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2015 K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skate Review by InlineskatesDOTcom

2015 K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skate Review by InlineskatesDOTcom

Hey, I’m Rob from and this is the VO2 100 X Pro from K2. Really cool skate in the fitness line moving into a training skate – it’s not quite a marathon skate but you’re still going to get all that speed and performance that you’re looking for without buying that full blown marathon-style skate. K2 Soft Boot with a Vortech Ventilation pulling the cooler air in, sucking the heat and moisture away from your feet keeping your feet cool especially on longer distance skating. VO2 Cuff – lots and lots of support without adding any extra weight to the skate. You have a buckle up top for extra ankle support and a strap across the top of the foot to help pull your heel back into the heel pocket of the skate. The K2 Speedlacing System is just a quick drawstring; it locks itself, you tuck the string away and you’re ready to go. It has the Performance Hi-Lo Frame and what that’s going to get you is 100mm wheels on the back and 90mm wheels upfront. It’s going to allow for a great power transfer and more maneuverability in this skate but with a high top-end speed with the bigger wheels in the back. ILQ9 Bearings provide a super, super smooth roll and a higher top-end speed especially on those longer distance skates. Really great skate. Not quite a marathon skate but a great high-end performance fitness skate – the VO2 100 X Pro.

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