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olá youtube my name is Ricardo lino and a wheel addict today I’m going to show you a product that you probably not
expecting to see me showing that product it’s a different brand that I usually
show you and I’m excited I’m excited because it’s a brand that people are
starting to talk more and more and more it was super tiny a few years ago and it
seems like it’s coming back so that brand it’s in these boxes I got two
pairs of skates from these guys but today I’m going to
show you one of this case that I got so first thing that you should know is this
is not a review this is just an unboxing and I’m just going to give you my first
impressions of this product so so you might have seen it these are the new m12
escapes from roaches and roaches just announced a new probe scanner which is
Neil’s chances and about a month ago they also announced Joe Atkinson after
the whole drama with end of follow beginning of time and Roach is coming
back into the game well they got a new team and let’s see what this cake looks
like from what I know this skate it’s basically the same from last year
roaches never stop doing the m12 skate but people seem to love it and that’s
why they do as soon let’s see I’m going to take one of his
place on this is the biggest life I just wanted to make this cake something super
cool is roaches kept these allen key which a lot of people used to love it on
the Vala skates and they seem to keep putting it in the box which is awesome
if you haven’t tried this one it’s like a super super long and strong allen key
I think both the both ends are the same size I don’t really know I use that I
usually use this part the longest part so not funny is today but it’s cool that
they keep it in the box let’s go skate can I say it looks amazingly good it
looks really really good it’s like really really white you know that fellow
had those different shades of I wasn’t really white it was the creamy and it
was that you’re the you skate which was kind of like light gray this one is
really white that’s it the whole boot seemed like matte white and then this
toe area is like glossy white the exact same soleplate that came on the Valerie
13th which was also coming on em troughs from last year frame the frame seems to
me like it’s the exact same frame that it was on valid but now branded roaches
I’ve seen a few people saying that they would love to see that tab remember the
tab that old watches skates you so a lot of people keep saying that the letters
let’s say he liked the roaches letters on the frame they stick up a lot of
people like this frame for flat skating this say it’s like a really good flat
skating frame either I need to try it so also something that people say about
the roaches skates compared to the valise case is that there are a lot
stiffer so apparently the plastics were somehow different or was
just the cuff I know that the v13 at a lower cuff and then the m12 that at a
higher cuff but it seemed like new roaches a new m12 these ones that hold
in my hand have a new cuff compared to the last version last year the cuffs you
won’t be able to change the cuffs because the screws are non-existent
basically it seemed like riveted I think it was the same on the Vala so nothing
different about these ones this is one of the pros that everyone loves about
this skate everyone seemed to love the roaches buckle
why not let me check the liner finally the cool thing about it is that you see
this the debacle it’s it has a different system I don’t really know to explain
but basically instead of always telling your skate differently you can just find
the right tightness that you want on your skates and then you just take it
from the buckle area you get back at it you put it back again then just close it
and you’ll basically after skate always type the same way which I think it’s a
super cool thing but for me because sometimes I scared in the morning
sometimes that scary in the after and I’m not really training anymore
sometimes my feet follow a little bit more so and sometimes I want to do
different tricks so I end up moving these but anyway I think it’s a really
cool system I was taking the line and I didn’t finish that up so let’s just
think liner ok the liner seems pretty simple
but start with this seems like it has a little bit of shock absorber you guys
like a little wolves around the heel area I don’t think you can see that much
with this light but yeah which on the first Lalo’s I know it was a problem it
doesn’t have anything else inside so it has six screws in front just screws in
the back to hold the slope back this is cool a lot of people don’t like the
feeling including myself of a soleplate not coming to the boot on these one the
soleplate is going to be super connected to the boots so there won’t be any
portion from the soleplate and not on the boot so that’s a really cool thing
then the frame so you have fast frame so it’s like two bolts just screw into the
boot so it’s we can say there’s eight screws connecting the wheels to the boot
that’s a good thing liner it has a little elastic band here in front it
doesn’t have any laces it’s super simple it’s also not too thick but if at the
same time not too thin you know there’s some liners in the market right now
super thing that people like those and people don’t seem to have cool materials
I need to try it out the heel cup seems to be really well built there’s a piece
of foam above the heel and that’s supposed to make your heel stay in the
right position then there’s a little bit of reinforcement here on the tongue area
so if you push shouldn’t come apart here in the front area there’s a little bit
of neoprene and there’s a little bit of neoprene should stretch a little bit so
it’s actually cooling my feet is using these a lot this little bit of no print
my feet is actually also the toe area underneath with no pressure so it
stretches this is a really cool feature so you can buy your skates and get them
like super tight but your honor down stock this can help you guys
what I wanted to say the skate carry strap I like this one it’s like the
old-school and super classy let me see what else do we have here
the wheels remind me do you remember the hyper rolls-royce pleasure it really
reminds me of those wheels they seem to be the Czech 50 888 a the profile of the
wheel is quite cool it’s not really one of those super flat wheels but it’s also
not round it’s a little tiny part in the bill which is flat seems to be cool the
bearings I don’t know what thanks come on these skates but again this is just
the first view on the skates now I need to go out and check it out some people
seem to love this group I haven’t tried it in a while especially with this right
I did try this V 13 the Impala once they let the navy blue ones and I tried it
with a car the frame I haven’t tried it with this friend so I’m going to see it
but the groove on the boot it’s pushed back a little bit so when you’re back
slide it doesn’t really go like this it goes a little bit more like mmhmm like
that it seems to be the way that everyone back slides so I wanted to try
it and I guess that’s it it’s seems cool but I’m gonna need to go out and try
them and then once I try them I’m gonna make sure that I’m gonna give you my
most honest opinion about this skate that was it for today I hope you guys
enjoyed this middle preview or this unboxing of the m12 skates the new white
and Cross skates from roaches and if you did like it do not forget to give me
some thumbs up if you didn’t like it well thumbs down but let me know it
didn’t like about this video other than that well don’t forget to subscribe to
the channel because if you like this one you might like the old ones and the next
ones coming and if you want to see the next ones coming
maybe press on that bell on the side subscribe button and then you get
notifications every time I upload on all these more important anything else just
don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys and see you
soon just at my parents house and this is like no it’s like 1:00 in the morning
this is just a DIY studio and you can go on in my Instagram and just see how
babies did you


