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Edit: toshiakiskatelife followed me then unfollowed I was happy 😞

My boyfriend is like kyonuske. Their move in skating is same. And also the body built and the style. My boyfriend is also always champion when he competes. He also won in Vans competition he is the champion.

Hey luis ur vids always pump me up and i needed this to get pumped cuz i have a upcoming contest in 3 days.Thx for ur vids cuz they are an insipration , thx for inspiring me to skate and always try my hardest

Love your vids Luis keep up the great work, and hope you are healthy and aren’t stressing to much muck love❤️❤️❤️

I think Kyonosuke would be great at darkslides and primoslides and it would be something unique for his video parts if he can learn and be consistent with those tricks and add to his overall style

As soon as I saw Tak I cringed cause I thought you added the footage of him breaking his ankle. Hoping for a fast recovery.

Yo all that vulcanized shoe bulkshit is litterally a industrial tactic to make you spend more for degraded hence more flexible rubber. Skating sets like this you need a good cup sole shoe. Cupsole does not mean it's super thick it's simply means the rubber is molecularly more intact and tougher dude look at how that kid was going up the holly wood 12 his feet are getting destroyed

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