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ten minutes rollerskate as many stalls
as I can Olá Youtube My name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict this weekend
was Rollercon in Vegas where was I in South Africa yes I didn’t make it and I
also didn’t make as many videos as I usually do I didn’t upload as many
videos as I would love to for the last five days my baby my daughter was in the
hospital with a bacterial family reasons I couldn’t really skate I really tried
to skate, I tried to make a video on Saturday Olá youttube
my name is ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict Its Saturday Morning, i just left the hospital I tried to make a video on
Sunday Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo lino and a
wheel addict I’m currently leaving the hospital and I couldn’t do it I just
didn’t have the time to but today is Monday and I went to fix my back which
has been giving me a lot of problems today I think I really fixed it I went
and I met MOC this Japanese guy Oh ah thank you so much I don’t even know what
it does basically what he told me is e is to fight and it just told me well I
know how to hurt someone but I also need to know how to fix them
he got me right there basically it’s the second time I go to that guy and he does
this type of manipulation whatever the last time I when they made all the
alignment and today he was working on me completely different the truth is my
back pain is gone so I was able to skate and while I was
skating what I tried to do was in ten minutes I wanted to do as many stalls as
I could in the mini ramp okay so ten minutes roller skate as many stalls as I
can start now we got like 8 minutes and 30 to go still going still going six minutes and 20 I
got some boot tricks , check this four minutes and 27 I just realize that the sound from the
last clip is PUCKED with an “F” so sorry about the sound I’m also sorry
about the helmet I forgot it helmet was here the whole time the
helmet was here though I forgot it sorry probably I could have done more stalls
if I wasn’t stopped for a few days maybe I was just getting back into it after
not getting maybe for like five six days anyway I hope you enjoy the tricks that
I did with the roller skate the roller skate that I was using are the Chaya
Karma’s and the child Karma’s were presented these weekend at the roller
con I think they are available now or it will be really really soon so if you
like what I did and if you like this skates that I used look for those Chaya
Karma’s that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video if you did don’t
forget to subscribe to the channel if you didn’t like it well just drop me a
comment tell me what I didn’t like about it maybe I can change it next time thank
you so much and see you guys soon Cheers


I ve seen this skates live no? Pretty nice looking skates! And awesome tricks man! I hope your back will hold on! Best of luck man 👌🏽 keep up the good work 💪🏽

Don't you fret about missing a day cus of family Lino! Family is always the main priority and I'm sure we can forgive that. As to the Japanese gentleman, I think I may know a bit more as I may be of a similar happenstance. Since you said he used to "fight" I am under the impression he used to do martial arts. Many of the more ancient forms taught "fighting" as a means to learn about the body and what makes it tick. My best guess is that he knows a bit about pressure points and nerve centres in the body (like acupuncture) and is applying said knowledge to your particular needs. I've done similar things for my own family, but once again this is just a guess. Skate on good sir, skate on.

Glad to hear your back, I hope your kid is safe and sound. Thanks for making another quad skating video, it keeps me motivated! Hopefully i can replace my Riedells with Karmas before the snow comes 🙂

Legend legend legend oh and also did i mention your a fucking deadset legend 👍
other than making me really jeleous haha you made my day blood! so good! and sending big healing vibes to your family brother!
my brother and his wife and new born are going through hectic times similar to this and i nailed my back this weekend to nearly lost 4 toes bending shoe foot plate doing layoutflare thingy can i get your massures number😉👍 haha
im tsun_wu_kong on instagram bruzzy 👍 been waiting with baited breath for these babies to be released ya done sold me again bro!
and how many sets of karma's to i have to purchase to get a free barbie patin??? hahaha
hoping to get to pulpoextreme 🙏

Amigo agora você tem um público brasileiro por causa dos vídeos com o zamba seria interessante você falar em português de vez em quando so para variar, é noos

Hey Ricardo I'm abig fan of your channel and watch all your videos. Im just getting back into inline skating after many years. I know you have used the my fit crown liner do you think they would fit my seba fr shell. I would love to here your thoughts on it. I was going to upgrade to a seba balance liner.

Olá Ricardo, eu jogo Hóquei em patins então já tenho grande avontade com os patins, então gostava de começar a fazer freestyle mas não sei que patins comprar para tal, poderias me ajudar?

Loved that video!
Ricardo, im new to skating. I have been practicing some jumps and so on some powerslide imperials at the park, but now im looking at these skates and they seem so fun! Sony question is, since im a beginner in skating, do these skates suit me?

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