2 Person Homemade Rocket Launcher!! **SUPER LONG**

– I’m cruising down, Bird
sees me get a little shaky, oh no. (dramatic music) – [Bird] Boom. – Doesn’t even hurt. Welcome to a very normal Best Day Ever. We don’t have any crazy baby news. I’m not traveling somewhere crazy. It’s just you and me and this. I told you guys about this yet? Let me tell you about it. So I think everyone has
probably been thinking this is some sort of crazy
skateboard ramp thing, right Shaun? False. It’s actually gonna be a
super fun slide for the kids. There’s gonna be a big
thing, then they come down it shoots down here and it
goes and then you can walk back up the stairs and there’ll
be carpet on the side. It’s gonna be awesome. We have lots of fun surprises like that. But that’s all you get to know for now ’cause I can’t tell you all
the fun secrets right away. You’ll slowly learn all the
fun secrets of two point O. The point is today, today’s the day, I’ve been looking at
this, I been eyeing this for like, it’s been here
for like five days now I gotta skate it, it just look like, imagine up there, (whooshes) Problem is lot os problems. It’s really steep. This isn’t smooth at
all this is like donk. Got some chips in the cement, oh shoot. Hopefully my wheels don’t hit right there. And then you’ve got nails sticking up. We gotta hit that in, another one. I think there’s nails going all the way up and then the very top piece up there, isn’t even secured yet. So we can’t put any
weight on the top piece. It’s gonna be interesting. But it’s a goal. When I look back and see this slide I want to be like, yo I skated that before the slide was there. But also all this probably has to go so I don’t hit it. Another problem, last problem. Fixable problem. My skateboard, looks like that. It’s dead. (dramatic music) That’s okay, we got more skateboards, we can clean this up, we can hit nails in. But if you think that’s
gonna be cool, false, it’ll be kind of cool,
what’s gonna be really cool, is this, Chicken you want to
tell them about your new hobby? – So this is what I do all the time now. I’m a set builder, you know we have trees, this is gonna be a mountain
set with a big owl, we’re thinking maybe tie fighter as well. There’s a lot of different options, like set building there’s
a lot of creativity. – You and your set building,
I’ll tell you what. So real story, Chicken has
created, where’s the cannon, where’s the cannon? It’s kind of in pieces, we
need to put it together more. That is a very powerful
cannon and Chicken is filming a video for space station gaming. Any hints as to what’s gonna be happening, or do we just see it as you go? – I don’t think you need any more, I mean, I’m building a miniature set like, – [Shaun] Okay. – It’s gonna be cool. – So, we’ll watch what
they’re doing with the cannon, we’ll watch me shred the slide stairs and we’ll just have a best day ever. Welcome to the space station everybody. How’s it going, have you
guys been doing good? How’s your Fourth of July? – Good, very good, lots of family time. – [Shaun] You wear that Speedo? – I did not get the Speedo. – [Shaun] (groans) Bird
how was your Fourth? – Very free. – [Shaun] Very, well okay, wow. Marcos, Fourth how was it? – None of your business. (laughs) – [Shaun] Get those glasses on. First step find some friends
that’ll help you clean up. Hey friends, will you help me clean up? – [Friend] Yes. – Yay! (cheerful music) Easy. Next step, build the skateboard. I’m gonna build a skateboard,
can you sweep this, so it doesn’t look spooky. – So you don’t just (whistles)? – [Shaun] Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. (clatters) We’re going with some
very festive grip tape. That’s gonna look fancy,
the fancier you look, the better you skate. Just remember that fancy
looks, better skates, easy. (playful music) Now you got Santa Cruz grip tape on a Toy Machine skateboard, it’s diversity. The more diverse you are,
the better you skate. Alex. – Yo. – Looks amazing. I have
another mission for you. I can like up there, it’s not connected, so I can’t sit there so
where the first beam is like right there, we gotta put
like a little drop in block like uh, this. (Legend of Zelda theme music) Put this like this, but all he way up top so I can like have
something like put my toe in and then drop in on. – I got you.
