2016 K2 Radical 100 Womens Inline Skate Overview by INLINESKATES.COM

Hi, welcome to the Daily Spin, I’m Steve, the owner of, and with me today is Mike Powell – K2 skate guru, straight from Seattle. Welcome, Mike.
Thank you very much. And with me on my lap is the go fast, really go fast, super-fast ladies skate from K2, correct?
You are correct.
The K2 Radical 100 for women. So, tell us about this skate. We’ve got the low cuff, we got carbon fiber, we got aircraft aluminum frame, we’ve got lots of wheels and bearings. We got a lot of stuff going on like you said.
And this skate here, this is the flagship of the K2 line. It kind of launched the big wheel phenomenon back, you know, years ago in getting big wheels to the masses. And when you look at this skate it is, you know, it is a powerhouse for ladies out there who want to go fast on the trail. People skating on this skate are definitely going to have a great, great skating, or skate-ability. They have refined their technique and they’re really going to take advantage of this low cuff.
Not for the beginner or faint-of-heart.
No, not at all. It’s got a sculpted cuff and when you have a low-cut cuff like this, you don’t get the same ankle support as you get on one of those higher cut cuffs and your skating technique takes over. So, first and foremost, a good skater’s going to need to be on this skate to really enjoy the performance of it. With this skate, you get a great closure system and two Powerstraps here, one that’s going to keep your heel in the heel pocket, one that’s going to engage that cuff, it’s going to keep it closed. We’ve stayed away from using a ratcheting buckle because it lightens it up a little bit and people on this skate want a light skate that’s going to go fast. When you get through the upper, you still have a very ventilated K2 Softboot and, as you work your way down, you get a carbon fiber base and this base is meant to take the energy you’re putting in to the skate, transfer it to the frame and really put it to road. So, you have carbon fiber that’s not going to lose any energy when it goes into this milled-aluminum frame. It’s all aircraft grade aluminum and then it transfers that power down to the 100mm wheels with those ILQ 9 Plus bearings so you get the fastest skate on the market. It’s going to be super stable and you’re going to be hearing those cowbells as you work your way to the podium on this skate.
Are you excited about this skate?
I love this skate. You sound pretty excited.
Yeah, it’s a great one.
All right, so anything else you want to tell us…now the ideal customer for this skate is…
Is the serious skater who’s had experienced skating for a few years. Like you say, you don’t want a beginner in this skate because, you know, you’re on 100mm wheels so you’re a little bit higher off the ground. You’ve got a low-cut cuff – what that does, it gives you a lot of speed but you have to know how to work that speed and you have to know how to skate this.
This is for the experienced skater.
The experienced, serious skater who wants to fly.
Okay, so there you have it: K2 Radical 100 for women. I’m Steve, this is Mike, and thanks for joining us on the Daily Spin.

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