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4 Motors 2 Batteries Electric Skateboard

4 Motors 2 Batteries Electric Skateboard

– I’m gonna drop you, ready? One, two, three … (screaming) (child giggles) Oh, it’s alive, the Frankenstein board. Are you guys ready for this? All right, this is the Frankenstein board. This is the mad scientist of all electric skateboards, his name’s Levi, and he built this amazing thing. Four motors, sometimes electric skateboards just have one motor and one wheel that drives everything. This has motor right
here, motor right here, motor right here, motor right here. Four motors! How many people, can we get
three people on this thing? – All day. – Really? – Oh yeah. – Get ready for a Best
Day Ever, this is good. Lets go outside. Levi I’m so glad. We invited Levi to the space
station a longtime ago. He finally made it. He came all the way from Arizona. He was in Utah doing some business. “So guys I’m in Utah
finally, should I hang out?” We said, “Yes.” I think if we all just stand … – [Man] Stand. – [Man] Here. – So, I’m gonna go up here. – I like this. Oh and Holiday’s there. – This is … (laughing) – I’m just holding on to Shawn. – This is so (mumbles). – Watch this. – Reversible. – Watch this. I only got one motor on. – Eyes closed. (laughing) – Lean, lean. (laughing). This is amazing. – Do you see how fast that thing is? – Here we go. (mumbles) – [Shawn] Hold it, are you
sure this is a good idea? – Double fisting man. Ready? – [Shawn] Are you really doing This? Don’t do it. Oh my gosh. (screaming) He did it. What are you doing? Let’s go full speed. Can we go full speed? – Oh yeah. – Four motors, one
Shonduras, one surfboard. What can go wrong? (upbeat music) – [Man] He’s too fast. – This is so much fun. – [Man] Dude, you were going so fast. – Levi you’re a genius. You just made my life like 20% better. Levi, how many people do
you think we could get on? Do you think we could
get five small people? – We’ve done four. That’s the most so far. – [Shawn] You’ve done four. – Yeah. – [Shawn] Let’s do five. All aboard. – I’m nervous Steve. – [Shawn] Look at the bend in here. – [Man] When should we bail? – [Shawn] Look at the Bend. – Okay, five people,
one electric longboard. So we go down in the history books, books of the angels. Guys, I’m slowly going. Get centered, get centered. – Center. – Center. – I’m ready. – Okay, let’s do it. Let’s try it sideways. – Closer together. – Okay. You just can’t lean. You just can’t lean. Keep it normal. Who’s leaning? – Just flex, just flex. – Hang on to each other. (laughing) – I’m gonna push. – Yeah, I like that. – [Man] Do you wanna push or a pull? – A push or a pull. Yeah, let’s go. Okay, Browning give us a good pull. We’re gonna start going a little bit. – Here it is. – Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean. Hop on, hop on. – You’re good, you’re good. – Hop on, hop on, hop on. Yes. – Yeah. – We did it. (mumbles) – It’s happening. It’s happening. – We hit a new world record. Contact Dennis. We did it. Coolest toy ever. This is amazing. Let’s see the other boards you brought. He has an entire line of boards. They’re called Lectric, like that cause they’re electric. Get it, yeah. (upbeat music) More boards coming soon. Levi pull up a chair. I’m interviewing you. Welcome to the Shonduras
show where we interview smart people who make
electric long boards. For our first guest we’re
gonna have my buddy Levi. – Yo. – Hey Levi. Good to have you on the show. – Thanks for having me. – Yeah. – Big pleasure. – Yeah, no problem. – A big fan of the show. – Yeah, thanks. I’m glad you’re a watcher of the show. Basically Levi hit us up. We’ve been talking for awhile. He makes his own electric long boards. How did you start this? Like where did you just one day wake up and I’m making an electric long board. So, I’m walking on campus right. – Why, miserable. – (mumbles) flies passed me. I’m like, “Oh, I need one.” Electric skateboard. Looked that bad boy up. It’s an electric skateboard. I can’t afford that. So then it starts going and
as the gears started turning and then it’s like well, let’s try to create something
that I can at least afford. At the university we
made an electric board. – Is this the campus cruiser? Frankenstein board, very cool but not really super
useful for giant motors and the giant board that’s
like bigger than my car. – Strictly for carpooling. – Yeah, carpooling exactly. – This guy, campus cruiser, so it looks like a normal skateboard that’s what I like about it. It has the layers everything. It has the concave of a normal skateboard and it’s actually price point. So, a lot of the other electric
longboards we’ve ridden and speed test and stuff
they’re all over 1000$, which drove me crazy because
that’s a lot of money for an electric skateboard. He showed us these guys. So, how much is this guy? This one’s only $389. For the low price of three easy payments of, what’s 33% of 389? – Oh, that’s uh. – For the low price of
$389, this could be yours. Are you selling the campus cruisers yet? – It launches in a week. – Hey, this is good timing. – [Levi] This is good timing. – My buddy Levi launches
his company in a week. So real talk though, you guys know I’m all about entrepreneurs. Find what they’re passionate
about and get after it. He found something he
was passionate about. He got after it. He built this whole company. You’re running it out
