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200K Update 😳, Q&A Ep 3, Channel Memberships, Happy New Year!

200K Update 😳, Q&A Ep 3, Channel Memberships, Happy New Year!

what’s up guys i’m ben from authentech
and huge thank you i’m super honored and blessed we just blew through two hundred
thousand subscribers but seriously such a huge number and i’m seriously just
honored i remember just like yesterday when i was super small i couldn’t even
imagine hitting 100,000 we just doubled it and who knows what the future holds
also super cool since we just hit 200k a few days ago we’re ready at 2300 plus in
just a few days that is so awesome so thank you thank you thank you to all
of you guys who have ever clicked that subscribe button and maybe even that
belt notifications I’m super grateful I’m also super thankful to any and all
brands and companies who have ever sent me a product to review or maybe a
sponsorship it’s helped feed my family and helped grow this channel over the
years also huge shout out to Danny from space city drones for sending his fpv
racing quad right through that 200k gingerbread house in today’s a little
update video i wanted to bring you guys behind the scenes of what’s coming up in
2019 QA episode 3 and a little surprise at the end so happy New Year to you all
2019 just next week I’m flying over to Vegas for CES if you see me come over
and say hello it’d be awesome to meet you I have a few fun videos planned for
while I’m over there and then as this channel continues to grow I have a lot
more bigger and more fun exciting projects video ideas and even some
giveaways so this is gonna be Q&A episode 3 I asked you guys on my
Instagram Twitter and my YouTube community tab to send in your questions
make sure you guys are following me on my Instagram in case you haven’t already
thank you all for submitting your questions let’s jump right in Kyle asks
what made you want to start a YouTube channel so I’ve always been into making
videos that’s why stay in college and really into tech and gadgets I used to
buy gear all the time for my video business and then if I saw there weren’t
good reviews out there I’ll just make it for fun well then I made that hoverboard
video it blew up I saw the massive potential of YouTube so now I’m able to
mix the two world perfectly together I love making videos and I love reviewing
playing with and testing different tech gadgets camera gear all that sorts of
stuff see jog as any plans on doing a
comparison on the Osmo pocket vers Osmo plus they never sent me the Osmo pocket
so not sure if that comparison is coming soon but stay tuned and thank you guys
for always sending your video ideas and suggestions I’m always listening and if
I have time I try to make that video for you guys when I can clickbait GT how
much is all of your tech worth like RC car phone and all that cool stuff I try
to sell a lot of my old stuff so not including that maybe 10 15 kegs just a
rough guess you seen ass how long have you been on YouTube okay so I’m not sure
to find out I go find my hoverboard video which is what kicked it all off
we’re at 15 million views on that sucker that is so awesome
thank you thank you that was published on June 11 2015 so we’re about three and
a half years going full-time on YouTube oh he also asks how do I get subscribers
I’m saying that 36 um I just say keep crane content it’s hard grind it’s a lot
of hard work there’s a lot of competition especially on YouTube right
now but just keep producing content and all it takes is one video to really get
recognized shrieky which is the best gopro hero 6 and hero 7 definitely the
new 7 black is my top favorite right now it’s very very good
Ravin don’t you think sports cans are overpriced specially GoPro I do think
GoPro buffers in a little bit of extra margin on there especially since the Yi
and a few others are really able to undercut it and definitely shop it
around if you’re not being the name-brand GoPro best of the best
there’s a lot of good options out there yanny swannie hey i was just wearing if
you’re doing a giveaway soon maybe your phone a phone giveaway would be awesome
I don’t get a ton of those around but maybe in the future the larger we grow
I’d love to be able to do some phone giveaways alright that’s it for
Instagram jumping to my YouTube community tab we got 15 comments here
Romesh from which country do you have hi subscribers let’s jump into my analytics
and double-check my top country for subscribers is United States and then
India in second place shout-out to you guys from India Peter says if on a
budget would you buy an action camera like a Yi 4k or go kam core
okay so definitely the Yi that’s an action camera you’re gonna have infinity
focus it’s ultra wide-angle I wouldn’t be doing any zoom on that zahid asked
what’s your favorite rideable I have a lot and I’m always changing and going
through them I’m really liking my kingsong electric unicycle right now and
then also my cycle board but stay tuned they have a rover off-roading front and
rear suspension model coming soon hopefully I’ll be getting my hands on
that very very soon what is your favorite iphone what’s your favorite
Samsung phone what’s your favorite phone eden’s life
I’m currently rocking the iPhone 10 as don’t tell anyone but I’m really looking
forward to that Samsung s10 hopefully dropping in the next month or two
Rocketman asks what camera do you film on and how do you edit your videos maybe
an idea for a future video then be awesome I’m using the sony ftra x100
right now I edit everything on my iMac 5k in Final Cut Pro and then yes if
there’s enough interest out there I’d love to do a behind the scenes workflow
editing sort of video down the road Ashley David are you aware of the new
drones coming out with different company I don’t know of anything new coming out
and if I did usually they make you sign an NDA so you’re now really allowed to
talk about it wheel adventures which phone do you like
I’m actually switched back to the iPhone 10 as just because that camera that HDR
4k 60 it looks so good the autofocus and colors just straight on a camera it
works really well for some my quick and dirty b-roll shots Sokka when will you
restart reviewing RC toys especially cars I am gonna try to get back into
some of those RC cars and those fun toys like that so make sure you stay tuned
and I’ll try to ask for giveaways when I can’t SAR what do you like to do other
than making YouTube videos I really like spikeball but haven’t played in a while
I love to grab a scooter and go ride down at the lake or downtown and I like
to play a little bit of video games when I can at Rainbow six siege on PC is my
current favorite and number two please make video on Osmo pocket again I love
to I’d love to compare it to the GoPro and other cameras I’m just waiting for
them to maybe send me one dutch drone do you travel a lot and with what drones
are you making shots I actually don’t travel very much I like
to stay home with the family and it actually depends on which drone I
use depending on the shot the scenario location all that stuff
Nick downer asks which of all your scooters do you ride the most again I’m
really liking that electric unicycle and the cycle board okay and that’s it with
Q&A episode three again thank you all for sending in your questions thank you
thank you now last big update channel memberships
are coming soon very very soon I’m in the works actually with YouTube of
releasing on the beta program of multiple tiers in channel memberships
it’s very cool so just like patreon you can get access to exclusive perks for
small monthly donations I’m trying to create a few small low end tiers so it’s
just a couple bucks a month if you really appreciate what I’m doing and
want to see more videos and then also hopefully a few higher end tiers for
some really cool exclusive perks so stay tuned for that that should be coming
very soon I should make a whole different video when that launches and
if you have any suggestions or requests leave them down in the comments for
those memberships I’m thinking about community updates extra maybe behind the
scenes videos or live streams maybe a live Q&A chat maybe even some promo
discount codes for certain products let me know what your thoughts are down in
the comments massive massive thanks to all of you guys for subscribing I really
really thank you so happy 2019 New Year to you all I’m really excited for what
this new year might hold and if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe
and stick around for more tech videos posted every week thank you guys and
together let’s live off end you


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