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25 MPH Drone?! | DOPE or NOPE?

25 MPH Drone?! | DOPE or NOPE?

Whoopsie huh okay, so this is the this is the part that oh y NOICEEEEEes What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome back to another DDope or nope guys. I’m joined by Tanner today and today. We’re looking at some awesome sky Viper Drones here now before we begin any of this I do have to say that this video is Sponsored by sky Viper and now your what’s sky Viper That is what I’m about to tell you so thank you for asking sky Viper It is an affordable awesome line of drones. Did you know that yeah? No, but now you do now. I do it’s pretty dope I just have a tendency to lie yeah I know that well sky Viper today Sent me three so we get to test out three, and then they’re all different ones all right So we’re gonna be testing out there are different price ranges They have different amounts of features, so I’m actually super stoked to get into this so here’s what’s up Right like I said this video sponsored like I said I’m gonna rate dope or nope obviously you guys know I am a fan of drones I’ve owned many many a drone first drone here is the m5 50 nano drone? What is that the hand of God? Or either, that’s a really tiny drone Or it’s an enormous drone zippy and fun to fly the m5 50 nano drone packs a full-sized punched into a Palm-sized package nimble enough to navigate tight indoor spaces the Nano drone is a perfect introduction to the sky Viper family well Let’s watch this little video here Anytime I watch any of this stuff. I just imagine everything else being really big instead of being, like small Oh, yeah, let’s try to imagine that Do it seems like they’re navigating pretty well either that other pro oh oh it does flips and tricks all right tanner show me the money show me the drone, baby. Dude, look okay. This is my hand this thing is tiny okay? This thing is absolutely tiny one touch stunts I gotta try me some of One Touch stunts am I right comes with extra propellers If you inevitably really really suck at flying That’s kind of cool always wished I had extra propellers. I’m gonna launch it one button. Can we do this right now. Let’s do it Woah! Dude that thing is insane Here’s what’s up for the other drones – we have a pretty dope obstacle course, and we’re gonna make it we’re gonna Have a little competition, okay, okay? Have you ever flown a drone before a little bit on a little bit drone great mediocre job? So we’ll test its uh, simplicity ready for a one step trick dude? Its like you flipped a coin, that’s crazy do this thing maneuvers well, bro that thing goes slow or quick backwards I’m gonna auto land right now Ten times better than any other tiny drone that I’ve ever used this one’s dope yo all right next up the s 1750 stunt drone look at that puppy dude. I really love the guards on the side of it Yeah, in case like you’re a noob like me Tear across the skies at speeds up to 25 miles an hour 25 miles an hour really fast eight one touch stunts Let’s see some of these stunts right now Okay, oh that was cool. Oh that was a cool little Barrel roll Impact-resistant oh I just flew away. It was like I don’t care I hit a stop sign I don’t care try and stop me no fun to do that’s pretty crazy here. We go fast and agile I’m still impressed by 25 miles per hour, dude There’s the drone There’s the remote okay. These are the guardrails in case you don’t want to take out anyone die Oh, I almost didn’t see that look at all these extra propellers Do you think we can fly this puppy in here? I don’t know 25 miles an hour. I’m a little worried. Yeah It whistles are you doing this puppies sick hums and sitive in Oh? Mamacita Just to give you guys some context. This is like a 10 by 10 room that we’re in right now. All right And I am successfully flying a drone In this room, and it seems like I have pretty good agility here back and forth But when you kind of correct yourself a little bit it’s still not like over corrected or throw itself off of it Yeah, I actually really like the way this puppy handles cuz it’s sensitive, but it’s not like too sensitive Yeah, but I’m sure you can even change that psst. this is an easter egg. We’re all ready. Do you know why my friend look at that right there that little that little face piece Oh, if that was a way to visualize the camera loss fly it is a way to you. Just hey, man I was gonna say that exactly Exact words, man you took that out you took it out of me dude with the included fpv headset It’s like you’re flying because you could tell well actually look through the camera in the drone eight one touch done So we this one’s got stuns – very loose this box. She big baby. She big look at that Okay, so it’s very very similar to the last one But it has that kind of dope camera right on the front as you can see that here Is the beauty that we’ve been waiting for my man check this out dude has sick? Thing is huge – actually not that bad usually these things are super uncomfortable, but it’s not look at that, and it’s connected. Hey guys So now I put in FP v mode so it mirrors both things so that each I can get that same bead Whoa oh my god This is a little bit bigger yeah bigger and easy to maneuver The great thing is when you get farther then you can put that that thing on Probably I know and then you’ve written better from the farther away distance right yeah Boom Are you ready dude ready to have a competition damn? I’m ready He’s not ready all right guys take a look at our beautiful course first. We go under the green hoop, then the blue hoop That’s the color I figured it out Then we go throw the giant cuffs Then we have to go back and forth through these balloons and land back to our landing spot right here Okay, how confident are you on a scale of 1 to 10? Give me a 15 ready set go? Are we starting the clock? Yeah, the clock has been started nice you missed it wrap it around It’s difficult to go close to the ground, but I seem to be able to do it How do you do that much damage there’s a couple end of it Yeah, a couple landed on it cuz it’s so tiny I’m gonna take off from right there. Oh My word, I’m gonna. I’m gonna do this a little backwards. That’s what I’m gonna. Do I’m gonna go from kachu your opponent well I’m gonna go from this way because my brain doesn’t work backwards. Oh oopsie all right. I can do this I can do this I can do this ready, yeah Okay, forward back. Oh. Oh this way, dude You’re go this way. You nailed it and then back to the land look out did it good. Well. It’s in the circle I did it my time one 36-hour