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$15 TWO-SIDED RC FLIP CAR! FLiP STUNT RALLY RC CAR by Sharper Image review!

$15 TWO-SIDED RC FLIP CAR! FLiP STUNT RALLY RC CAR by Sharper Image review!

Wha-wha-wha-what’s going’ on, guys? Dingy Dawg here, and today we’re going to be taking a look at the Flip Stunt Rally RC car by Sharper Image, coming in at approximately $15 USD, which does not include the 4 AAA batteries needed to run. This thing is very interesting because if you flip it over, you can actually drive it upside down There’s even a whole ‘nother body shell on the underside of the car. Both have headlights, which really help when you’re trying to drive in the dark and the thing has these gigantic rubber tires which are actually semi-pneumatic and filled with air. I’m a little bit afraid I’m going to puncture one, though. It has four wheel drive, which is pretty cool for conquering multiple types of terrains, and I really like the looks of the car body shells on either side. They look very sporty. I like the paint job as well. Here’s the controller that comes included with the vehicle. It has a flexible antenna, so not going to break off. It’s a 49mhz unit The way this works is, it doesn’t work like a standard car, where it’s forward, backward, left, right, It’s that each of these joysticks actually provides independent control over the left and right wheels. So, let me turn this on. and turn the controller on. So, if I press the right stick, (car wheels spinning) the right wheels will spin, and if I press the left stick (car wheels spinning) then the left wheels spin and if you press them both at the same time… WOAH! BANG! Then you see what happens, it goes forward, and you press both backwards it goes backward, and operate them independently to turn. Alright, let’s drive! OOF! OOF! So, wrapping up the video, here are my final thoughts on the Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally RC Car I really like this thing. For the price it is absolutely amazing. $15 only guys, I mean you can get this thing for only $15 and with that you get a car that’s extremely durable, extremely fast, and extremely fun. It has really good performance. If you’re looking for something for a kid, like a kid’s first RC car this would definitely be the first choice you’d want to make Because it’s cheap, in case you break something, It’s only $15 or so to replace, maybe less and it’s really durable, so it might not even break it all. it was taking a lot of falls down stairs. But anyway, thank you so much for watching please be sure to like share and subscribe for more awesome videos If you like this car, I’ll have it linked in the description for you to buy and I’ll see you in the next video. Goodbye!


okay maybe im brain dead. but I cant figure out how to flip it. it says to hit the button on top while using the joystick and its not working.. any secrets? I got it for my 5 year old nephew and he luvs it it does everything you said ( i need to set up boards like you did ) but i cant get it to flip based on instructions. Ive hit that button/ joystick combo and it just grinds? And he really wants to flip it lol. Any trick / or am i missing something? Thanks!

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