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3-Block Skateboard Deck Review!! (8.25)

3-Block Skateboard Deck Review!! (8.25)

Are 3-Block skateboards any good? Today, I’m going to give you my experience
with one to help you decide on whether or not you should get one. Got the kitten graphic. And I got a kitten right here. What’s up, everyone? My name is Chris Frantz. My goal is to make skateboarding and selecting
products easier for you. So, today, I’m going to be reviewing a 3-Block
skateboard. So, when I saw this graphic, I knew I couldn’t
pass it up, and I eventually decided to get one. So, I skated this board for 13 days. Plus, I did also ride around on it a lot.Using
it for transportation. That wouldn’t really contribute to much wear
at all on the board. So, anyway. Let’s first talk about how it wore down. I would say it wore down a lot in those 13
days worth of skating. I was a little bit surprised by that, but
at the same time, I was skating larger stuff than I normally do. At least I was skating off of things more,
like off of kickers and some gaps. Nothing ridiculous, though. That’s probably the main reason why it wore
down so much in that time. I did get this chip the first day of skating
it. But I would blame that probably more so on
the trick I was trying, dolphin flip, because when I didn’t get enough height for it, the
board would nosedive. Alright, so now I’m going to talk about the
pop of the board. I would say it had your standard, pro board
pop feel. Even though I know it’s not a pro board. But it felt pretty good. Now, the weight of the board. It definitely felt pretty light, but it was
hard to tell if that was just because I was used to skating a bigger board, an 8.5. Alright, so the price of this board. It was approximately $50, including shipping. But it will cost more if you don’t live in
the U.S. It might be a similar price if you live in
Canada or Mexico. I’m not sure about that. Now, the concave of it. It definitely had a mellow concave. Just a personal preference – I don’t really
like that. It didn’t bother me too much. I would say I just really notice it, though,
when I’m doing ollies or heelflips. Alright, so, now I’m going to play some clips
I got on this board. Alright, so I hope you enjoyed those clips. Now, you’re probably wondering, would I recommend
this board? I would say, yes, if you don’t mind a mellow
concave. And like I said, I’m not sure if it wore down
so much just because I was skating a little bit bigger things than normal. But it did seem like it wore down a bit more
than it should have. I don’t know, though. Also, you’re probably wondering how this compared
to a Revive board. Now, I skated two Revive boards. One of them was a while ago, in 2014. And the other one was recently, a few months
ago. I can’t remember how the first one skated
really. But the second one skated really well. I absolutely loved that board.I would say
I liked it more than this 3-Block board. I would say they both had mellow concaves,
but the Revive board just felt really good to me. Maybe having extra space on it made me care
less about having a mellow concave. That Revive board was an 8.5. So, I would be interested to try an 8.25 Revive
board and see how it compares to this 3-Block. Maybe I’ll try that soon – we’ll see. Anyway, that’s about all for the review. Thank you guys so much for watching. Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed it,
and subscribe for more videos. I upload multiple videos a week. Also, I’m really curious to know, have you
tried a 3-Block board? Or even a Revive board? And what were your thoughts on the boards,
if you tried any of them? Remember to stay positive, and do what you
love. And have an amazing day.


The graphic is great. My old board had a really mellow concave, at least compared to the Almost I’m riding now, which I like a lot more, so I think I prefer more concave. I’m interested in trying revive or 3block at some point in the future tho, thanks for the review 👍🏻

I've skated both 3block and Revive boards. If you stack them, you'll see they're the same thing. They're American made (forgot which woodshop they're from) and lasted me about the same as other American decks (Chapman, Quincy) but longer than Chinese pressed (Mini-Logo, Dwindle.) I like how the nose and tail aren't too different from each other.

I have bought 3 Revive Boards. I like them but more so I just like supporting the company. My skill set isn't high enough for a board to make a big difference. I can say that I skated each board for about a month and then gave them away to younger skaters that needed new decks and the boards seemed to hold up for a while after that.

While I’m pretty sure this doesn’t apply to 3-Block boards, keep in mind that different graphic boards of the same brand can have completely different shapes, concaves, and dimensions. (Even DLXSF boards of the same graphic can!) is a good resource to check the shape, concave, and dimensions of a lot of boards. (They don’t have Primitive, Revive, or 3-Block boards, though.)

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