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3 Of The Most Annoying Alarm Clocks In The World!

3 Of The Most Annoying Alarm Clocks In The World!

oooooo jeez that was going oh it’s still spinning like a top alright chil bro whats going on guys i am matthias wait let me show you my necklace show you what’s up welcome to three of the most annoying alarm clocks in the world Brian found what he thought was the most annoying alarm clock and I’m going to tell you whether I will be able to ignore them or they’re going to get me out the door ignore or out the door so ignore is bad because you don’t want to be able to ignore your alarm clock or snooze your alarm clock but if it gets you out the door that’s a good rating so the more annoying this clock is the better the rating I’m going to give it also it can’t suck it’s got it’s got to actually work you know Todd there’s a work you get ignored yeah all right guys make sure you click that Bell icon next to my channel name on desktop and mobile to get notified of future uploads because we’re uploading more often now you don’t want to miss them you want youtube to be like oh matthias is uploading too much we’re not going to show his viewers any of his videos avoid that click the bell icon time xt-1 50-60 wake up shake and wake alarm wake up shake and wake,why not wake up shake up I don’t like that title way better shake up to wake up let me just be your marketing manager right now
dude because you need to work on your slogans right guys? colorful huh it’s a big company too and you would think there’s better marketing it is how do you know time Oh time acts I read that already didn’t I call it for a colourful alarm clock with cool vibrating action I’ve never been like thats vibrating oh that’s cool look at that vibrating action right there dude oh yeah look how that thing vibrates into action on that vibration wake up to seven different wacky phrases that will laugh you right out of bed oh that’s rough do when you wake up I don’t I’m not in the mood to make joke someone just sitting at the foot of your bed hey hey what do you caught chicken that cant cross the road what yeah that’s that’s how that joke get goes but I’d be like shut up dude although that’s good this is good so more annoying the better adjustable alarm volume that’s bad because you you want it on high always because if you turn it down you’re going to get a Seinfeld situation where the volume knob man it didn’t wake up the dude so he couldn’t go on the race Seinfeld fans click like button am i right? I guess I don’t understand the wacky Shake and wake alarm clock is unique and colorful alarm ‘clock I’m assuming that you shake it right? oh my gosh no they got the history of Timex right here who cares what do you start when did it start before I buy this alarm clock what’s the history of the company let’s just Add to Cart and test it out I’m doing this because Brian slams things on the table are you better oh oh there is a snooze button though you have to put up like this so people can see it you know display the product I want you to hear it oh no oh stop it ignore it don’t listen aaahhh!! gosh dang the clock won’t go up already I haven’t even used this clock clearly it’s not going to be and ignore it you can’t even turn it off right now and he’s fully awake look he is vibrating all over the place I don’t know I triggered something seven what yeah you banged it against the table and it went bonkers who would have thought wacky shake n wake alarm clock wake to seven comical wacky wake up phrasing the clock you can’t ignore with cool vibrating action Oh such cool vibrating actions whoa wake up dude it it’s on demo oh it’s on demo okay so here’s what here we go to demo mode wait I want to see if you think these light up right? changing Russia when I get on with it Sun should have a TV show come on come on come on the whole time oh he’s like Shakin bro which was smile I smile like a toothbrush,use it often to keep your teeth shiny clean and dont forget to be mean very important and then I assume you have to click it so I want to actually set the alarm here I’m going to set it for 4:23 and then it’s going to go off literally in one minute this puppy’s about to go off so alarm on there we go I had to turn the alarm on that was a tiny little switch there right it’s easy to forget that amidst that here’s the issue am I just going to be able to press snooze there shouldn’t be a snooze on an alarm clock I mean like on an extreme alarm clock here we go what 424 Oh PM! I didn’t see the PM yeah are you going to make it? are you to beat the clock? Oh 4:25 alarm set there I beat it okay so now even though it says okay I want to see if it just stops he just repeated the same thing ,is