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$30 Knockoff PSP! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

$30 Knockoff PSP! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

have you ever s- why? controlled questions. – can we skip these no, yes yes i have been dishonest. one time i told you i was going to give you a raise didn’t do it. – that’s true feels bad man. hhaha What’s going on guys I am Matthias your white host and here we have your white co-host tanner McGee woo Hi, my name is Maynard turkey shoout out to green monster Today we’re looking at ten the strange tech products that Tanner McGee picked out for me to test out for you yea And I will rate for you a product either is it if it’s tasteful for you or wasteful for YO movo photo or and make 360. Oh, this is little oh right there 60 minute time lapse tripod head for cameras ah okay, so here’s what it does you stick your camera on top of that thing Yeah, okay, it’s the thing with a whole add the carton Fastest unboxing guinness world record Look it comes with this so this thing right here is for your phone. You’ll see this right here. Oh now What you do you attach like so? Stop does it really Dude okay, so here’s what it does You see it moving slightly mmm excitement make it go faster. What are you talking about? Let’s do it? There you go But you have to charge it ah and I released all the energy by doing it before if you charge it all the way up Like that you’ll get a really loud one Really See well if you like to take I don’t know time-lapse stuff if you’re trying to be Casey nice day Here you go this for you I’ll say it’s a tasteful leap motion controller from Mac or PC If you want to make controlling your computer twice as difficult and take twice as long now You don’t have to use your mouse and keyboard leap motion controller lets you interact directly with digital content on Windows PC using your bare Hands, what is this you yeah? It’s like a little device that looks at your hands, and you can do a little shake little things with your hands And it’ll interact with the screen instead of using your mouse or your keyboard it. Just feels like it’s not solving any problem Maybe technology down the line would be really awesome with this like for instance if this was Incorporated into like your VR headset so that you didn’t have to have controllers You could just like pick up a gun and then do this a bunch a little bit Blade Runner Looks pretty flawless Brings a new meaning to like an air guitar dude no trust me. I’m playing this song Just up on stage. Just like everyone’s just like Four out of five stars let’s try it out at Cartman leap welcome to a whole new world inside this box It’s impressive to activate your leap motion controller go on leap motion calm slash setup. I don’t think I will this is it small It’s about the size of an iPhone if you cut it down the center, and it was a iPhone from five years ago Plug this puppy in so now it’s on as you can see from this little light on the bottom here point your leap motion controller At a flat reflective surface what the heck such as your monitor hold it horizontally? About ten centimeters away so that the cable is coming out of the left side using the circle icon that appears on the screen try to paint as much of the window as possible when you achieve a Passing score of 80 you may exist like worst video game on the planet So now I got it’s not even doing anything look. I’m like moving it around oh nice. Oh, yeah I think the whole screen. I can’t move it. What’s my score? Reflective surfaces from best to worst mirrors Why are they telling me about this? Glassy streams, I can point at a mirror it’s gonna work if I pointed their mirror Why oh no, I’m not scientists This is just absolutely the worst my scores going down how gonna be going down Look the green is literally slowly fading away I had a higher score now that I’m not even doing anything what the FAK 51, dude. You’re hacking. Oh my gosh. Oh no He’s doing it. Is that Jason Bourne. Oh cut it my Gosh, this is such a hard video game excuse me Recalibration is taking too long the process has been stopped. I think You can’t seem to figure out how to use our product so you failed listen, buddy I’ve tried thousands of products yours is the worst okay, so now what that’s it apply it didnt calibrate no It says everything’s good status good Is it tracking my hand this is the most disappointing thing I’ve ever been privy to in my life Oh, but it’s got robust mode so guys. Here’s the thing usually we buy products if they don’t work We throw them away because we got our use out of them. This is so bad It doesn’t even work as what its intended to so this isn’t even getting a wasteful This is getting a return whoa external infrared light detected compensating. Happy make appear now oh Yeah, this is gonna get returned meet virtue all Et you said that is gonna be good your blog’s of wait a minute wait. Wait a minute That’s what it is yeah, but it’s virtuality no virtuality tea you have to stop There’s a space there bring learning to life get yours. Now. Okay. Oh here. We got a little video. Hey stop taunting me I know. I don’t know what it is yet it is so excited to have it, but I don’t even know what it is It’s like augmented reality you want to see inside this little girl’s heart. It’s kind of creepy Okay So the idea here is that they have a t-shirt that acts as like some sort of like Surface that the phone tracks with augmented reality so that you can show their insight. It’s a learning tool Not a perv tool because if you go deep inside enough. It’s not perfect Yeah So I mean you could poke and prod all your organs and figure out what they’re all doing in there through the app Let’s get an extra extra large for Tanner. He’s tall okay We’ve got the little app right here open that app up and now it’s searching