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40km/h Electric inline skate – Hands-on

40km/h Electric inline skate – Hands-on

My name is Ken and I live in Japan and I’m doing the distribution of rollerblading gear like REMZ and CREATE ORIGINALS and ORIGIN wheels and I started skating in California and I’ve been skating for like 15 to 20 years So, what did you think about the Thundrblade? well, actually the first time I tried to skate with these ones was really… powerful I mean so, it’s a little bit too powerful for the first time it’s a little bit hard to catch up to control the speed, but after skating a while, the speed is really good and make me so fun about the speed, so… So you think Thundrblade would be a good idea to move around the city like transportation, like a vehicle like going to work, or going to the university or something like that? yes, this one is really good idea I mean, when I travel around Europe I also skated with skates. I moved with the skates but you know, to move the long distance really make me so tired and I also have the baggage on the back and it makes me so tired but with the motors I don’t feel anything about uphills or any steps it’s really good idea I think Do you think would also be good for tourism? like travel? I think so! well, we always travel to the abroad we are going to take the train and bus, right? but after we take of the train we have nothing to move just walking right? but if we have this kind of tool we can move faster even after the station, after the train, right? everyone wants to know. is it HEAVY? its much lighter than I imagined actually, when I saw the movies I thought this skate is like heavy and uurrghhh I can’t move my arms actually when I skated I didn’t feel anything like this, because the motor is working and I just stand on the skates and so it make me not feel the weight of the skates did it feel just like normal skates? yeah, I think so Do you think this is the same as normal skates or is it fun, is it some different kind of fun? what do you think? Comparing these motorized skates to normal skates I think the way to enjoy them is a little bit different because of the feeling of effort you get when you move your legs to ride skates You get a different feeling when you move your body and your legs in specific ways When I use these motorized skates I have to move forward keeping the same stance all the time So the fun of moving by yourself and the fun of being propelled forward are slightly different. when it goes up to sale, are you going to buy one? yeah yeah, it’s def… hahahahahaha thank you very much thanks a lot it’s very fun.


oh my god, i have always dreamed of this!!! WHEN can i get these?? this is just a dream come true, to be able to STORE energy going uphill, and use that energy in a fun way, rather than wasting it! it will be so much fun

dat cable thou,,, if he put both left and right cable stick to pants, going up thru leg to waist, it might be more comfort. or just use bluetooth. 🙂

Speed is cool, in general and obviously going up-hills with less effort is class, but to be able to brake/slow- down with more control going downhill would be amazing! Id be able to roll from any point on the streets

Hi, I'm a Korean college student, and I want to make the electric motorized inline skates just like you did well for my graduation project. Could you get any information about your prototype, I mean what kind of motor, controller, and battery. is that classified? or is there anything else which I could refer? anyway you guys so amazing. Now I'm practicing to ride inline skates, speed one.

@ThundrBlade this kind of inline is the best to commute as you can use your own shoes and get somewhere with your shoes …. I'm just wondering if the remote will be bluetooth as the skateboards are….. and how much would it be out on the shops ?

great idea to save energy in going uphills or long distances , i think possible to make engine or motor inside the wheels so you can use three wheels on each boot or even four will save turning movement, try to figure out motor not on the side and make carbon frame if it's not already , i believe side motor and only two wheels per boot make turning on those harder… Great design and i wish you luck with upcoming project u guyz rock

But where we can buy them?? They are so… I don't know a word to describe them, they are so wow 😂😂

it would be fun just to own a pair for traveling from home to work or just going out after work cos normaly after work i am just to tired to go out and skate.

1:09 the greasy guy from Family Guy (you can't catch me)

hope it has regenerative breaking that's really what I want instead of destroying my wheels

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a "viable design" for real ATs. I haven't skated in years but this might get me back on my old inlines in no time, my question would be what's the "weight limitations" they can handle as far as body weight to power output ratios? (In other words could they support the necessary power needed to push a 6 foot 1, 270 pound American guy without the batteries dying within say in a few minutes, in the mean time, I'm going back on my diet because these are too good to pass up… 😂😁)

Join our first ThundrBlade club, "KingOfSky". we accept emblem war too. Part war too. our basecamp in Indonesa. come join or war we are ready everytime. hahahaha

Electric bicycles have been around for twenty years…how many do you see compared to regular bikes…maybe one in 200? 500? Same for this new electric skate. It’s a solution looking for a problem. #fail

not just one purchase.. but many and we can advertise it for free if you would like. email me and we can discuss further business

C'est bien . pourquoi la télécommande. Pour faire des figure il nous faut les main. hiverboard il nous faut pas de télécommande il faut juste appuyer avec nos pieds c'est mieux comment.

I'm really concerned about why Razor, Rollerblade, Power slide, Remz, etc (big brands). Haven't shown any interest on the idea.

He said fun in Japanese like 10 times in a row…. Lmao. its nice to have an electric motor to move your body around, Not gona rewatch and translate properly sorry. I love japanese tho.

SO SO BAD that they didnt got enough money and had to terminate the whole concept.
I REALLY WANT THOSE. but you cant get them in anyway. i would have bought those a year ago if i knew :(.

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