– [Shaun] You got it, 100%? – 100%. (crackles) – [Shaun] You ready for this? – Dude this is so steep. (laughs) – [Shaun] Not the, no,
don’t, don’t, don’t, no not too much further,
it’s not connected up there, you’ll fall through.
– You have to do it like it’s, oh it’s not connected up here? – [Shaun] Yeah, the top
one’s not connected. – Oh my gosh dude. – [Shaun] So like right
there, see where the seam is? – Just right here? – [Shaun] That one is
connected so right there, alright, you got this. – This is actually scary. – [Friend] I know. – [Alex] This is actually. – [Shaun] Are you spooked? – He’s gonna break his little ankles. Look at those small ankles
they’re about to break. – I guarantee he goes down. – [Marcos] He’s about to go down. – [Alex] I don’t like this.
– He’s one step closer, (rock music) and he’s about the break. – Let’s check in with Chicken, Chicken how’s your project going? Pretty good?
– it’s, – [Shaun] Is it a putting
green for hamsters? – It’s gonna be something, I don’t know, it’s, we’re trying to figure
out how to get this to work. – [Shaun] Good luck. My project’s almost done. It’s not a race though, it’s not a race. (bangs) – [Marcos] There you go. – [Shaun] Is it in? – [Man] One of them. Please be in. – [Shaun] Those, those are decorative. I would probably hit that again. – [Man] No, no, no, no, no. – [Alex] Actually no? – Uh-huh, I wouldn’t.
– I wouldn’t do it dude. You don’t have your construction license. (laughs) – [Shaun] Hit ’em in, I don’t want to like slip out and have that catch my eyeball. – That’s what I’m saying dude. – [Shaun] It’s hard just
to stand up there, huh? – It’s so steep. – [Shaun] Drop the hammer as a test, just do a hammer test. Watch out, hammer test. Pretend this is me on a skateboard. (cheers) – That’s yeah, that’s you’re ankle dude. – Pause on my project because the cannon’s ready. Not exactly sure what they’re doing but they’re ready to do it so, halftime show. We’re gonna watch this. And have you never been to our studio? – No. – [Shaun] Yeah this is where we shoot most of our studio shots. – Quality set we got going right now. – [Shaun] Yeah we put
rocks here just so we can kind of do whatever in the
studio and not have to worry about it you know. For 10,000 bonus points, who’s this guy? Leave a comment, pretty easy 10,000 bonus points right there. – You ever been to Mount Rushmore before because we’re taking you
there here in a little bit. – [Man] Look it’s Mount Rushmore. – Mount Rushmore will just be part of the green screen. This’ll be the foreground mountain. – The whole mountain carving
thing did not work at all. – [Shaun] That’s what you were doing, you were trying to carve Mount Rushmore? – No, no, no, no, no, I was just trying to carve a mountain in
general but it didn’t work. Mount Rushmore is way out of the picture. We’re just gonna use a,
technically a blue screen. – [Shaun] Won’t it get
lost in the sky? (sighs) So this is the detonator,
gonna detonate the camera to film that. How does it work Dan? – So we’re filming 1500
frames a second, 720p. – [Shaun] Same, same. – Yeah same. We’re gonna shoot that
as soon as it passes in front of the scene, Marco will flick it and it’ll save the last eight seconds. – [Shaun] So it’s always
recording and when he clicks it it just saves the last eight? – Yup. – The more you know. – Aiming the barrel on just to like get a, – [Shaun] I usually use a
shopping cart full of helmets and foam to aim barrels on. – We need that to go like in between the tree and whatever that is. Right in this. – [Dan] It’s an osprey,
thank you very much, (laughs) – [Shaun] This is the worst
set I’ve ever seen in my life. – Are you kidding me, we
just broke the 10,000, – [Shaun] Holy crap we really did. I caught that on film guys. That I’ve ever seen in my life. – [Man] Are you good? – I’m nervous. What if they just like explode the bird? (laughs) – I will literally kill someone. Sorry don’t put that in the vlog. Don’t make it public that we actually have a deadly weapon okay? – Yeah my muscles. Oh, I’m still, I’m just
trying to kill as much time as possible so I don’t
have to go skateboard down that giant ramp so I’m just
gonna keep killing time. – Go over towards the
car to the left yeah. It’s really hard. – What an exciting day,
I would say this is an extra exciting day
but this is kind of how the Space Station always is, to be honest. That’s why I like filming Best Days Ever. – I think we’re ready,
can you get the valve. – [Man] Make sure we’re
ready and moving my way up. – Hold on. – [Man] Clear Alex, – [Shaun] What are you thinking Alex? Why would you chose to be over there? – Making sure no one gets nailed by a five hour energy. – [Shaun] You know
what, you’re responsible and I like it. – [Dan] Try and use both
hands to twist that valve. – [Shaun] I’ll hold this up. – Hold it, ready. – Yup. – Parker ready? – [Parker] Yeah.