for a code so Tanner you’re gonna Give me this product right. Thank you finally Jesus. All right needed a box for a shirt Let’s see how well it works, so I am now recording this screen, so you should be able to see what’s going on here Right oh, that’s that’s not working out. Well. You just punched your organs out of the frame Stop covering it up there. You go stop looking down. Just stand still what the heck is that Daniel? Maybe I can like start removing things. Oh, yeah, see I just removed. Oh, that’s creepy. I removed part of your body Oh, dude. I’m just destroying your heart now It’s like really odd tracking and like you’re being very still yeah, you need to like really look. Yes. End up over here That’s starting to work a little bit better Issues tracking here’s my only issue with this kind of product is this product right here Who’s it for cuz? It’s got a technically be used by two people someone’s gotta wear the shirt And the other person’s got to learn so no because you can actually do it selfie cam as well that doesn’t work try it Yeah, you could barely even see the screen. Oh, did you just ask if you could touch yourself? It’s just not easy to use so it does require you to have like another person if you really want to get use out of It so then you’re like switching off. I’m gonna have to say wasted on this one USB humidifier both pasts portable personal mini humidifier, okay So this is like some type of portable humidifier Cuz you don’t have to worry about bringing around like the thing that contains all the water for the humidifier like this It just uses standard water bottle that’s not a bad design What just as I was about to give it some respect dude It’s like oh By the way can also fit on your dashboard if you squish the water bottle down I bet it needs a plug to Know I needs batteries. Wow. She’s excited. It’s like she woke up with energy wonder what that’s like pocket-sized This entire woman’s purse is being taken up by pocket. I you can store this in your wallet, but not much else Okay, yeah, 25 bucks is better work at the car. Oh That’s cold PET bottle use only the heck does that mean so there you gonna step one pour a moderate amount of pure water into the pure Water bottle and place it upright. Okay. Let’s try this out here. Oh look at this little adapter This is like just cheap How could this have so many stars do I always get? Lemons, maybe it could be the water bottle could be the water like a defect on the water bottle. It’s just not made right Okay, I’m gonna plug it in now. Okay ready. I’m gonna turn it on now yep It works it works Did you see that it like went towards me? I went toward your nose alright I’m gonna break this tasteful, but it’s delicate and it’s a wasteful if you break it. That’s your box job Oh, I see, it’s like a little spy camera. It’s a magnetic camera So you can see whatever you want on would cut on stone on glass on iron net by the way this product was sent to Us not sponsored, but sent to us all camera water-resistant polychrome 1080p HD You really small cameras like that can’t get to that 1080p mark so that’s pretty cool a small Water-resistant camera that can be attached to any surface Oh wow 39 bucks that is cheap portable stickable wearable, okay? What is this chick doing? Though? What’s she trying to surveil? It’s obviously surveillance or maybe she’s just trying to get a good selfie by sticking on the phone She’s just like I look clean today. Yeah, girl looks great I’m gonna show everyone hands-free app control alright, so here’s what we gonna Do we’re going to take this product out download that app and see how good it actually is all right here. We go Oh, okay, so they sent the actual item with a little Joby some other little accessories and things like that But what we’re interested in today is the item in question okay? So they’re stickers so you can continue to pile them on and as you can see we’ve used this one right here So this is what we got we have two volt app right here, so let’s check this out Please confirm the current Wi-Fi is DV Wi-Fi then click. Yes, so I’m gonna turn this camera on one there We go you hear that. I’m just gonna say yes. It is oh Ah I see I have to connect to its Wi-Fi okay there we go you can see the image in real time hey So let’s take some video. Let’s go into video mode. Oh, it’s recording right now You can record it remotely like that, so why don’t you go? Take a little tickle stroll and do live logging? Did you just dab is that Mike’s head, I’m like not seeing anything They’re laughing about something probably my expense does he realize no one would watch him if he vlog I don’t think so. He’s just so boring. Uh it was great. You’re such a good blogger. Thank you It goes into the media gallery too, then I could be like half Tanner. I am watching the entire No, that’s not that’s something else happening I don’t know When if you’re holding the mic So here’s the thing audio is garbage not gonna. Tell you it’s not then again. This isn’t for vlogging They say so right on their site They say it’s for action camera action camera GoPros Typically you don’t even use the audio from those types of things because an action camera will typically be in like a high windy environment Or something like that for 39 bucks image quality is pretty great for that cheap audio I would have expected that if you want a really really cheap action camera check them out Just know those things next product portable game console player retro games handheld gaming console support video look at this thing It is a knockoff of a PSP . look how tiny the little screen is Would just say that I would assume it’d be better if the screen was bigger look how tiny this little thing is Zero one vote feedback no feedback does it come with games resolution 489 by 270 – not gonna lie I think that’s the actual resolution of the