of the college right now where you’re going to college. You did all of it yourself,
like manufacturing. – At our university we
hire student workers and they’re grinding out and building it. It takes 70 steps to make a
board, so it’s pretty fun. – 70 steps. We’re gonna go make a longboard. Can I do that? – Oh absolutely. – Really? – Yeah. – Leave a comment if you think we should go make a longboard. It’s in Arizona, so not too far away. – Holiday, do you wanna go to Arizona? – Lets do it. – Road trip to Arizona
to do a 70 step process at making a 70 steps. I don’t even know how I can find 70 steps. Anyway, that’s the entire
story behind our friend Levi. I’m glad he finally came to the office. I’m glad we got to ride
Frankenstein board. And he has some other
things he’s working on. I’ll keep you guys up to date but I think slowly
we’re gonna be replacing all our other electric longboards
with Lectric longboards because they’re pretty dope. And support, support the homies. You have a website or something I can put more information for them. – and
check us out on Instagram. – Exactly. Alright, I’m late. I gotta go to a family dinner thing. Jen and Adalie are already there. I’m gonna meet them there. So, later. – Boom. – I gotta bounce. Levi I love your guts. Bye. – Hi. Oh no, don’t end it. Look who I found. Are you gonna go down the slide? Okay, watch out. You’re going down the big slide. Yeah. Adalie good job. Oh, you want me to do it. Adalie, will you catch me? Okay, catch me. (screaming) (laughing) You got me. Climb. Climb. – Hey look, I made it. – [Shawn] Good job Adalie. She’s growing up so fast. I’m gonna get you. This is our first time on a swing. Get her. (mumbles) Good job. Incoming back flip. That was a gainer. That was like a forward move. That’s hard. I’m gonna put that in the vlog now. You earned it. Ready? We got ice cream. – [Jen] Strawberry. – [Shawn] Is that your ice cream? – [Jen] It’s mommy’s – It’s mom’s. – [Shawn] Oh, this is dad’s. This is Adalie. Thanks for getting us ice cream mom. – [Jen] Yep, no problem. – [Shawn] Say thanks mom. – Adalie, she doing the ice cream kiss? Ice cream kiss. Dad, you just got called. – [Jen] Did you win something. – I don’t think I won anything. – No, he– – A pie eating contest. Mom signed you up for
a pie eating contest. My mom always signs us up for these things we don’t wanna do. Thanks mom. – Opposite of winning. – Did you sign dad up for this? – I did not. – Just a random surprise. – Random. – I think mom signed you up dad. – I did not. – [Shawn] Are you going
the hat in front dad? – There we, yeah. – [Woman] Feed him as much pie as you can. – Do you have to use this? – [Woman] You have to use that. – [Shawn] What’s your strategy? – Up to his face and … – [Woman] Set, go. – Focus. Uncle Neil killing it. That’s my uncle, that
guy eating all that pie. Myron are you hanging? (laughing) Wow Myron – Oh my gosh. – How are we looking over here? Oh, I like that strategy. Get the pie crust. Oh yeah. Alright, who won? Myron or Neil, Lane. I think Rick’s got last place, that’s all we know. Lane, Neil and Myron side by side. – [Woman] Oh dear. – That’s Neil. Uncle Neil’s the champion. Ready, one. Wow. So trusting. Took a family picture,
insert family picture. – That’s not it. We took a family picture it was cute. Frisbee, what are we playing? – Ultimate frisbee. – Ultimate frisbee. I hope I win. I’ll let you guys watch. (upbeat music) We’re kicking off 50% of
frisbee things awareness and they’re not aware right now. Going to stop them. (upbeat music) (screaming) That’s you. Oh baby. Good passing, good snagging. That was amazing. I’m pretty sure we won. We’ll just leave it at that. We won, don’t even worry about it. Alright, we’re out of here. See ya guys. – Bye. – Bye. Say bye boys. – Dang, mr.worklate over here. I’ve never been in the office this late and seen you and not Brandon. – Yes dude. – [Shawn] Dude, the new laptop is set up. Do you love it? – [Holiday] Look how crisp that is. – [Shawn] Dang that is crisp. You getting work done? – Oh yeah all day. – [Shawn] Shut up. Is this mine? – [Man] What? Oh yeah. – [Shawn] Dang, is that Levi’s signature? – Yeah, right after he left he’s like, “Great one more gift I
didn’t want to tell Shawn.” – Dude. Earlier with Levi. Really like the kid, dude
freaking young entrepreneur knows what he’s doing. He rans his business well. He’s a smart kid. So, a+ on that. I’ve really played around
with the products too much, like the giant Frankenstein board today. That was way cool but he’s
like that’s not what he signed. That was just a fun creation he made. These are what he signed, the campus cruisers that
he was talking about and then these ones. Is this the cruiser or the fast one? – [Holiday] That’s the fast one. – So yeah, electric longboards
that’s our jam lately. I’m loving it. I’m an electric longboard
professional scientist of study. I don’t know what that means. Basically we’re gonna rip this thing open and review it soon. We’ll let you guys know how it goes. Either way, Levi’s a cool guy, but I hope his longboards
are just as cool as he is. Do you wanna play rock league? – [Holiday] Yeah. – I think we’re gonna
play rock league now. Love your guts, see you tomorrow. Bye. (upbeat music) – Hello. – Hello. – Hello. – Greeting. – Hello. – Are you talking to the aliens? – Hi there.


