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5 Inventions you’ve never heard of Pt 1

5 Inventions you’ve never heard of Pt 1

Hi Angee. Hi Max welcome home. The essence of home
security is simple you need to know what’s going on at home even when you’re
not there did you know that even if you have an alarm system 41% of attempted burglaries happen
when the alarm system isn’t on? That’s because classic security systems
unsophisticated and frustrating to use. I mean who wants to tap the keypad every
time you step outside and even if the alarm is on classic systems can’t tell
you who’s in the house whether it’s spooky cat burglar ninja
or just your grandma dropping off her famous casserole which was delicious by the way!
Thanks grandma! But really, why is your smartphone smarter than your home
security system meet Angee the world’s first truly autonomous home security system
everyone we built it to be completely secure effortlessly usable and absolutely
reliable. Angee’s fully automated two-step
authentication process senses the Bluetooth signals from cell phones to
immediately identify anyone who enters your home and if your phone’s dead and
uses voice recognition to identify you and your family so relax, Angee’s got
you covered here’s a feature that will turn heads, Angee has 360 degree visibility it automatically rotates to
follow all motion and activity and it doesn’t just watch the room and she
monitors the entire perimeter your home simply stick motion tags on the windows
and doors and you’re set the battery also makes Angee easily portable so it’s
ideal for keeping kids, pets, anything really but life isn’t being safe it’s also
having fun with your family friends and you can help you communicate with
everything from kids to your parents can also record stream and share all easily
controlled by your voice you can always remember that year Emma got a new puppy for that
awesome dance i didnt our team has developed and operated
mobile applications with millions users we’ve always taken pride in our building
clean unbeatable user experience and taking this very different nowadays all curricular
touch screen phone all look the same what we need is another reason why don’t
we redesigned the home anything past eight years studio has been busy packing electronic
supply chain to make advanced tools and technologies available to everyone the result is the reason the heart of
the refund is a GSM module between the world’s smallest computer on a kid that
usually bids to anything might buy a touchscreen audio GPS NFC
motion sensor camera I think I display and many other cool mountain just plug
module together using flexible in its current once connected you can send
texts and make calls and you can program your settings with the simple tax and a
full power SDK jobs get ready for developers next get
your refund a body by using the pre cut copy per day with different design
patterns to make a phone unique to you consider leather bamboo fabric or
existing objects even create a 30 case using 3d printing laser cutting CNC or
injection molding imagine taking a called your dog by adding the GSM and
GPS module to the dog collar or gyros and GSM module took quite often
disguise your robot movie yes like partnered with incredible organization
companies around the world we’re excited to see what is joining us expression our first product looks like
a trackpad but we’ve actually pack 20,000 sensor elements into this form
factor each of these elements can detect the full range of forces the human hands
are capable of that means that when you touch this device we can tell not only
wear your fingers are but also how hard each one is pressing for precise and
accurate enough to even detect bristles from this paper force we can detect such
as to any material we started developing is three-dimensional tactile overlays
they would place on top of the more change the device into any type of
interface you can imagine the overlays include magnets and software inside the
more automatically changes moods based on that over there you can connect it to
your computer with a USB cable and it can even touch your tablet or phone you
built in Bluetooth we believe this product will dramatically change the way
people interact with technology and we reached out to our friends to see what
they would create a sense of more more for instance the bristles and that
pic set up the tools disappearing paper and pencil work well together is
the rental car into paper that’s something that in the digital world that
tactility that extra level of them mention is designing interfaces princess for
example the drama track or fax knobs a pin down or no peace and love that you
no longer on Friday that it all user to touch this device and interact with the
physical world in a different way and you way we didn’t have the force
sensitivity ted has a magical experience the morph is taking all of these things
that I want access to but are typically in separate devices and now we have them
all combined into one device technology and partnered with frogdesign to refine
the product and build out some cases art but we’ve only scratched the surface of
what this technology is capable that’s what we need your help we want you to
experiment prototype and push the bounds of what this technology can do we’re
also developing an online tool that will let you build your own interface along
with your own custom overlay and for those of you who can code we have an
open source API that allows you to pressure data or touch information we believe that the central market will
pave the way for a new generation of tactile response and express it
interfaces and we need your support to bring this vision to life

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