regular psp HD smooth vision Wow super engine game but inbuilt Instead of built-in, ten thousand games supports download of GBA GBC GB SMC SNES Sega how they do a close-up on that it’s just garbage alright, add to cart look at that This is so small already in the box look at this thing. Dude. They did a decent job I really I really feel like they did a decent job at like making it look like a PSP Why is it feel so light? The battery must not be in it or something nope batteries in it Like feels like it’s like a tenth of an ounce Oh 32-bit game world oh here we go Pretty responsive the background is so horrible I can’t even read what it’s supposed to be the SD card you disk isn’t that a PlayStation thing? That’s what PSP used to use okay? Let’s go into arcade wow this interface is incredible Wow there’s five games five and one it says the top where’s my 10,000 games Dude, this is supposed to have 10,000 games. Let’s go back though SD card anything on it. Oh there We go do they really include an SD card filled with 10,000 games. This is all bootlegged This is not legal 500 games. Let’s play Super Mario advance. I am dead right now. That’s actually cool single-player I am so happy right now. This is way better than I expected. This is illegal. This is illegal This is like the highest form of Intellectual property theft. I hate this level this level is trash look at that. That is awesome. I’m actually really impressed Mamma Mia I mean for $24 to include all of those games dude. I think Amanda would love this thing. I’m gonna have to rate this a wasteful Just purely because it’s illegal. I don’t condone theft I already have it didn’t expect it didn’t expect to buy all these stolen games, so I’m gonna return it I Will say wasteful before we get into that next product shout-out to magical Doodle XD 2017 thank you very much for being a part of that notification squad and commenting right when you’re clicked in and started watching the video shout out to you if you want to get your own shout out do the same thing notification icon next item on Uzuki mood beam wearable the heck is this sounds too close to the word Gleek, and I hate it. Yes, would you like to? Buy ste to fab, I’m usually both those moves at the same time, that’s like you’re not as pretty as me right now That’s feisty, but it’s also fabulous. So maybe this is a product for me, dude ignore that It’s meant for girls around the age of 6 Add to Cart suki battery included age 6 plus Little things sticking out just awkward so you have to collect all these gems I get you I get you so you have to buy this separately yeah, that’s pot separate It’s not like they couldn’t include all of these in this package. Why you got to buy it separately That’s just a way for Hasbro to like be like oh yeah, you need final. Separately. It’s not like they made a thousand It’s just there’s only that many so all these clear pieces who cares about those I’m really interested in these color bits cuz all these different color bits will communicate to the wristband using these little Contacts and there’s just a bit of little information in there to actually tell it to glow into a specific color But how do you turn it on ah the on button there? You go see wait for it. It’s telling it to glow yellow Yeah, there you go, and now if I take this blue guy over here. It should to glow blue Wow Oh, that’s blue. It was mixing the color. It’s just not powerful enough already. It’s Dinka poopoo. It is technically mixing the color here Let’s try it. Let’s try a more prominent color like red I know this product isn’t marketed towards a 30 year old man But I got a test out products for my one-year-old when she hits the age of six So I’m testing it six years early no big deal It doesn’t seem like a product that I would buy for my daughter, but it doesn’t necessarily seem like a product She wouldn’t want she’s not working or whatever No, it’s not working. No see it’s not working that side doesn’t work. Okay. That works. This side does not work nope That’s garbage don’t buy that for your kids whether they’re a girl or boy USB polygraph What does it say pulse breathing sweat body language sounds like a dating class? So what is this? Oh? Is this a TV show USB polygraph? Oh? I see this is an actual polygraph one this isn’t a USB polygraph Ben Stiller Yeah, I’m still a dare you make partner take home lie detector why I feel like this is English But it’s not let’s try it out Add to Cart real lie detector USB polygraph Are you kidding me USB polygraph calm download dot aspx? I have a file is that trigger okay, so I’m gonna set this puppy up be back in a jiff Okay, so here. We go guys Um stolen money case name subject John Doe mail Next enter yes-or-no questions relevant to the case look at these questions that it automate Suggested questions were you present Did you cause do you know have you told me the complete truth since we’ve been talking interview subject One-on-one in non distracting and neat surroundings listen to some nice surroundings, okay? Subject must agree to take the exam by his or her own free will or testing will not work ask tough questions That will elicit a physical response Do you love me and Fran? oh My gosh next next so putting this on like this now that I’ve got all this crap on Ask me some questions. Dude. Are you male? Yes? Do you not change your introduction boy? Be very monotone it takes 30 seconds to process each question I make these count then do we kidding have you ever told a lie yes Like it’s obvious. Everyone’s told a lie you’re taught this growing up. I think that these are control questions I know, but why are we checking 30 seconds on control do I fit because it’s it’s setting the control points man So how’s your family? Heart rate just raises have you ever stolen anything yes Yes, here’s what happened mom took me to Ross I was like 5 or