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2014 K2 Fatty Pro Aggressive Inline Skate Overview by INLINESKATES.COM

2014 K2 Fatty Pro Aggressive Inline Skate Overview by INLINESKATES.COM

Oh, sorry. Hi, I’m… this is the Daily spin and I’m Steve, the owner of Sorry I was taking a little siesta there. Quite all right, Steve, I was taking a siesta too and it was nice napping side-by- side. It was awesome.
Who are you?
I’m Steve. I’m the owner of
No, you’re not.
Uh, no. I’m Mike Powell with K2. Oh, Mike. You’re the skate guru.
Yeah, that’s what I’ve been called.
Okay and I think we’re here to shoot a video on this skate.
The Fatty Pro, that’s right.
Now, Fatty Pro, this thing has been around forever.
That’s a long running Fatty, I’ll tell you that.
When did the first Fatty come out?
About ’98, I believe. And this skate has lasted through a decade-and-a-half. Almost two decades. Yeah.
This skate is amazing.
Yeah, it spent time on X-Games podiums, won all kinds of contests in just about every skate park in the world.
Which proves that this skate is tried-and-true so you can talk about it. Our friends have probably heard about it for years.
Yep. They probably trashed their last Fatty and it’s just time for a new one, right? Anyways, let’s talk about.
So, one thing you’ll notice with the Fatty when you pick it up, this is the lightest aggressive skate on the market.
So, why do they call it fat? You know, it’s kind of a play on words. Actually, you know, it was named back in the 90s and I don’t know what they were thinking when they named it but it’s a great name and we’ve gone with Fatty Pro. I’m putting you to sleep again. That is great.
Oh, I’m sorry. No, it’s quite all right, Steve. So, let’s get to the cuff on this Fatty Pro. It’s the aggressive cuff. It is the most supportive cuff in the K2 line and that’s what really, you know, sets the standard for what our cuffs are. It’s been beat up since 98 and it hasn’t broken so that’s the fatty cuff.
Let me just show people at home.
Show. Go ahead. Did it break?
No, it didn’t break.
Wait, you lost your mic. I did break the microphone but don’t worry about it, I’ll just talk right into it.
But show them at home. This thing just takes a beating and keeps on streeting.
There you go. So, you get an aggressive skate with a super comfortable upper, a UFS frame that you can put any UFS frame on the base and then you get a 55mm wheel.
Is that a squeal?
UFS? No. No, but I’m sure we could make an acronym with swears in it with U, F and S. But, 55mm wheel, ABEC 5 Bearing, and it’s a proven aggressive skate that is great for parks, rails, skating around, just around the neighborhood too. It’s a great skate all-around.
No joking aside, the K2 Fatty Pro probably is the best selling aggressive skate of all time.
Yes. I would agree with you there.
So, there you go. If you’re looking for an aggressive skate, if you’re looking for a K2, you want a skate that’s durable and light, it’s the skate for you?
That is correct. Okay, you want to sign us off here?
Well, sign us off. I’m Mike and he’s Steve and we’re outta here.
Adios. Amigos.


They called it fatty because it was the first skate to mimic the style of skate shoes skateboarders were wearing. Making it wider and lower to the ground than any skate that was on the market at the time.

If it's that so when can I order some new cuffs bc every pair of my cuffs broke that's the problem and ware are the edits of k2

I skate these for 1 year now.i have the black blue and gray model i think is 2015 model.
How they come as stock so sorry to say but frames and wheels are a joke.I had mine replaced within 1 wheek .I skate mostly concrete ledges so after 2 days the frames were destroyed .Wheels same in 2 days i managed to really break 2 of them.Stock soulplates are too slow ( in some situations i would say sticky )and too narrow.What i did was this:
1 replaced frames with blank frames.
2 replaced wheels with Undercover Nick Lomax pro wheels
3 I just ordered a pair of k2 varsity soulplates and put them on.
After this tunning they where godlike and still are to this day.
Almost forgot,i added a sifka shockabsorber because without you really make your legs hurt.I have like a little raised heel now but trust me is much better.Also the insole needed to be changed because of how cheap and flimsy the stock ones are.In the end after all the extra moneys i spent i think i should have just bought from the beginning any other skate because i think now my entire skate is same value as any top of the line skates.the only real good thing about the stock skate is that i think is the lightest skate on the market.I will try to upload some photos of how they are the photos

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