– [Dan] The red light is on? – [Parker] Yeah it’s pretty easy. – Three, two, one. Oh shoot I twisted the wrong way, oh wait, no I didn’t. – [Shaun] Chicken. – Three, two, one. (blasts) (laughs) – [Parker] I clicked it. – [Shaun] Did everyone do their job? Wow, everyone good, you good? – [Dan] How soon after did you click it? – [Parker] Like one second maybe. Kind of like startled
me and then I remembered I had eight seconds to click it so I was just kind of sitting there. – [Shaun] Oh my gosh, this is amazing. That’s the coolest projects ever. Alex, are we doing this? Are we gonna skate down the ramp, through the woods? – You’re doing this. – [Shaun] Good luck,
keep doing cool stuff. Guys, look. New, skate board. Alex, film this. – [Alex] Oh. – Check it out, skateboard tricks. (clatters) Woo. Fabulous. Woo. – [Alex] Woo. – First try, no warm up,
how could this go wrong? Forwards and backwards. – I don’t like any of this
Shaun-derous, I really don’t. – Hey, I need a coach,
come on coach, let’s go. – This is what I’m nervous about. – Shaun-derous, – [Both] Shaun-derous,
– aw you can do it. – [Both] Shaund-erous. Shaun-derous – Come on guys I need some
support here. Shaun-derous, Shaun-derous. – Thanks Bird, as steep as this is though, I think we need cushion and that’s why, the idea that I have, see what you think, is to have the couch
ready to catch your butt. – Alex, you didn’t put these nails in bro. What if I slip and catch
my eyeball on that. – [Alex] Those are gross. – Crazy, hey, we got a madman going down the steepest thing I’ve ever seen. – That’s actually super steep. – [Marcos] I know. – I’ve been like up there
without a skateboard before like oh yeah, it’ll be fun,
now I’m there skateboard I’m like, oh. – [Marcos] Put your end down.