I love that you call your stepfather "dad" there are a bunch of kids that call their stepfather or mother by their actual name. Mad respect for you!


For anyone asking about the physical board it’s self it’s the chief from Use the Promo code RIDE20 for 20% off

What ever the last number of the likes of this comment see who you are

1. Pookie
2. Garlik
3. Adley
4. Holiday
5. Shonduras (the man)
6. Tall Chicken
7. Mrs. Duras
8. Koopa
9. Olive
0. Apollo

Congratulations Levi on making the chief an electric skateboard can’t wait to check it out in person someday @shondoras do you mind putting the white wave donor board in the description for anyone who is curious about it. #highfives

I cant wait for the longboard review!!! I'm a broke college student and I want an electric longboard so bad but they are so expensive. I really hope Levi makes a quality board!

If anyone is looking for awesome electric boards to ride Acton has them! You can get 15% off a Blink S, Blink S2, or Quatro when you use promo code: UMHB

Their a trusted company based out of mountain view California! All of their boards are made with premium materials with excellent battery life, range, and price! Check them out at

I have a Blink S and it is fantastic! I commute from work and back daily!

Been wanting a boosted board for a long time. Watched this video. Looked at his company and instantly bought one. Im sooooooo excited!

Hmm board sounds interesting but after looking at more reviews most people complain about low quality, terrible service, and a disconnecting remote. So idk about this one

I willΒ go with you and build a long board for myself I am not a skateboarder. But I've always wanted a electric skateboard.

Yes Shonduras, absolutely go to AZ a build a longboard. It should be a Spacestation fieldtrip πŸ™‚ Side question though, you and Levi mentioned they were going to sell for $389, but the website shows $599. Is there a discount code or something?

Hey Shaun I ordered a lertic long board for Christmas well my father did and he doesn't usually get things like thins but he said just this once and now the page has been taken down I don't know if he stopped making them and will give us a refund or what but I would like to know soon I paid 300 dollars of my college money to get this and would really appreciate it to know what happened.

You know you could use this awd speed controller. It uses one remote for 4 motors.

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