like a long time And I know the code even quicker than 136 I feel like that wasn’t half bad for like my first time flying the tiny drone across the entire place We’re getting ready for a little ogre. Whoa, okay? He’s getting it Hey There we go dude you’re jabbing at that controller like Nadia’s feather defended you or something whoa here you go here you go It’s not steering under Bowl. You’re aiming it wrong You can do it. Dude you missed the cups no Dude trying to track this thing is the hardest part do it What here we go you ready for this you got to you got to go intertwine it little all right here we go Really cut that wire need I mean string What do you do? All right, we’re doing a late second switch to auto Hey Just keep spinning in there. I’m letting myself down with this dead. I’m the prodrome flyer here you go tanner now Just yet maybe Eddie’s gonna follow. It around the course oh You nixed those there you go, they’re gonna make it back to the landing bays here. We go. I’ll count it how to land it aw don’t land it I Want to land it look at that auto oil ayyy People like me I’ll take it three-minute double my time It’s accualy all right so Matthias wins round one Not big not a big shot. Let’s be honest round one one will proud for Tanner next drone This one’s a bit more intense okay, man. Yeah, I would recommend that you put it in auto mode daddy’s gonna Go manual mode all right daddy go in manual mode remember extra points for stunts. Okay. Okay? Do you do some stunts? I’ll give you 15 seconds of your time you hit a stunt properly do oh this one whistles Okay, I just gotta gotta get familiar gotta get familiar. Oh Some destruction right there oh oh Look at him. Oh you blew it over. Well. I miss ya I can do it. I can do it relax relax Descanse Around it oh my god, that’s gonna be a hard time to be yeah But I totally didn’t do any I didn’t do any tricks dude. I’m gonna do a trick all right pay for it ready, yeah He’s got the moves look at him go yeah was my time 104 I’m slightly concerned Dude again back with the Oh, Oh okay. You made it under you made it under tanner you’re limping through this quarter reset. Oh Barely makes it it can’t count Oh Through a trick and you could be my time. Oh that counts go back one back. You got to go through go around Come on buddy well in the water flying no he lost at that point dude. He could have won. This. I’m not done yet Yes, see there. You go now land it do a trick Hit the trick right into him all right, we got to land it there, Oh other way There we go buddy there you go time with one trick No one with the trick. Oh, I still won last one. This is the final stage I’m actually gonna be using it in this form right now And I’m gonna be trying to solely pay attention to just the screen all right you guys are gonna actually see this, too Because I’m actually recording on the drone right now. Which is a dope feature are you ready? Yeah? I’m talking to myself yes Thank you. I am ready alright here. We go a Little lower a little forward Whoopsie huh Okay, so this is the this is the part that uh yes noise? You might want to go higher to see where the balloons are at Oh? Seat you for wrapping up the balloon the propeller is not my round Dude that was intense This way yeah, I think that was the easier way to do it Forget about it balloon I’m in I’m in look out. Oh you made it alright. My time was three minutes thirty seconds You can definitely get the hang of it I know I know I’d be able to get the hang of it You just gotta finesse it put some time into it. Maybe put less sensitive settings on there here we go are you only looking at the screen yeah i’m only looking at the screen raise up there you go dang dude Dang dude oh You’re losing it you’re going backwards There you go. Oh yes I don’t want to see myself now, land land do auto landing right now Alright Tanner got a time of 240 and Tanner only looked at that it seemed like you were much better looking at this it was easier for me to like when I’m just watching a fly around like I have to like judge where I think it’s facing whereas with this It’s like you are only facing one direction. Yeah, so I think that helped me a little bit with turning it not good That’s good out of all three of these which one is your favorite the dopest it’s between it’s gonna be that one It’s the last one okay, so tanner Tanner’s vote for the dopest one of these is the last one. It’s the mama It’s the FPV one that you can look in those goggles. That’s pretty cool. My my vote my vote is This is the middle one And I just like I like the speed and the agility You know no I think this one’s gonna be my vote for dope guys let us know down in the comments Which one is your vote for the dopest one some of you may say that Guys if you want to check them out, please do click that link down in the description below it Helps us out a lot click it check out these drones, and we’re gonna. See you next time alright guys high-five!


I think it’s crazy that the middle drone could go up to 25 mph – which drone was your favorite? Stay till the end to see who won the races! After this video, be sure to check out "CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!”

This video totally proves Tanner wants to be Matthias.

This video from 2017…no facial hair, no socks, rolled jean shorts.

Videos from 2018…beard, skinny jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I really want Bryan back I was watching the old vids and Bryan littered is 86% of the content there content is okay but Bryan would make it insanely good show just some advice:D

i had two of the s1750 stunt drones ,i also know a few other people who have owned them, and they all had a problem with one of the motors going out ,its fun and a great item ,untill the motor goes out

I have that exact last drone and it’s amazing and it go over 100ft I would definetly recommend but tbh any of there products are amazing so you know

Ew the headset uses a phone… The headset I used had its own video, and just connected to the drone without needing a phone or an app setup.

my son has the middle one and has crashed hard several times. the parts are cheep and readily available. this is nice for a box store toy drone. usually if something brakes on a toy drone that doesn't come in the box, (props) then the toy is junk. the sky viper company sells all of the parts for the drone. we have replaced 2 gears and one motor, all from user error not a fault of the drone. he tries to keep up with my Mavic Pro and ends up in the trees.

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