I just bought the black m12 by Roces and they are perfect but definitely wanting the white ones also

Such a classic skate. My favorite skates from the 90’s. I love how narrow and light they are compared to some other skates I own. Have fun on them!

Loved that skates in the 90s …
Hey Lino can you do a review of a roces x35 110? … Now I am using ASP 100s for 7 years and love them, need to try x35s.

That’s my favorite tool that Roces included… 😍 Please don’t forget to bring it home from home.. 😁😊 Awesome vid bro.. 👌🏽

Looking forward to seeing you shred these. But more so for you to review the THEM skates. Its nice seeing you doing a non Powerslide skate. i know they are your sponsor but variety is nice. Also, maybe try using a Myfit liner in them.

Started skating in december 2017, wanted to buy my first pair localy but was having hard time finding one my footsize, only the Roces Argon was fiting in but i couldn't find much info on them on internet except in one old video you mentioning Roces being a good, old reliable brand then i bought it. been skating it ever since and i love it! good material, comfy, good ankle support, great bearings, came with soft 82a wheels tho, it won't last long with me skating on rough asphalt of my streeets and me weighting 107kg, but 84mm 90a wheel sets are hard to come by :/
Nevertheless i saw these skates on their instagram posts few times and it looks dope and beautiful at the same time, wish you would review more of their products! (Their urban tri skates looks dope aswell)

I am thinking, to get a pair of these. I'm old school. Actually im using a pair of usd thrones and I'm love it. It seems Roces have much better features

Si podes probarlos con un frame de 110×3 kizer o GC sería genial. Este patín es dentro de todo económico y trae mucha nostalgia a los viejos tiempos. Quizás más de uno piensa como yo y lo ve como una opción para armar un 3×3 para un recreación ocasional o para ir de spot a otro. Un abrazo

Can you please put the boot without the soleplate on a kitchenscale and tell us the weight? I'm always very interested in the weight of skates, it plays a big roll in my choice of which skates to buy, but no reviewer ever measures it.

It would have been nice to see them compared side by side. I love your videos cause ,like you said before you are to old to care about looking cool , and always give a honest opinion

Acho q vc deveria ter videos assim em portugues man prq aqui no brasil nao tem ninguem q faça uns videos explicando sobre patins cm os pros e contra tem tipo lainers bons e patins confortaveis e por diante so acho valeu msm 👊pense nisso ai blz ajude nos e os q vem por ai pra andar cm patins bons e confortaveis e boas marcas !!!

I'm a really good freestyle skater, but I never tried agressive, do you think theese will be good for me to start agressive skating? Are there any other ones you would recommend?

Old school skater here on my 4th resurgance and my first proper skates were majestic 12's (white) and I'll never forget how those red and white wheels felt the first time I put them on. I still look for those wheels to this day. Considered buying NOS just for them. These new ones a still as majestic as the old ones and modern too with that soul space! I remember screwing on heel plates and then the roces plastic soul plates you could get to make the most out of them! Problem for me is the nostalgia is in the old m12's but by today's standards they are hardly fit for purpose! Glad to see the majestic 12 still kickin it after all these years! Getting back into skating again is sending me down memory lane! Oxygen argons, out poppy's, Bauer humility and shifty, m12's impalas, super flats!! And I'll never forget the day I got my Salomon st8s ❤

I wear size 10-10.5 for all shoes. I measure at 273mm which equals size 10 on Roces chart. I’ve read everywhere these run small though.. Can anyone confirm?

Roces were killer skates back in the day! I'm glad they've kept the M12 going too. I've always thought that other companies will eventually bring back some older designs.

Trendy laugh out loud dude these brand established aggressive rollerblading in the mid-90s in late 90s.

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