something like that dude I stole like a little pack of jelly beans and I felt so guilty about it I went down to the mailbox and put it behind the mailbox so my mom wouldn’t find it cuz I’m so guilty and then a Week later. I was like I’m feeling like some jelly beans go back to the mailbox infested with ants karma That’s what I like a story with a bad ending. Have you ever why? Control question, can we skip these no. Yes alright? Yes, I’ve been dishonest one time I told you I was gonna give you a raise didn’t do it. That’s true. It feels bad bad So it says the machine has detected irregularities Yeah No kidding the red line is basically supposed to tell you what the why and what’s not alive basically what happens is I’m supposed to have this resting heart rate, and we’re supposed to be very serious during this this time And then if you ask me a question and this thing raises really high you’ll know I’m lying there’s nothing you can ask me That’s really gonna scare me. You know I mean like I’m a pretty transparent honest guy like if I screw someone over It’s by accident, and I’ll probably tell them yo I screwed you over sorry about that I don’t have this like under Underlying plot of how to use people I’m just a dude trying to have a good time No sense in trying to be a dude from what I can tell you failed There’s a lot of jumps so if we feel the control questions. I’m not going yeah exactly I’m gonna say tasteful because we were joking around we could probably actually get that to work iPhone 8k scrab smartphone game cases for iPhone 6 crab Just look like a little crab Add to Cart Wow as a crab case Let’s find out what this is all about okay, so I think I I? think I Yeah, I think I’d get the idea behind this. It’s pretty cool-looking actually. It feels really nice the idea here Is that these swing out and like you can hold it while you gain, you know and it actually helps a little bit I was hoping that this was gonna. Be like some type of wireless game controller You know like buttons on the back So you can like just hold the front of your phone and like actually be playing with buttons on the back Why don’t they put more buttons on the back of controllers? I just don’t get that what do they call those they call them like paddles They do on scuff controllers, but they cost like $150 really why just because it’s specially made They’re really nice controllers, but nobody really doesn’t except really. I just don’t understand Why like you only have so many fingers and they’re all in the back of your of the device these four are taken but you Have six fingers essentially not being used like why not move all the buttons over to the side That’s why I like the oculus controllers get it right You know you can have like every single finger has a button just makes more sense But this right here this last little bit is a little stand using it like an actual phone though I don’t know These are a little loose And they kind of swing around and stuff like that looks kind of cool on all I’d say no oh That’s nice to play a game so if you’re playing games more than you’re not this could work pretty good But when just being a phone it’s okay. I feel like this get caught in your pocket, so here you go. You can have it All rated tis my password Journal Stylish electronic journal with the ultimate privacy and protection voice activated lock only opens to your voice somehow I doubt that why’d she look so concerned look at this girl. She’s just like oh my gosh. You’re actually writing about Jimmy You know I love Jimmy you know I love Jimmy – 4 out of 5 stars all right those young girls need to protect their thoughts if you really want to protect Your thoughts keep them in your head like holy crap I have this giant secret that I can’t let anyone know let me write it down Your honor I found a journal that explicitly says Sally had a crush on Jimmy because Mattel okay, Mattel oh Wow that’s a lotta I wonder if they should just put this in the diary I’m gonna tell a secret. Okay. No you can’t look tanner Okay, so this thing actually as you can see kind of right there It comes an invisible ink so it’s one more Layer of protection so for instance if I want a little bit of that invisible ink right there You can kind of see read it says read what oh, don’t do not just so difficult We’re not gonna write with an invisible ink that’s too difficult, but you should if you’re trying to keep your secrets Also, you can also just keep them in your head Do keys and cheese? Do keys and cheese? That’s my password alright, so Tanner. I’m gonna write something don’t look Duties and cheese, okay I got in there now my secret is safe. I walk away I’m going to get a pudding and now I’m eating my pudding and Tanner my best friend betrays me you know it seems I’ve stumbled upon my best friend’s diary, but he’s talking about how much he loves Cheetos in here. How do I open you I? like puppies I Don’t like puppies Remember the password wasn’t you said it like five do keys and cheese So here’s what happened Tanner tried to steal the secrets of my diary That secret, but then it asked him the password he said the wrong password ask him again He got it wrong, then when I opened it with the right password It said hey by the way you had an intruder and this is the password that they tried Oh, I like this. It’s kind of cool, dude I would say for all the young girls trying to protect all their secret crushes this perfect for you chase this video right here is An RC remote-control spider see how well we prank people with that spider also this one right here is a video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will enjoy so click it and you might find something you like might find something to make you laugh And if you’re new here see this big old button right there thats a sub button baby! Click it! and we’ll see ya next time High Five