that it? so maybe the next morning he’ll do something else? or it’ll do something else? same thing it’s so annoying uh okay so I snoozed it how long does the snooze last? nine minutes 9 min why 9 that’s the issue with this you’re going to you’re going to accidentally because it feels like all these other balls are going to actually accidentally hit the snooze so this one way too easy do you know how you shake it up no you just push that that’s it I turned it off oh that’s boring this one’s in ignore it guys so close dude so close Clocky alarm clock on wheels rasbberry when alarm sounds clocky leaps from your nightstand and runs away option to snooze once or set Clocky to run for right when the alarm sounds flashing back light okay so here’s the idea of this clock you put it on your nightstand and then it’s gonna start going off and drive away off of your night stand so even if it’s super easy to just turn off one of those buttons you have to go get it out of your bed if you’re a clever like me,HAHAHAHAHA! here’s what I would do I would steer it towards my bed so that it would literally run onto my bed and then just be like bop oh thats not the point why are you going to do that? I would. why would you do that to defeat the system you’re buying this to get out of bed what hell together that’s a why would you point it towards you you’re just… of course it’s going to fail you do that with any clock now you can’t I’m shook that you would do that. if the whole purpose of an alarm is to help you get out of bed then why is there a snooze you see what I’m saying ?already they built in a failure mechanism to make you fail why WHY?! Wow broke first week that’s not good not for me but might be for you terrible waste of money and hope don’t waste your money ooh yikes also sturdy this person says it’s sturdy this person says colors wrong Oh boohoo with an alarm clock Add to Cart let’s test this okay here we go clocky alarm clock on wheels someone put this sticker on like really like really sideways Oh though alarm clocks already on why would they need this sticker on top of it seven o’clock guys I’m just going to get that tattooed on my myface why is it 7 because 7 is party time that is a pick-up line try it guys guaranteed to work never this is boxing pick that one country that you hate you’re talking about quirky yeah yeah these wheels are loose dude I don’t know if it matters? it seems like no matter what it will stay in this direction so I want to see I’m going to be real with you guys right now this product looks like it was open it’s dirty it looks like looks like it was returned definitely has wear and dust and also when I opened it up it was it was on so you see that? I see there’s a big old snooze button right on top it still proactively gets you out of bed if it rolls off the table off the counter that’s the wheels button so if I click that that means it will roll away when that hits 1:28 this thing should just straight up roll off the desk there’s this little sentence we keep going it’s supposed to keep going here we go I’m waiting I’m waiting so let’s pretend I’m sitting here or I’m not sitting here but I’m laying down I’m like sleeping and I’m like oh that’s interesting that would be …that would be be annoying as heck so here’s what it’s doing doesn’t seem like it oh see oh no going over the keyboard okay yeah you’d have to grab it and then press the snooze button snooze button isn’t working dude! how do you turn it off? oh my gosh thats so loud! in the front just oh my gosh dude so snooze didn’t work so I don’t know if that’s a defect or a feature how I’m gonna say it’s a feature that thing rolled off and then just started rolling around and it was loud it goes back so it won’t get stuck in the corner it was going back and forth yeah won’t get stuck in a corner it was definitely hard to grab these things kept moving so when I was pressing the snooze it was like jumping out of my hand that’s an out the door oh good job guys good job!! Northwest flying alarm clock ,flying what I’m gathering is that the minute the alarm goes off this piece right here flies off the top okay maybe you’re thinking… not that annoying?? says alarm sounds like airplane taking off propeller flies that random heights here’s what’s interesting if it just flies off and it hits you maybe you didn’t wake you up you’ll be like that’s annoying and then you’ll go back to sleep but if it flies away and you have to go get it and then bring it back to turn off the alarm then this is a good idea but if it doesn’t do that I don’t know my husband that’s how I would have designed it the reviews are disappointing serve the purpose of an alarm clock well there you go what did the bird say is it flew over Amazon cheap