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2018 Rollerblade Endurance Pro 125 Inline Skate Overview by InlineSkatesDotCom

2018 Rollerblade Endurance Pro 125 Inline Skate Overview by InlineSkatesDotCom

What’s going on guys? My name is Dru and I’m a product specialist with Today I want to talk to you about the Rollerblade Endurance Pro 125 Inline Skates. Diving right in here you’ll see we have a ratchet strap combined with a 45 degree angle strap down here. Both of these will have micro-adjustment on them, giving you a really perfect dialed in fit – every single time. Big feature on this I want to point out, this upper cuff here is made out of a hard shell material similar to the urban models, this is completely removable though. Keep it on you have a lot more support, a lot more comfort making you stay out longer while you train. When race day comes, you can just remove this and you get a more race style boot with a lower cut giving you that greater ankle articulation. Down below here you’ll see an extruded aluminum frame. Right here this cool little feature though is going to provide extra air flow to keep your feet extra cool while you’re out and about. Combine all of that with Rollerblades 125mm Hydrogen wheels, and an ILQ 9 Twin Cam Barring, gives you a great skate for both training and actual race purposes. For the guy who wants maximum speed, 125mm wheels is about as big as you can go, but at the same time you want to be able to train with these when you’re not actually in the middle of a race you get that added support the added comfort and it’s going to make you want stay out longer. Remove those to get the greater ankle articulation, while you’re in the middle of race mode, and boom you get the best of both worlds. Again this is the Rollerblade Endurance Pro 125’s, check them out on


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