– Put my end down. – What we want to do, is be
ready to catch you like this. – [Alex] Isn’t that
going to be in the way? – Let’s uh, let’s just
lean it against this. – Fail again. – Shaun’s thinking, huh, there you go. Put that right there. – Mark my words Alex, I’m nervous. (laughs) – Oh that’s horrible, I’m just, I’m literally just going
straight into a couch at that point. I’ll be up and right here and then so. (screams) (laughs) – [Bird] If you start to fall I’ll just. – [Alex] That actually
would cause more injury. – Oh really, if I start to
fall slide this under me imagine that, let’s try it, let’s try it. I’m cruising down, Bird sees
me getting a little shaky, oh no, (clatters) – [Bird] Boom. – Doesn’t even hurt. Foolproof plan right there. – Boom, protected. (laughs) – Bro I lost my shoe. (laughs) – Whoa, whoa. There’s a lot of bad
omens happening right now. – This ramp is the real deal. This is so sketchy. Albert did you put this in good? – [Albert] I hope so. – I feel like I could just rip it off. Lets take a look at this thing here. Yeah, move that couch,
that couch is literally the worst idea ever. I promise you I’ve never see a worse idea. – [Man] We got it, we got it. – Is this, is this classified as Best Day Ever stuff? ’cause it’s starting to feel a little bit the other direction. (laughs) I’m just kidding this is oh, this one’s spooky, look at that. (knocks) put any weight on there, you’re done. – [Man] Don’t look down. – Holy crap. (laughs) (cheers and applauds) Chicken I did it! – Victory, oh I didn’t know
you were going to do that. (groans)
(laughs) – Victory. (claps) – [Alex] Dudes. – Are you ready for the most
amazing thing you’ve ever seen? This is going in two point O. Whoosh. That is a giant rocket pizza LED sign. – We got some random letters too. – And random letters. Wow. Little by little guys, I’m calling it, just hold me accountable,
two weeks from now, two weeks from now, we will have a Space Station two point O. Alright, it’s not a Best
Day Ever until I get to hand out with Jenny and Natalie. They’re doing a little
girls shopping trip today. Clothes shopping, I don’t think it’s fun but maybe you’ll think it’s fun, bye. – [Mom] Good bye little winkle. Ally you ready to go? – Yeah, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. – [Mom] Hey where are we going? – The store. Get me stroller. – What? We are going to the store
mommy, daughter date and we need a new stroller guys. We took this little guys out for a walk and what happened honey? – I was in this stroller but the baby sit in it. – [Mom] We need a stroller
that holds both of you. – Yeah. – [Mom] Ready? – Mommy’s gonna push me guys. – Yup, I’m gonna push you. (laughs) whoa big jumps. Those squats though. Don’t beat me, don’t beat me. (pants) Oh you beat me. Okay, you’re over here miss. – Mom I wanna walk. – [Mom] We’re here. Get your shoes on. Why do you take your shoes
off every time in the car? – Yeah. – Do any of your kids do
that, like it’s so annoying. Every single time. – I take my shoe all
the way off in the car. – [Mom] Weirdo. (laughs) what? – The ice cream store. – Is that the ice cream store? Do you like that place? – Yeah. I’m ready. I can take this. – [Mom] Do you think the
stroller’s gonna fit in there? – Yeah. Let’s get soda drink for you mom. – [Mom] A drink? Can you recognize what drink’s mommy’s? – Yeah. – [Mom] Which one’s mommy’s? – Soda. – [Mom] Soda, (laughs). You found the aisle. Should we pick out a stroller? You got to find the one that
you and brother can fit in. (mumbles) Oh what about this one? There’s a spot for a
brother and a spot for you. – Yeah let’s get out. – [Mom] Okay. – Oh my gosh. It’s too big mom. – [Mom] Whoa. Oh what goes right here? – Fishies. – [Mom] Fishies. – Cups. – [Mom] Cups. – Cup. – [Mom] Oh look, and
there’s a spot for brother. – He can look at you mom. – [Mom] Yeah he can look at me. Alright let’s see if you fit. – I can’t. – [Mom] Wait I think there’s a secret. Whoa look at that. You think it fits? – It fit. – [Mom] what? Are you ready to go? – Push me mom. Yeah. – Okay, you hold the camera. Oh. – Oh, let’s pick a new
stroller for me and baby. – I don’t think the store one turns but I like this one so I
think we’re gonna do this one. (upbeat music) We’re done shopping, you ready? – Mm-hmm. – [Mom] What did you remember? – Ice cream. – Ice cream. I can’t believe I forgot about ice cream. Solid mommy/daughter date,
ice cream and target. Abby I want to show
you something, come on. Who’s this? You see. – Daddy and mommy. – Yeah. (laughs) that was like five years ago, really. What flavor are you gonna get? – Pink. (squeals) It’s like a slime. – [Mom] Yeah you’re all done. Here we gotta put some toppings on it. – Okay.
– [Mom] What do you want? – Gummies. Skittles. – [Mom] They don’t have skittles. They have nerds, do you want nerds? – Yeah. – [Mom] Mmm. Cheers. (upbeat music) Do you want nerds? – Yeah. (spits)

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