teeth hahahahaha meh one star one star I really hope this works at least so we can test it guys Add to Cart now face off with those reviews yes I am NOT going to slam it oh yeah cheap-cheap-cheap I thought you meant like slam it like no that’s trash dawg okay so we’ve got a bunch of batteries batteries came in like a nondescript package I’m going to be very delicate with this because I don’t want this to break before you can get it that’s so frustrating though that like a company make a product that just so I just pulled the battery tag out so it’s going to it’s going to be armed as you can see right there it’s so frustrating that a company would make a product that just doesn’t last like why? what’s… what’s the purpose ?so you can get an initial sale and then just botch that person ever buying and another one of your products ever again? test ooh there’s a test button oh there’s like a little button that if you I think there’s a little rod in there that if you depress it it will test stop oh jeez!! that was going oh its still spinning like a top alright chill bruh then you have to like figure out and put it back in there and then when you depress it that turns on I assume signifying that you’ve disarmed the alarm clock so we want to turn the alarm on the alarm is set to 12:02 and I believe the alarm is on so in just under a minute this should go off so I am gonna pretend I’m over here, I’m sleeping oh oh that’s loud I don’t want to touch it I can if I want but it’s gonna hurt so I gotta just wait oh oh jeez! oh yeah right there I mean that’s my fault what it kind of it hit the camera I even moved it out of the way the camera look at that dude just straight up just wait that dude nothing was going fast I want you to try to do this okay this time, find it? yeah find it and put it back in see how fast you could do it although the annoying thing is it doesn’t shoot it off immediately so Brian is sleeping woah!!aaaaaahhhh!!! oh,cause it was too wobbly ah you can’t you definitely especially after it breaks you can’t grab it oh it’s not going near as high literally broke on the first one I understandable I kind of broke it it’s not going nearly higher now you’re bad it goes off it flies away you go get it and put it back in there yeah you’re right by your bed again you go back to sleep there should be a two piece item yeah okay what the where the receiver is in the bathroom we’re in the bathroom and then you gotta go put it in then when you go to bed you have to remember to bring it back and set your alarm the opposite oh it’s the opposite so then the alarm clock is your bathroom goes off and you bring it back to your bed but then you fall asleep again aaahhh!! I’m not going to endorse this product because a lot of people say that it broke as long as it’s working I say stand out the door Brian disagrees there’s a poll right there vote for yourself right there using that poll you want to try it on your own all of these alarm clocks are down in the description below if you buy them helps out the channel so check that out see that thumbnail right there with the ring yeah that’s an electrifying ring that will that peoples face off!! I’m not even joking dude go check it out I’ll see you over there high-five!! MUSHFAM ROCKSTAR did some editing to the subtites here…check him out on google plus..nd he is Mushaffiul alam on twitter and on facebook…BYE!!


Hey Matthias! I hate to admit it but I used to have one of those clocks. Thanks for all you do and for that Great content you make!

So you know the alarm that rolls. so when you leave the door should it follow you out the door.😕 so its more annoying.

They should make a clock that yells , and has a button that says snooze but just turns up the volume, and there would be no volume down button .

My alarm is just a regular iPhone.
I set up 3 alarms and their sound effects are the most annoying apple alarm sounds.
My friend’s alarm is “Wake me up inside” in max volume

5:49 Sorry to spam comments, but it lasts nine minutes because it is believed that nine minutes is enough to give more rest without going back into a deep sleep, and ten minutes is thought to be too long.

I’d say an air raid alarm clock will wake up the deepest of sleepers and everyone in the neighborhood

I had the clock with weels I ended up.throughing through the window just to have to get it again sooo annoying it also fell on my head and my dog don't recommend. But great videos keep it up.

it doesn’t work on me
It wakes up other people in my house and then they turn it off without waking me up

The first one when it was like wake up!wake up!cmon wake up!The voice was either scratchy or DamTheDiamondMinecrart AKA DanTDM

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