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DOPE or NOPE its not e-legal because the companies aren't making money off the games anymore and so they don't care if you pirate them or not.

I couldn't imagine trying to play video games with index or middle-finger control sticks – The fingers and joints just don't have as much range or fine control as the thumb.

Its actually not illegal the law states that if you actually own the original game and original console then its perfectly legal.

The psp knockoff would be the equivalent of building a raspberry pi snes or any old console with a raspberry pi. Or just using an emulator

dude normally i don't comment but i have a leap motion and its actually pretty dope, from what I saw in this video it didn't seem like your were setting things up right. I use mine for VR.
I do love your videos tho.

"Oh imagine if this LeapMotion was used with VR, it's not like that's been happening for years".

Look at a product for more than 3 seconds man.

I would've liked to see what would happen if Tanner had said the right password; if it really depends on the voice or if anyone could say the correct password and open it.

calm down Mathias ,there are millions of other illegally stolen games and im sure Nintendo does not care about since they dont complain about it + they dont sell them anymore so its basically an ok thing to do because i went to and did not find any game boy games so it is morally legal

16:25 While you may trash that. I actually would like that myself. Hanazuki isn't THAT bad of a Show and the Moodgleam Bracelet looks pretty cute with the Treasures popping out like that And this is coming from an Adult Male like yourself (albeit me being Autistic)

3.0" inch 32 Bit PMP Game Console Player Retro Games Handheld Gaming Consoles Support Video Music MP4 Player

Thank me later 11:47


I had this product as a kid and found it one, I tried opening it but I forgot the password so that is an issue.

I miss my PSP (Playstation Portable) and my favorite game I had for it (LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga).

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