do the exact opposite. And that’s kind of where I don’t really get what this does, and
I don’t really get what a smart ring should be. I don’t really know who this is for. To
be honest, guys, is this worth $139? Hell to the no. You’re better off buying a 15-pack
of Ring Pops for $5 and you’re gonna be a lot happier with these. And before I head
out, I want to give a huge thanks to Braintree Payments for making this video possible. So
in case you guys don’t know this, we actually have t-shirts. Here is one, they look freaking
awesome. Matt gets all the credit for this because he set it up entirely. So if you guys
don’t know what Braintree is, they are the king in payments. Their SDK makes it
super simple to integrate. You can ask Matt, he will tell you himself. And they support
over 130 currencies in over 40 countries which is pretty sweet. And chances are they accept
your currency. And they support currencies, like Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and Android Pay which
is just all my favorite. I’m a big fan of Apple Pay and Bitcoin, so like naturally,
I had to have this on my t-shirt site. So go and check it out in the link in the description
below, or go to to get started. So yeah, that’s pretty much
it for this video. If you guys enjoyed it, a like rating would be really awesome. Basically
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you guys next time. Peace.


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