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Olá youTube
my name is Ricardo and I´m a wheel addict it’s Saturday afternoon I’m in my office
which is the shop on the other side and I have some news for you I’m not going
to say it’s good or bad the news are this is probably one of the last videos
that you see from here because my shop is going to leave the skate park but
that doesn’t matter I’m gonna go out and skate enjoy let’s go good morning how’s that drink I love my god damnit
the wind has too much speech the wind is too fast
looking great full of speed spot cracks or something
I saw Mad Max have you seen Mad Max check this man smell next check this
light mad next slide Oh check these so if you’re in a cold
place take this it’s melting it’s so hot that’s cool nope real right might be not the best
idea do you work tryna get little bit better
a little bit faster the temperature of the guitar is amazing
for slides let’s do this yes sir check this out kids don’t try that at home oh okay oh that was crazy good easy to find eagle that was good dammit
we didn’t even skate like one kilometer from the place where your left battery
is now in 28% you want to go somewhere else
we stated we stood in the first corner in the next guard that’s it
that’s nice with these type with big wheels you don’t even need to go that
far you can just get everywhere that’s it I don’t know about this to the top
one more oh my god I was close
you okay and now is this for today hmm I hope you
enjoyed this one if you got to know more about what’s happening with my shop and
if you’re not subscribe to the channel now it’s about time to do it I’ll be
posting about it soon if you liked it thumbs up if you didn’t thumbs down and
don’t forget for your status scary because Cheers


Hello again from Oregon 😎 I'm a local quad skater, primarily skate parks, street, etc.. Sunday afternoon I get the chance to show a group of ladies from the local derby team how to shred the park! I have had them watching your "how to" videos. They help tremendously!! Thank you and keep up the awesome videos! Ohh and here's an idea for a video…. Skate maintenance in different climates. I know living at the Oregon coast I have a different skate maintenance than when I lived in the valley.

finaly 4 wheels 🙂 i love 4 wheels! What do you think about long frame for urban skating? is it good? like 4x100mm with boot size 41-42? 🙂

Will that exact model of next megacruisers with the orange details and the 4 wheels frame be available for purchase later?

Would you mind giving me some insight into 4×110 vs 3×125 for marathon? Which do you prefer? Thanks! Awesome video 👍🏻😎

Hai Lino…. I am a beginner in rollerblade skating…i never miss your vlog.. often during practice I always fall backward which hurts my tail bone very badly.Can you suggest some safe falling tricks.. to avoid such painful injuries…

My son is getting into street hockey and I would like to know what frames and wheels is best to have on for xjados or valos.

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